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Spin Casino Blog

Iconic Blackjack Players

Four fanned-out cards all showing Kings; Spin Casino Blog

In the world of Blackjack, the most iconic heroes are those who have pushed the game forward. These heroes have either changed the game forever, championed those who excel at the game, or become champions themselves. More often than not, these characters are excellent with numbers. The most iconic players of all time are immortalised in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. They possess a special something that allows them to excel at tables from Las Vegas, to Atlantic City, to and beyond. Let’s explore some of the greatest players to ever play the game and see what earned them their places as the kings of Blackjack. A Blackjack history lesson Blackjack is the modern and Americanised version of a 17th century gambling game known as Vingt-et-Un. Players who know their French will recognise that this translates to Twenty-one. Twenty-one began to gain traction in North America some time in the 19th century. The modern name of Blackjack was derived from a special bet offered by American ...Continue reading

11 Champions Will Cure Your Football Blues

New Video Slot 11 Champions - Spin Casino Blog

Football is without doubt the most popular sport in the world. To get an idea of the popularity of the sport, consider this fact: in 2018/19 season, the alone was broadcast into 1.03 billion homes across 188 countries and drew a TV audience of 3.2 billion viewers. This figure is larger than the combined total viewership of NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and MSL! To further illustrate the point, the viewing figure of the last FIFA World Cup in 2018, hosted by Russia, was 3.572 billion – larger than the 3.2 billion drawn by the 2016 Rio Olympics, which involved 28 different sports! So now, you can imagine the impact that the temporary closure of the European football leagues has had! Tens of millions of football fans from around the world are suffering from acute withdrawal symptoms; their days and nights are filled with thoughts of football. We understand how you feel, which is why we’re very pleased to announce the release of Microgaming’s 11 Champions at Spin ...Continue reading

Arthur’s Gold And The Slots Of The Round Table


King Arthur, Excalibur, Merlin, the Knights of the Round Table, and Camelot are some of the most popular and enduring folk legends around. Most scholars consider tales of Arthur, his men and his kingdom as entirely fictional. There are some though who theorised that Arthur may originally have been a who was defending his homeland against Anglo-Saxon invaders. None of these things matter though, because deep down, we already know that his stories are, at the very least, embellished. What is important though, is the idealism and nobility that his stories imbued upon readers and listeners. The chivalry of Arthur and his knights, courtly customs and the utopian ideals of Camelot influenced generations and make us strive to become better versions of ourselves. While we cannot promise that Arthur’s Gold will have a similar effect on players, we can confirm that this exhilarating 5-reel, 3-row online slot game, developed by Gold Coin Studios exclusively for Microgaming, will ...Continue reading

Age Of Conquest - Epic Slots

Age of Conquest Spin Casino Blog

Get ready for Age of Conquest, an exciting high-fantasy themed online slots title new to Spin Casino Canada. Online slots fans can expect epic fantasy action with the high level of quality that Microgaming and Neon Vallery Studios are known for delivering. Centered around an epic battle between good and evil, Age of Conquest boasts top-notch artwork and gameplay expected of a modern online casino slots game. Spin Casino Canada is the online home of this and many more and table games like online Roulette and Blackjack. A legendary slots adventure The story behind Age of Conquest centers around the game’s two main characters. The first, an elvish knight who leads the forces of light while riding his faithful horse companion. The other, a powerful sorceress who rides her mighty griffin and twists the forces of darkness to do her evil bidding. The two forces square off at an ancient castle at the foot of a mystical mountain to see who will take the castle and the treasure and ...Continue reading

The Definitive Guide To Blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular card games in casinos around the world, both in brick and mortar and online casinos. The popularity of the game has often been attributed to its simple rules and the social camaraderie it inspires. With the recent explosive growth of mobile technology, has also started to make its presence felt. The game’s exact origin has been lost to history, but we do know that a form of called Ventiuna (twenty-one, in Spanish) has been around since the . While the rules and gameplay of blackjack were initially a little different depending on where it was played, they have more or less become uniform today. So regardless of whether you prefer playing blackjack on mobile devices or personal computers, our comprehensive and definitive guide to blackjack below will get you off to a roaring start. 1. Blackjack Basis: Objective Of The Game The is to beat the dealer’s cards value without going over 21. Going over 21, or going Bust, is considered ...Continue reading

Wild Catch – No bait required!

New Slot Wild Catch - Spin Casino Blog

Fishing is one of the great joys in life. It offers the opportunity to reconnect with nature while giving our battered soul and frayed nerves a chance to recover from the harsh vagaries of life. In fact, , fishing can actually help reduce feelings of hostility, fear and sadness, and improve happiness and self-esteem. Of course, there are some who enjoy fishing purely for the bonding opportunities or adrenaline rush when reeling in a catch. And then, there are a few who use fishing to satisfy the primal hunting urge that has been embedded in our genes for millenniums. Whatever your reason may be, the current crisis has placed a damper on almost all outdoor plans. But fear not, noble anglers, for we bear good tidings! On June 30, 2020, Stormcraft Studios, in collaboration with iGaming heavyweight Microgaming, will be releasing Wild Catch, a . So fishing fans of the world, come join us at Spin Casino online casino next month to give the five-reel and five-row Wild Catch a test ...Continue reading

Miami Glow - Sunset moods

New Slot Miami Glow; Spin Casino Blog

Source: Microgaming It’s time to take a trip back to 1980’s Miami with Miami Glow, a brand new online slots game from Snowborn games and Microgaming. The 2020’s are out and the 1980’s are back in this retro-themed title complete with neon colours, laid-back tunes, and all the 80’s nostalgia anyone could want. Together with the streamlined and simple gameplay, Miami Glow is a relaxed slots experience built to suit casual gamers. Let’s take a look at the design of Miami Glow, just one of many and table games available at . Shining bright As the name implies, Miami Glow is heavily inspired by the sunset coastal vibes of The Magic City. 1980s Miami was famous for its beautiful beaches and luxurious nightlife lit up by the glow of neon lights. It’s a look that was made famous by movies such as Scarface, or TV shows like Miami Vice. The game’s art style draws heavily on this neon glow, infusing all the symbols and interface of the game ...Continue reading

Marvel At The Roman Power Slot Game

Roman Power logo; Spin Casino Blog

Technically, the Roman Empire only existed for a period 1,480 years - from the moment Augustus Caesar declared himself emperor in 27 BC until on 29 May 1453 by the Ottoman Empire under the leadership of Sultan Mehmed II. However, for all intents and purposes, the ancient Roman empire was founded long before that and continues to exist to this day (sort of). Ancient Greek and Roman histories (which contain a healthy dose of myths) claim that Rome was founded in 753 BC by the twin brothers Romulus and Remus, who were allegedly sons of the god of war, Mars. There is plenty of evidence to support the claim (the existence of Rome, not the brothers’ demigod status), most notably, the remnants of a city wall at Palatine hill and the temples of Fortuna and Mater Matuta in the Sant'Omobono area. Virgil, an ancient Roman poet, even wrote in his epic Aeneid that Rome was founded by Trojan prince Aeneas and other survivors from the fallen city of Troy. Virgil also claimed that ...Continue reading

Enter The World Of Fantasy And Magic With Fortress Charge

Fortress Charge; Spin Casino Blog

Humans have always loved fantasy and magic. Some of the oldest surviving texts in existence, such as the Epic of Gilgamesh, Iliad and Mahabharata, revolve around the fantasy genre. Some argue that fantasy is nothing more than escapism, while others believe that fantasy fulfils more complex intellectual demands. Instead of trying to deconstruct fantasy and talking in abstracts, we should instead speak about Fortress Charge, a fantasy-themed online slot game that will definitely evoke the sense of wonder in you. Produced by iGaming giant Microgaming and developed by well-regarded game developer Crazy Tooth Studio, Fortress Charge is a wonderful blend of fantasy, magic and adventure that will take your breath away. It will be officially released on 11 June 2020, and the buzz is already growing about the much-anticipated game. So keep your calendar open and schedule a visit to Spin Casino’s to give the game a try. Fortress Charge Theme And Concept Among the hundreds of ...Continue reading

Join The Fight In Arena Of Gold


In the ancient world of the gladiators, gold and glory were at the center of brave battles. And now, that same excitement is coming to Spin Casino in Arena of Gold, a being released 21 April 2020. Find out how you can join the fight! Come one come all You won’t want to miss the exciting tournament in the ancient arena. All the townspeople are gathered to watch the events unfold, and you could be right there in spotlight taking on fate! Spin your way toward victory as you take a chance at winning gold in a brave fight. You’ll feel transported to another world when you find yourself in the beautiful virtual environment that All41 Studios has created in Arena of Gold. Arena of Gold is a video slot game that’s optimized for desktop and mobile, bringing you all the slot features you know and love and also putting a twist on them with exciting new details. The 5 x 3 grid of spinning reels has 25 left to right pay lines to take your chance at landing a winning ...Continue reading

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