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Spin Casino Blog

Top Tattoo Artists Who Ink Our Fav Celebs

Mark Mahoney inks a customer’s arm in his West Hollywood studio, where he tattoos the likes of Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

Are you a tattoo fan? If are looking at adding to your ink collection (or getting your first tattoo), distract yourself from the needle pain by accessing our . Tattoos are quite popular in the world. have a tattoo and 40% of people in the United Kingdom crave the ink, even if it’s Tinkerbell above an ankle or the Japanese word for “strength” on the wrist. If you are one of this rather large percentage of people with a tat, you appreciate this form of body modification. But who inks our favorite celebs? Read on to learn about who have gained a strong reputation in Hollywood and the extremely famous people they decorate. 1. JonBoy Tattoo artist JonBoy is known for his micro tattoo designs. If you look at Hailey Baldwin’s miniature cross under her ear or Shay Mitchell’s tight Roman numerals wrist tattoo, these microscopic, evenly rendered beauties are the . Hollywood stars are all about the super small tattoos right now, so JonBoy is at the top of many ...Continue reading

Superstitions From Around The World

Voodoo spells are part of everyday culture in South Africa; Spin Casino Blog

Join us as we take a trip around the world to learn about the good-luck charms and rituals of different cultures. Do you wear a lucky shirt on important days or blow on dice before rolling it? Why not try something different before your next game? Wear red like the Chinese or pretend you are in Greece and break a plate or two! Here are eight different superstitions from around the world that may come in handy. Wear Red for Luck—China In China, red represents fire and symbolizes fortune, happiness, and success. Red attire is worn during festivals and holidays; red lanterns adorn businesses and residences on celebratory occasions; and red envelopes with money are exchanged as gifts on the Lunar New Year. Participate in a Voodoo Ritual—South Africa In South Africa, Voodoo rituals, spells, and talismans are part of everyday culture. To protect yourself against misfortune, South Africans wear talismans such as the gris-gris, a small cloth bag containing verses of the ...Continue reading

Top 12 World’s Most Famous Tourist Cities

Take a big jet plane to any destination in the world and change your life forever. Spin Casino Blog

What if you could travel anywhere in the world and see any hot tourist spot? Where would you go? Put aside any coronavirus anxiety or concern about a travel budget for a moment – and just imagine the possibilities. Maybe you would even find a tourism destination known for its casinos. If not, you could always just take your smart phone and play games, allowing you to try any of these around the globe. 12. Osaka Japan Home to 10.14 million people, Osaka is a white-hot tourist location. The city has ancient origins – dating back at least 10,000 years. Today, Osaka has countless tourist attractions, such as Universal Studios, the legendary Osaka Aquarium, a reconstruction of the ancient and large Osaka Castle, and Shitennoji Temple, one of the oldest temples in Japan. Osaka is also as the “Nation’s Kitchen,” making it a favorite in Japan for traditional cuisine. 11. Seoul, South Korea South Korea has a population of 11.25 million people and is a ...Continue reading

The 8 Best Land-Based Casinos in the World

Baden-Baden Casino; Spin Casino Blog

Few things beat the simple pleasure of playing in your sweatpants from your couch.  But, every once in a while, we all need the real thrill of a casino vacation. Below, we give you our curated list of top eight casinos in the world. Which ones of these are in your bucket list? The Ritz Club, London Throw away those sweatpants! If you ever wanted to personify James Bond, put on your finest attire and head to the Ritz Club in London where luxury is the name and exclusivity is the game. This club is only open to members or hotel guests but, once in, you will be taken care of. From a limousine waiting for you at the airport to the finest food in London, the Ritz caters to their members’ desires. Casino games are at the center of the Ritz Club experience featuring a main salon and three private rooms. One of these private gaming rooms, The Amber, has appeared in numerous pop culture scenes, including James Bond movies, and is frequented by famous celebrities and other ...Continue reading

Zodiac Signs And What They Mean

A chart depicting astrological divination; Spin Casino Blog

What’s your sign? Depending on when you were born, your zodiac sign may spell out key insights into your life and personality. Maybe your daily horoscope could even affect your potential winnings at our Rooted in history as far back as the mid-1st millennium BC , zodiac signs are still regularly used and trusted to varying degrees around the world. Read on for info on your specific sign. Capricorn, December 22 – January 20: Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, and is an earth element. Earth signs are practical and grounding. According to ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of the multiple gods. Those born under this sign naturally want to be in positions of power and are ambitious. Strengths of Capricorn include organized, reliable, motivated, family-oriented, and modest. Weaknesses are holding grudges and stubbornness. Aquarius, January 21 – February 18: Air signs denote people most likely to express their opinions. And Aquarius is definitely an air ...Continue reading

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