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Achievable Resolutions For the New Year In 2020

New Years Resolution, Achievable, 2020

2020 Logo; Spin Casino BlogSource: geralt, Pixabay

Many of us resolve to be better people or get out of bad habits at New Year. After all, it is a time of renewal as one season passes into the next. However, all too often people find that their good intentions are given up by the time February begins because the routine of daily life takes over. The key is to set achievable New Year's resolutions that are not overly ambitious. What are some of the best ones around?

1. Eat More Vegetables

Just like your mother said, vegetables are good for you. Eating more will improve your physical well-being and will also be a contribution to lowering your carbon footprint!

2. Plan a Getaway With Pals

Get on the phone and plan a weekend when you and your friends are all free. Then set a budget for a getaway and put away a few dollars each payday so that when you go away with them, it all seems to be cost-free.

More vegetables are good for you; Spin Casino BlogSource: Acabashi, Wikimedia

3. Read Better Literature

Put down that trashy novel or magazine article and stick your nose into a book with something to say. Get out of your comfort zone and read a history book, a self-help tome or even a piece of classic English literature to offer a break from the norm.

4. Try a New Hobby

Doing something that you've never tried before can seem like a huge effort. That said, the reward you get from being open to a new activity is great, so don't keep saying no to new hobbies.

5. Devote More Time to Loved Ones

Even if you cannot see your loved ones in person, make a resolution to set aside some quality time each week. Meet up over the internet and devote at least half an hour so that you stop chatting and really start to talk.

6. Start a Diary

Keeping a journal of your thoughts can be a big release, especially for pent up negative emotions. Remember that putting your thoughts down on paper need not be done every day so long as you make entries regularly over the course of the year.

Woman writing in a diary; Spin Casino BlogSource: Studio32, Pixabay

7. Drink Water Before Consuming Coffee

Coffee is a great drink but it is not really there to quench your thirst. Get into the habit of pouring a glass of water each time you make coffee so that you keep your body perfectly replenished with fluids.

8. Get More Sleep

People need different amounts of sleep to get on during the day but many of us suffer from interrupted rest which leaves us lethargic. Use blackout blinds and go to bed a bit earlier with a book to help you drift off and stay asleep once you have nodded off.

9. Be Kinder to Yourself

Self-affirming thoughts and mantras have a cumulative effect. Every day is the opportunity to say something kind about yourself and to be less self-critical.

10. Eat Less Meat

Even if you resolve to only ditch meat consumption one day per week, you will notice the difference. This resolution means saving money and doing your bit for the global environment, too.

11. Ditch Social Media

We all know that social media has plus points as well as negative ones. Show yourself that you are in control of the situation by resolving to spend less time on social media which means you can take it or leave it – something that makes many people feel more empowered.

12. Take Out a Gym Membership

Lots of people become gym members in January but this New Year's resolution is only worth it if you go every week. Either sign up for classes or attend with a friend to help keep you motivated.

An empty gym full of treadmills; Spin Casino BlogSource: Ingridinsydney, Wikimedia

13. De-stress Yourself With Allocated Times

It is no good resolving to de-stress yourself unless you allocate specific times to chilling out. For example, you could give yourself a 15 minute period every day to sit in calm or to play a favourite game at an online casino. Just locking the door of the bathroom and chilling out in the tub can be a big help, as well!

14. Learn a New Word Every Day

There are some great websites you can visit that will teach you a new word every day to add to your vocabulary. If you think you are already wordy enough, then how about learning foreign words instead?

15. Do Some Voluntary Work

Volunteering is so rewarding. By giving your time up for someone or an organisation, you will feel better about yourself and have a more positive outlook about the world, too.

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