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Spin Casino Blog

Step Aboard The Goldhunter

Spin Casino: Galactic Gold

Our story begins in outer space, where you’ll find the spaceship, The Goldhunter, traveling towards the planet Aerius, in search of Galactic Gold. On board is the team called the Aces of Spades, headed by their captain, Roscoe “Digger” Townsend. You’ll also meet Nova Nightshade, Arthur “Silver Tongue” Baker and Little Nicky Powers, with the villain, Shayde Grimm, close behind doing everything in his powers to stop the crew from reaching the planet. And you can help them reach their goal, when you play the latest online slot at Spin Casino. Galactic Gold was created, in partnership with Microgaming, by our talented team at Spin Casino, and is exclusively available at our group of . And, besides the excellent graphics, powerful storyline and smooth gameplay that you’ve come to expect, you’ll also be excited to know that Galactic Gold is a progressive online slot with 4 possible jackpots up for grabs. Now that you’ve familiarised ...Continue reading

7 Highest Prize Winners Of Online Slots

Casino Slot Machine; Spin Casino Blog

In his acceptance speech after winning the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature, the great William Faulkner said that the writer’s duty is to help man over the vicissitudes and challenges of life. We’d like to think that gambling, whether it’s a brick and mortar casino or an , also plays a similar role. Gambling helps to enrich our lives – in more ways than one! Aside from the sweet thrill of winning and sense of camaraderie, gambling also offers the chance to win life-changing fortunes! Perhaps the most lucrative game, and arguably the most popular one in practically every online casino, is the progressive slot game. The progressive slot game is an innovative evolution of the slot machine, sometimes referred pudgy or fruit machine, found in land-based casinos. The gameplay is very straightforward – you simply click on a button to trigger reel spins. If the reels return identical images, which could range from animals and card faces to a horoscope and ...Continue reading

10 Influential Trends For Small Businesses

Customer service is a complex and dynamic field which can be harnessed to help your business grow.

For small business owners and managers, every year presents a new set of challenges for their business. A myriad of ever-evolving micro- and will influence how their company will ultimately perform. While most new and emerging business trends are either still in their infancy or just not influential enough to sustain themselves yet, a few will reach critical stage and directly influence the growth and profitability of businesses. Smart entrepreneurs and executives are always on the lookout for these market shifts, because they understand the value of early adoption and momentum. With that in mind, we’ve listed below ten trends of 2020 which are likely to be the most influential going forward. Forget about your horoscope or zodiac sign! Whether you’re a grocery store owner, event planner or Canadian owner, you should be paying attention to these trends – some of them might turn out to be gold dust for your business! 1. Value-Added Customer Service Yes, this is ...Continue reading

Top 7 Emerging Trends for Mobile Casinos

Analysts predict that the online gambling market will grow to $102.97 billion by 2025

This might come as a shock to many, but online casinos have actually been around since the early days of the internet. Industry giant Microgaming gave birth to the industry in 1994 when it released the first-ever online casino software. By 1997, there were in excess of 200 casinos online. The industry grew gradually over the years in tandem with the steady rise of the internet penetration rate and increasingly cheaper prices of personal computers. Microgaming once again revolutionised the industry in 2004 when the company, once again, released the first-ever mobile casino software. The online casino industry underwent a beginning from the 2010s with the advent of modern smartphones. The mobility and convenience of smartphones powered an explosive growth in the sector. Today, online casinos have become a juggernaut in the online gambling world, with over 2,800 active sites online offering games like poker, bingo and slots. Revenue-wise, online casinos account for 32.4% of the ...Continue reading

Holding Out for a Hero!

North Storm

brings you a brand-new fit only for the most fearless of online gamers – North Storm! Venture through lost lands full of intrigue and adventure in search of boundless treasures in this thrilling 5-reel slot game. Buried in this forgotten realm is a temple protected by the Nordic Gods themselves, one that has mystified and terrified the greatest heroes the world has ever known. Will you be daring enough to face the challenge and risk it all for a chance to win incredible windfalls and claim the riches as your own? As you journey into the dark depths of the temple, strive to match three symbols on any of the twenty-five fixed paylines and watch as the treasure racks up. For the champion who dares to risk it all, up to 84,681 coins are up for grabs, but you’ll need nerves of steel and the courage to conquer the Gods if you hope to take home the jackpot. Big on Bonuses Great courage merits even greater rewards. That’s where North Storm’s Bonus Falls feature ...Continue reading

The Crème de la Crème of Gambling

Macau; Spin Casino Blog

The world of gambling has an image of glitz, glamour and celebrity, with the bright lights of the Vegas Strip and the resplendent casinos of Monaco conjuring visions of royalty and A-listers gathered around the roulette table. When playing your favourite game, it’s easy to imagine yourself in one of these lavish settings, with all around and champagne flowing. But who are these A-list poker players and world-famous roulette whizzes? Read on to discover some of the most popular names you might encounter at the slots – or, who knows, playing a Spin Casino favourite of their own! Good Will Hunting for the Jackpot A-listers don’t come much more famous than Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the childhood friends who found Oscar glory with Good Will Hunting and who have gone onto mega-star careers in the years since. But it’s not just blockbusters and their native Boston that bond these two together. It’s no rare sight to see them huddled around the pit in some ...Continue reading

The Many Shades Of Christmas

Cageners of well known celebrities are lined up for sale; Spin Casino Blog

The time has come to deck the halls, put up the tree and wrap your presents – that’s right, Christmas is here! But, while Irish Christmas can be a time for frantic, last-minute shopping and sparkling silver lights, the Yuletide season takes many forms around the world. Take a break from ’s thrilling slots to discover of the world’s most fascinating festive traditions! A Catalonian Manger Staple In some houses, Christmas starts when the star is placed atop the tree, while others ring in the season with candles in windows. For some, however, the manger is the official start of the Yuletide period. Mary, Joseph, the shepherds and the Baby Jesus are placed with the utmost care, but in Catalonia and parts of the Mediterranean, an extra figure makes his appearance. This statuette is the Caganer, depicted in a quiet corner of the nativity scene going to the bathroom. Nobody knows the origin of this tradition, but this quirky character is a fixture of many ...Continue reading

Mobile Gaming On the Go!

An app store with online mobile games; Spin Casino Blog

These days, life is faster and more hectic than ever, with people working longer hours, travelling greater distances and packing more into the twenty-four hours of the day. This means that we can sometimes feel like there’s no time to just sit back and relax and enjoy ourselves. That has changed, however, with the advent of the smartphone. From surfing online to shopping and gaming, everything is now the click of a button away, thanks to handy apps and nifty gadgets. like Spin Casino are just one of the ways that people can now unwind and have a good time on their mobile devices, whether you’re playing your favourite slot on the train home, in the office canteen or just chilling for a while in the local park. More and more people are using their phones and tablets for games and activities. Here are some of the reasons why is the way of the future! Smartphones Are Staples Take a stroll down your average city street, or ride the train from one station to another and ...Continue reading

Achievable New Years' Resolutions for 2020

2020 Logo; Spin Casino Blog

Traditionally, every new year calls for a list of resolutions. Setting objectives can make you feel better both physically and mentally, but it can be hard to consistently work them into your routine. The trick to achieving your goals, however, is simple: make them SMART. If you set specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based resolutions, your new year can be even more successful than your last! Relaxing by playing games is one way to make your new year less stressful, but there are other ways to improve your quality of life when you . 15 Achievable SMART Goals It can be daunting to introduce new habits into your life, and many resolutions fall by the wayside as early as February. But with some SMART planning, you can reap the benefits. 1. Eat veggies regularly Add leafy, dark greens such as spinach, kale, arugula, turnip greens, and cabbage to your meals. Veggies contain folic acid, iron and calcium, which help prevent heart disease and cancer, and manage ...Continue reading

How To Pop The Question

Proposal in a romantic, riverside location

From simply getting down on one knee to big gestures and grand statements, there are no shortage of ways to pop the big question. Indeed, the art of the proposal has become as important as the question itself in many cases, with people searching for Instagram-worthy ways to win the heart of their beloved. The results are equally varied, with people going viral for their beautifully romantic settings, their quirky and one-of-a-kind set-ups and their epic fails too. While you and your partner may love whiling the hours away with your favourite , a moment like this calls for something altogether more sweeping! Here are some of the and a helpful rundown on what to do (and not to do!) when planning your proposal. A Little Romance Goes a Long Way It should be obvious that romance is at the heart of every good proposal idea. Think of your favourite rom-coms and the grand gestures that tug on all of our heartstrings and what do you remember? Dazzling sunsets, long strolls along the ...Continue reading

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