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1st Deposit - Match Bonus up to €400 • 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to €300 • 10 daily spins to win a Million • New customers only • Min deposit €10 • Wagering & Terms apply

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Holding Out for a Hero!

Microgaming brings you a brand-new slot fit only for the most fearless of online gamers – North Storm! Venture through lost lands full of intrigue and adventure in search of boundless treasures in this thrilling 5-reel slot game. Buried in this forgotten realm is a temple protected by the Nordic Gods themselves, one that has mystified and terrified the greatest heroes the world has ever known. Will you be daring enough to face the challenge and risk it all for a chance to win incredible windfalls and claim the riches as your own?

As you journey into the dark depths of the temple, strive to match three symbols on any of the twenty-five fixed paylines and watch as the treasure racks up. For the champion who dares to risk it all, up to 84,681 coins are up for grabs, but you’ll need nerves of steel and the courage to conquer the Gods if you hope to take home the jackpot.

North Storm Source:Microgaming

Big on Bonuses

Great courage merits even greater rewards. That’s where North Storm’s Bonus Falls feature comes into play! Each matching combo leads to big winnings for the player, but that’s not all. The Gods smile favourably on those with the courage to take them on, so prepare yourself for an extra push towards your final goal – the jackpot, of course!

When the Bonus Falls feature is activated, the winning icons disappear, with the remaining blocks filling the gaps; new symbols then fall into place, giving you the chance to win again. Each time a new match is made, the process repeats itself, which multiplies your chance of racking up major winnings. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to pair this bonus with the game’s incredible multiplier system, which amps up the pot and brings the total prize pool one step closer. Before you know it, the treasure will be yours, as long as you can hold your nerve!

North Storm Source:Microgaming

Multiplier Madness

The Bonus Falls feature also impacts the game’s multiplier function, so each additional win also makes the following one more lucrative. When the multiplier is active, your winnings for a matched combo are multiplied by the relevant number, thus increasing your chance to bag big winnings and rack up a major jackpot.

During a regular round, the multiplier is set to 1x, which means that your bet will pay out normally. However, once you win, the Bonus Falls activates and the multiplier moves to 2x; now when you win, your pay-out will be doubled too. The chain continues with the multiplier moving to 3x and 4x as you continue to win and the Bonus Falls continue to pile up. That means that each win increases your odds of hitting the jackpot and banking big. Moreover, if the Free Spins feature is active, the multiplier is doubled, so you’ll have the chance to increase your winnings eight-fold. They say he who ventures wins and, when tackling the North Storm temple, that’s exactly the mantra you’ll need!

North StormSource:Microgaming

Free Is Fantastic!

Getting to the heart of the North Storm temple takes plenty of risks, but you’ll also find a reprieve in the Free Spins feature. When three Free Spin symbols appear on a single payline, you’ll be awarded eight free spins. That means eight chances to take home the top prize, without any risk to your current winnings.

Sounds good, right? It gets better! If another three Free Spin symbols appear elsewhere on this board, or should you match three Free Spin symbols on a subsequent Bonus Falls, you’ll receive an additional two free spins. That’s even more chances to get to the finish line and beat the Gods in your quest to find the heart of the temple. With a total of twenty free spins up for grabs, that’s a whole host of opportunities to discover the mythical treasures hidden with these hallowed halls. Combine this with your Bonus Falls and the multiplier and you have all the tools you need to claim the top prize!

Fight to the Finish

The snow-covered landscape and dark, mysterious chambers of the North Storm temple may seem daunting – not to mention the wrath of the Gods that watch over it – but the rewards are staggering for those willing to put their bravery to the fore. Take courage – a jewel bonanza is waiting for you to claim it!

North Storm Game Sheet SpecificationsSource:Microgaming

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