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Superstitions From Around The World

Travel, Lifestyle, Gambling

Voodoo spells are part of everyday culture in South Africa; Spin Casino BlogSource: Victoria Borodinova, Pixabay

Join us as we take a trip around the world to learn about the good-luck charms and rituals of different cultures.

Do you wear a lucky shirt on important days or blow on dice before rolling it? Why not try something different before your next online casino game? Wear red like the Chinese or pretend you are in Greece and break a plate or two! Here are eight different superstitions from around the world that may come in handy.

Wear Red for Luck—China

In China, red represents fire and symbolizes fortune, happiness, and success. Red attire is worn during festivals and holidays; red lanterns adorn businesses and residences on celebratory occasions; and red envelopes with money are exchanged as gifts on the Lunar New Year.

Participate in a Voodoo Ritual—South Africa

In South Africa, Voodoo rituals, spells, and talismans are part of everyday culture. To protect yourself against misfortune, South Africans wear talismans such as the gris-gris, a small cloth bag containing verses of the Qur’an.

But if you are more interested in predicting the next lottery ticket or the results of the sports game you are betting on, smoking vulture brains is the voodoo ritual for you! South Africans believe that with its sharp vision and ability to find prey, vultures have clairvoyant powers. And to obtain the gift of premonition, vulture brains are dried and rolled into cigarettes or inhaled as vapors.

Smash Some Plates—Greece and Denmark

Smashing a plate against the floor or at your best friend’s front door is not only festive, it’s also a lot of fun. The tradition is mostly seen in Greece at weddings and concerts, accompanied by dance and jubilation. In Denmark, plates are broken to celebrate the New Year. Danes go around smashing plates at the front doors of their family, friends, and neighbors. The more broken pieces by your doorstep at midnight, the more luck you are supposed to get on the new year!

In Greece and Denmark, smashing plates is part of the celebration; Spin Casino BlogSource: BRRT, Pixabay

Get pooped on by a bird—Russia

In Russia and many other countries, having a bird poop on your head, car, or house is a sign of luck and riches coming your way. So, next time you get some unexpected white goop in your hair, forget the embarrassment and thank your lucky stars!

Hang upside down to kiss a rock—Ireland

If waiting to get defecated on is not your thing, then follow the luck of the Irish up 128 steps to kiss a stone. Legend has it that those who kiss the Blarney, a stone set in one of the walls below the battlement of Blarney Castle, will be bestowed with the gift of eloquence. The ritual includes climbing up a flight of narrow stairs to the top of the castle and leaning backwards from the edge of the parapet walk (holding on to the iron railings that keep you from falling) to kiss the stone. Let’s just say that eloquence is not for the faint of heart, or those afraid of heights! Many celebrities and world leaders have taken the trek to the stone, however, and it is a popular tourism destination.

Say “rabbit”—England

A rabbit foot is widely known as a talisman, but the rabbit’s good fortune extends far beyond its foot. Apparently, merely saying the word “rabbit” brings good luck! In England and certain parts of the United States, it is believed that saying “rabbit” once, twice, or three times as the first spoken word on the first day of the month will bring you good luck. But if you forget, you’ll have to wait until next month to remember.

Trees bring fertility and union to a young marriage; Spin Casino BlogSource: Free-Photos, Pixabay

Pick up coins from the ground—Sweden

A penny saved is more than a penny earned in Sweden! If you see a coin on the ground, act like the people of Sweden and pick it up for good luck, then spit on it three times for extra financial fortune. And if your daughter is getting married, be sure to give her a silver coin to wear on one shoe and a gold coin to wear on the other. A little bit of discomfort is well worth the riches.

Try one or all of these superstitions for extra good luck, and may all the fortune and riches of the world come your way!

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