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Blackjack Online Canadians Can Trust

If you are interested in playing online Blackjack at an online casino in Canada, we are the one you should choose! This casino game has been popular for hundreds of years, first in the homes of European aristocrats, then in land-based casinos, and now on the Internet too. Everyone can enjoy it, and once you've tried it for yourself you'll be very glad of this. When you play at Spin Casino, you'll enjoy world-class graphics, functionality and special features to make every game better. You also get to play anywhere and anytime that you want to, so you'll get to polish your Blackjack strategy and improve even faster. On top of all that, you'll be able to enjoy some major bonuses and payouts.

Blackjack Online Basics For Beginners

Need to learn how to play Blackjack? The table games have the same rules and structure no matter what format you play them in. Whether you are enjoying land-based, conventional online or live Blackjack, the objective is always to get a hand total of 21 or as close to that as possible. At the same time, you can't go any higher than 21, and your total must beat the dealer's hand. Number cards are worth their pip value, face cards are worth 10 and Aces count as 11 or 1, depending on what is better for the specific situation. At the beginning of the round, you'll need to place your wager. We have one of the most extensive betting ranges available for online gambling

Online Blackjack offers you a selection of moves to make in your quest to get a hand worth 21 points. Not sure how to play Blackjack? Follow these steps.

Place a bet to receive 2 face-up cards from the dealer, who’ll receive 1 face-up card. You'll be able to see both of yours, and you can usually see one of the dealer's too. Based only on this information, you'll need to decide what to do next. Cards 2 through 10 are worth their face value, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points, and Aces are worth 1 or 11. If your score’s not 21, decide whether to hit or to stand. The moves that are allowed vary, but you can usually Hit and get another card, Double Down and get another card while doubling your wager, or Split a Pair into 2 hands, and get an extra card dealt to each. After making your move, the dealer’s full hand will be revealed so the winner can be announced.

It’s good to know a basic strategy on how to play Blackjack online for hitting and standing when you play. Try hit when your score is 12-16 and the dealer has 7-Ace, hitting when you have Aces-6, and standing when your score is 12-16 and the dealer has 2-6. Remember, demo mode lets you practice. In formulating your Blackjack strategy, you need to think about how likely different outcomes are, based on your hand, the dealer's cards and how many decks are used. If you are participating in live casino games, the probabilities will change because more cards will have been dealt.


Receive 2 face-up cards from the dealer & place your bets.


Decide on your plan of action - Hit, Double Down, Split a Pair or Stand.


The dealer’s full hand will be revealed & compared to yours.


The winner is announced.

Blackjack Game Results and Payouts

There are 2 ways you can win when playing Blackjack games at Spin Casino. The first is if you’re dealt a natural Blackjack, which means your first 2 cards adds up to 21. The second is if your score is closer to 21 than the dealer’s score. In most editions of Blackjack online, the hand that pays best is a natural 21 – those hands usually pay out 3:2.

If you beat the Blackjack Canada online dealer by hitting or making another move, whether your score increases to 21 or it’s lower than that number, your hand should pay out 1:1.

Practice Makes Perfect

With Blackjack, the old adage that “practice makes perfect” is very true. The more time you spend on the games, the more you'll understand them and the bigger your wins will be. The intoxicating blend of chance and tactics just gets more irresistible over time. As soon as you start play you'll see what we mean. You'll find plenty of strategy charts and helpful articles on statistics and probability, and we are proud that we are the best new online casino for you to test out everything you learn. To play a superb selection of Blackjack games, in a provably safe, secure and fair environment, you don't need to look any further than Spin Casino.

You’ll find an array of games at Spin Casino, but before you play Blackjack online for real money, remember the old saying, “Practice makes perfect.” Whether there are 1 or 8 decks of cards in the shoe, the number of card combinations that can appear is finite, which means you can plan moves as you saw above.

You can get some Blackjack online practice by playing your preferred versions in demo mode. You get the chance to refine your carefully planned moves, and you can get used to games with tweaked rules.

We pride ourselves on a collection that includes options such as Classic Blackjack Gold Series, Atlantic City Blackjack Multi Hand, Vegas Strip Blackjack, and European Blackjack. Playing in demo mode is a great way to get used to the variant’s unique rules, which can help you avoid mistakes if you decide to play the game for real money.

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Blackjack Origins

The origins of Blackjack reach into the beginnings of the 17th century. The first recorded mention of the ancestor of the 21 options at Spin Casino in a surprising place – the short story Rinconete y Cortadillo by Don Quixote author, Miguel de Cervantes. Other early records of casino Blackjack are found in France 1768, in Britain in the 1770s and 1780s, and in the United States in the early 1800s.

During the 1890s, Klondike Gold Rush prospectors renamed the game ‘Blackjack’ – a name that has stuck ever since. In the early part of the 20th century, some casinos may have offered a 10:1 bonus payout for an ace of spades and a jack of clubs or spades. In the mid-1990s, Microgaming unveiled the first online casino Blackjack games when the first gambling site launched, and this was followed by the first mobile and live dealer games in the early 2000s.

Canada’s Favorite Blackjack Variations

The many different variations of online Blackjack you’ll find at Spin Casino are based on one or the other classic forms of the card game. In games based on the European version, the dealer receives a single face-up card when the cards are dealt at the beginning. The second card is dealt after your move.

In American Blackjack, the dealer receives a face up and a face down card in the initial deal. If the face-up card is worth 10 points, they can peek at the hole card to check if their hand is worth 21 – and if they do, you will be eliminated. This element means that American Blackjack rules create a higher house edge than the European rules.

Classic Blackjack is one of our most popular variations of Blackjack games online for money. There are 5 decks of cards in the shoe, the game uses European rules, and it gives you the options of doubling and splitting. It’s also available in Gold Series. European Blackjack is another edition that offers you the player-friendly rules. Atlantic City Blackjack is available in regular, Gold Series, and Multi Hand editions. This online Blackjack variant uses a form of the American rules that allows late surrender, re-splitting of hands, and unlimited doubling down.

Vegas Strip Blackjack also uses a form of American rules. The game offers insurance bets against the dealer, and the dealer must stand on hard and soft 17. You’ll find regular, Gold Series, and Multi Hand editions. Vegas Downtown Blackjack is available in Gold Series and Multi Hand editions. According to the version’s take on the American rules, there are 2 decks in the shoe, and the dealer must hit on soft 17.

The live dealer Blackjack games online for money are another popular option at our Canadian casino.

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Play at Spin Casino

If you’re looking for online Blackjack in Canada at its very best, look no further than Spin Casino. Our selection includes casino games that offer you realism, the familiar rules, special elements and enhancements, and fair chances to win. Microgaming’s editions use lifelike graphics and animations, as well as ambient sound effects, to recreate the atmosphere of playing cards in the pits at a land-based venue. Learn how to play Blackjack, practice your strategy for each variation and enjoy yourself to the umpteenth degree. 

Evolution’s live Blackjack games online are played at custom-made tables using specially designed cards, and they’re hosted by talented dealers. Live dealers in a gorgeous studio, real cards, and live chat all combine to offer first-class gaming.

If you’re a fan of the action and atmosphere of dealer-run games, our live Blackjack tables might become your new favorite thing. After taking your virtual seat, you can play the game using the classic rules in real time, thanks to video streaming.

Our live games from Evolution don’t use RNG software to produce results. Instead, the friendly dealers use real playing cards. You can make your moves by tapping the relevant options on the interface. You also have the options of placing two different side bets, and if you ever need to wait a few minutes for a seat at a table, you can use the Bet Behind function to place bets behind one or more the players in the game.

Our live dealer Blackjack games are suitable for beginners, experienced players, and bankrolls of all shapes and sizes. Discover world-class gaming and gamble responsibly at Spin Casino.

Online Blackjack FAQs

How do I play Blackjack online?

You can play the best online Blackjack in Canada by signing up for a Spin Casino account for starters. Next, you can use our secure banking page to make a deposit. When you find a game you like, launch and play it in browser on computer or your mobile device.

How do I win at online Blackjack?

You need a hand of cards worth a maximum of 21 points to beat the dealer and win when you play Blackjack games online for money. If your score isn’t exactly 21, you can still beat the dealer if your score is higher than theirs.

Can you make money when you play Blackjack online?

You stand chances to win real money payouts when you play the classic game for real money. In most versions of Blackjack rules, the payouts are generous. The important thing to remember is that gambling should be about having fun – it’s not a viable source of income.