Irish Money Funnel

Irish Money Funnel, produced by Spin Casino Ireland, takes a look at some of the world's biggest companies and shows how Ireland's low corporation tax rate could be the secret behind their success.

Percentage of company revenue registered in the UK & Ireland

Tech vs. Food & Drink

Below is a comparison of some of the biggest companies in tech, food and drink based on the percentage of total revenue which is raised in the UK and Ireland. Ireland is often used as a base by multinational companies due to its low corporation tax rate of 12.5%. Comparatively, the UK has a tax rate for companies of 19% and the US even higher at 21%.

Revenue registered in Ireland as a % of total revenue


  • Global Revenue:


  • Irish Revenue:

    €155.8b (65%)

    Irish Tax:


  • UK Revenue:

    €1.4b (1%)

    UK Tax:


Apple Operations International, which is registered to the company's Holyhill Campus in Cork, covers most of Apple's non-US subsidiaries.

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