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Spins and Wins With Online Roulette

Both land-based and online Roulette are incredibly popular, and these casino games have been played for more than 200 years, and originated in France. Mathematician Blaise Pascal was working on a perpetual motion machine, and one of the results was the wheel that is now used in games of Roulette. Now, it has become one of the first things people picture when they think of gambling.

Since it spread from France to the rest of Europe and then to America, it makes sense that these are the 3 types of Roulette that continue to thrill and reward players around the globe. Of course, we are the top online casino Canada has for all table games, so you can play multiple variants of the 3 classic versions with us!

How Roulette Works

The Roulette wheel is divided into panels that are numbered from 1 to 36, and alternately coloured in red and black. There is also a green panel numbered 0. In American variations, there is an extra green segment numbered 00. The wheel is spun, a ball is dropped onto it, and you need to bet on where it will end up.

In live casino games, this happens in real time with physical equipment, and the action is streamed to you via video feed. For our other online Roulette versions, world-class graphics and audited, certified Random Number Generation software are used. Either way, you'll need to place your wager by moving your chips to the appropriate spot on the simulated betting table.

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Possible Bets

The betting table has inner and outer tracks, which has led to wagers being known as Inside and Outside Bets. You're a lot more likely to win Outside Bets, because they have an almost 50% chance of occurring.

With Outside Bets, you'll be predicting whether the ball will land in an odd- or even-numbered panel, a red or black panel, or a panel numbered from 1 to 18 or from 19 to 36. The House Edge comes in the fact that if the ball finishes up in a green panel, you lose automatically.

Inside Bets are on groups of particular numbers, and can get as specific as predicting the exact panel that the ball will hit. They carry higher odds, and larger rewards.

Start with Outside Bets

With better chances of winning, we always recommend that you try Outside Bets first at Spin Casino. You'll be paid out less, but you are more likely to get something. In the same way, we suggest that you start with European or French Roulette. Once you feel comfortable, you can tackle Inside Bets and the higher House Edge of the American variation.

Riveting Roulette
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Play With Us Online

The simple structure and many possible outcomes of online Roulette make it completely irresistible! For something that is simpler than polishing your Blackjack strategy but is more challenging than slot games, the Little Wheel (as it is known in French) is perfect. We can also tell you that there is nothing to match the feeling of watching the ball land in the pocket that you bet on.

But you don't just need to take our word for it. Register with us, make your first deposit, claim your generous Welcome Bonus and then start enjoying the desktop and mobile games with us right now. We're waiting to offer you the greatest bonuses, payouts and special features of any new online casino in the country.