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Spin Casino Blog

Aquatic Treasures™ Online Slot

Aquatic Treasures, Microgaming; Spin Casino Blog

Under the calm waters of the ocean lies a world filled with excitement and entertainment. That’s the scene that is set with the latest game from software provider, Microgaming, in partnership with Gold Coin Studios: Aquatic Treasures™, which is available to players in Ireland at Spin . Aquatic Treasures™ is a 5-reel, 20-payline online slot packed with exciting features like Expanding Wilds, Wild-For-Trigger substitutions, a Free Spins and a Double Up feature. Let’s take a dive and find out more about this game, how it works, the symbols and bonus features, as well as the software providers and why we recommend this slot for online casino players in Ireland. Theme And How To Play Aquatic Treasures™ has an ocean theme and is set underwater with a beautiful dolphin being the main character. Upon launching the game, players will find the balance and bets on the bottom left and right respectively, while all the other important functions of the game will be ...Continue reading

Animals Of Africa™ Review

Animals of Africa, Microgaming; Spin Casino Blog

Online casino games are available in different forms and over the years, we have seen many different themes in slot games. What makes this so exciting is that players can virtually be transported to different landmarks and eras to experience some of the best graphics and go on amazing adventures from the comfort of their own homes, while playing at an , or even on mobile. One such an example is Animals of Africa™, a 5-reel and 20-payline slot from software provider, Microgaming, in partnership with Gold Coin Studios. In this game, players are taken to the African landscape with the warmth of the African sun beating down while enjoying some visually striking images of the animals. And the good news is that, not only is Animals of Africa™ available to play on PC at Spin Casino, but it’s also available as a mobile casino slot. In this review, we’ll find out more about Animals of Africa™, how to play the game and which special bonus features can be ...Continue reading

Spinning Slots In A Self Driving Car

Self-driving car

Source: When bringing up the subject of self-driving cars most people will immediately refer to the topic of world-renowned billionaire Elon Musk. It was Musk, after all, that made the concept of having a fully automated self-driving car a reality in many minds. But lest it be forgotten, it still isn’t possible to kick back in an automated car, spin the slot’s reels at an on your mobile device, and let the vehicle do the driving for you. In fact, Musk has been called out repeatedly over the years for suggesting that Tesla cars are close to being fully automated, when in fact they aren’t even close. In Munich, a case was even brought against Tesla by the Centre for Protection Against Unfair Competition, with it being demanded that Tesla advertising campaigns cut back on how much they refer to Tesla vehicles as being autonomous or having self-driving capabilities. It turns out that, sorry to say, Tesla vehicles have assisted driving functionality, but are ...Continue reading

The Best Open World Video Games

Playing open world games

Source: PXFuel Is there anything as immersive as slipping on a pair of headphones, jumping into your favourite open world game, and just having a look around? Well, yes, arguably going outside would be a superior option in terms of realism, but you know what we mean… Just like the games you find at a leading , open world games have come a long way. The very best of them are so incredibly detailed and immersive that they almost defy belief. The simple act of getting from A to B can be a game unto itself in a good open world game, especially when you are given true freedom in terms of mobility. But with that being said, it is certainly more than just freedom and detail that make an open world game truly great. All the freedom in the world won’t make up for a lousy storyline, or lacklustre side quests, after all, which is what makes this such an interesting subject to investigate. Join us as we take a look at the best open world games. The Witcher 3 Let’s just ...Continue reading

The Live Casino Experience – What To Expect Next

Live Dealer at the Roulette table

Source: Back in 2003, Playtech launched the very first live casino game online, and that makes 2021 a special year for the sector. It’s been 18 incredible years since then! The industry is always advancing and evolving, and live dealer gaming has already come a long way. Now, this type of authentic, realistic online entertainment looks set to get even bigger and better in 2021 and beyond. Let’s take a gander at how much has happened since the sector’s early days, and then find out what to expect next from the live dealer experience… A Billion-Dollar Sector  Although the first true online casino launched in 1994, players who wanted a similar atmosphere to what they enjoyed at land-based venues’ tables had to wait until the new millennium. Thankfully, it wasn’t long before advances in technology made it possible for Playtech to beam the very first live casino game from a studio in the Philippines. Other providers took notice ...Continue reading

The Ultimate Blackjack Strategy Guide

The perfect Blackjack hand

Source: If you’re new to playing 21, you might’ve heard all sorts of stories about Blackjack strategies and how you can use them to beat the dealer. Every. Single. Time. Now while this isn’t strictly true, what is true is that you can use strategy to increase your chances of winning.  Blackjack is one of the few casino games that rely on more than luck, and if you know what moves to make and when, you can greatly reduce the house edge – and increase your chances of a winning hand. If you’re keen to learn more, dive into our guide and discover how you can incorporate Blackjack strategy into your game. Then, when you’re ready, you can put your moves to the test at our ! Playing 21 – A Refresher You’ll find it next to impossible to understand strategies for 21 if you don’t know how to play the game. Whether you’re somewhat familiar with the gameplay or you’re a complete newbie, this quick refresher ...Continue reading

How 5G Will Impact Online Casinos in 2021

Evolution of 5G

At this point, the world is well aware that the era of 5G is here. The networks are steadily being rolled out across major metropolitan areas first and will gradually blanket everywhere that mobile devices are used. 5G, of course, means significantly faster data transfer rates, with a focus on mobile devices in particular. But it isn’t just average mobile device owners that are set to see the benefits. There are numerous industries that will enjoy giant leaps forward, with the world a primary example. Online casinos are entirely reliant on data transfer rates, and it goes without saying that the faster and more reliable the connections, the better for the industry as a whole. What Is 5G? As it stands, mobile devices mostly still operate on 4G networks. 4G referring to the fact that it’s the 4th generation of the technology. At its peak, 4G reaches speeds of 14 Mbps, which is rather impressive considering that this is around 5 times faster than 3G. LTE, on the other ...Continue reading

A Microgaming Experience

Microgaming's top slot games

Online slot fans in Ireland will be thrilled to know that software provider, Microgaming, has recently released a whole list of new games to enjoy at their favourite . Microgaming has been around since 1994 and was also behind the launch of the very first online casino in the same year. Over the last few decades, this software provider has won numerous awards and is constantly releasing new games. We take a look at 12 of the most popular and recent ones that can be enjoyed here at Spin Casino. 777 Royal Wheel This 25-payline online casino game will take players back to the glitz and glam of the Great Gatsby era, and comes complete with Wild symbols, a Wild Wheel and Wild Multipliers. Plus, the Respin feature will allow all winning symbols to be held while the other symbols spin again, for the chance of a bigger possible win. is a mix between a classic slot, with symbols of sevens and bars, and a modern-day video slot gaming experience, and with bet sizes ranging from 0.25 to 75 ...Continue reading

Tech That Will Impact Online Casinos In 2021

Tech innovations in gambling

By its very nature technology, is designed to move forward. After all, technology can never risk standing still, lest the world stops investing in it. This forward moment is, however, extremely beneficial for virtually every industry in the world. Especially the industry. Online casinos exist entirely due to enormous leaps forward in technological innovation. Lightning-fast internet and powerful handheld devices mean that today, virtually everyone can have reliable 24-hour instant access to a world of real money gambling entertainment. It’s all very impressive, and a testimony to just how quickly entirely new tech-based industries can spring up. But as online casinos stand now, there’s plenty yet to come. Here are some of the tech innovations that will impact online casinos in 2021. Cryptocurrency And Blockchain Cryptocurrency came along with a splash, but it didn’t make much of a real lasting impact. At least not as far as the mainstream is concerned. Many ...Continue reading

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