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The Pinnacle of Online Roulette At Spin Casino

Both land-based and online Roulette are incredibly popular, and these casino games have been played for more than 200 years, and originated in France. Mathematician Blaise Pascal was working on a perpetual motion machine, and one of the results was the wheel that is now used in games of Roulette. Now, it has become one of the first things people picture when they think of gambling.

Since it spread from France to the rest of Europe and then to America, it makes sense that these are the 3 types of Roulette that continue to thrill and reward players around the globe. Of course, we are the top online casino Canada has for all table games, so you can play multiple variants of the 3 classic versions with us!

How Online Roulette Works

The Roulette wheel is divided into panels that are numbered from 1 to 36, and alternately colored in red and black. There is also a green panel numbered 0. In American Roulette variations, there is an extra green segment numbered 00. The wheel is spun, a ball is dropped onto it, and you need to bet on where it will end up.

In live casino games, this happens in real time with physical equipment, and the action is streamed to you via video feed. For our other online Roulette variations, world-class graphics and audited, certified Random Number Generation software are used. Either way, you'll need to place your wager by moving your chips to the appropriate spot on the simulated betting table.

Let’s take a closer look at what to do after you take your seat at a virtual Roulette table.

The first thing to do is to place a bet – you’ll find the various options in the grid on the interface. In most versions, the betting options include inside bets and outside bets, which have the best Roulette odds. Some editions, such as the French version, also offer call bets. You can learn more about the bets below.

You can select the play button after making your bet selection to make the wheel spin. The winning result will be announced after the ball has settled in a pocket and the wheel has stopped spinning. If you picked the winning number or pocket color, your payout will be added to your balance automatically.

There’s almost no difference in gameplay between RNG-based online Roulette gambling and games run by live dealers. You’d follow the same steps at either table. However, while software-based games use Random Number Generation software to produce results, live dealer games use a real Roulette wheel and ball. As can be expected, the atmosphere at a live dealer table with a live chat feature is completely different!


Place your inside or outside bets.


The dealer spins the wheel and drops the ball.


The ball settles in a pocket when the wheel stops.


The winning result will be announced.

The Best Roulette Bets

Countless players hope to find the best Roulette strategy, but the truth is that there is nothing anyone can do to influence the results produced by the wheel. A better option than using strategies that don’t work is to place outside bets when you play Roulette games online.

Found on the outer edge of the betting grid, the outside betting options include red or black, odd or even, and high or low (columns). You’ll also find 3 groups of 12 numbers (dozens) among the outside bets. Most outside bets offer you an almost 50/50 chance to double your money.

The History of Roulette

The invention of Roulette has been credited to Blaise Pascal, who lived in the 1600s. Twin brothers Francois and Louis Blanc took the game from France to the German town of Bad Homburg, where they tweaked the rules to create European casino game Roulette. The French version of the game probably developed at the Monte Carlo Casino. Roulette was taken to the U.S. in the in the 1700s, and the American variation was created when the 00 pocket was added to the wheel in the 1800s. A century later, the first online editions of the game launched in the mid-90s.

Understanding the iconic game’s bets is one of the secrets to an entertaining experience at our Canadian Roulette casino. If you want to place Roulette bets that offer bigger payouts while being trickier to win, the bets on the inside of the grid are where you’ll find them.

You can place a straight bet on a single number. If a single chip covers 2 numbers, it’s known as a split. A street bet covers a row of 3 numbers, and a corner bet covers 4 numbers. If you’re playing the American variation at our Roulette casino, you can place a basket bet that covers 1, 2, 3, 0, and 00.

Each version of the game is slightly different to the others, so it’s a good idea to refine your Roulette strategy by playing games in demo mode. A basic strategy is to focus on outside bets, as they have the best chances of winning.

Another strategy is to play European Roulette, French Roulette, or other editions that use a wheel with a single 0 pocket. The single 0 offers a lower house edge than 0 and 00 pockets. The former is only 2.7%, while the latter is 5.26%.

Play For Real Money

You don’t need to jump through hoops to play online Roulette real money at Spin Casino. Our encrypted site boasts a banking service that accepts a range of trusted payment methods. If you want to stand chances to win real money at the wheel, select the deposit option after logging into your Roulette casino account, and then select a payment method, such as Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Paysafecard, or Interac.

Enter the amount, confirm the deposit, and you should see it processed. You can play online Roulette real money as soon as you see your money in your account. Spin Casino is a paradise for Canadians who want to play Roulette games they can trust. The European version’s the oldest and most basic, and its low house edge makes it a firm favorite among players who prefer playing for real money.

Like the European variant, the French version’s wheel has a single 0, and the game offers inside and outside bets. The French version also has call bets that cover various sections of the wheel, and it uses the La Partage rule that returns half of the even-money bets lost because the ball landed on 0. The American variation’s wheel has 0 and 00 pockets, which give it a higher house edge. You can also play casino Roulette games such as 3D, Mini, and Multifire Roulette. Live dealer games offer a decidedly different experience, as the tables feature real custom-made wheels, and they are run by friendly, professional dealers. They also have live chat features, and all the action happens in real time. Our live online casino platform powered by Evolution offers a range of innovative editions.

Use demo mode to practice the games, learn their unique elements, and improve your experience when you play Roulette for real money. 

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Roulette Payouts Explained

The different casino Roulette bets you can place offer chances to win payouts of different sizes. Understanding how the payouts work is an important part of knowing how Roulette works. Winning column and dozen outside bets pay 2:1, and winning red/black, odd/even, low/high bets pay out 1:1. A winning bet on a single number pays out 35:1, and a winning 2-number combination pays out 17:1. If you win with a 3-number combination, it will pay out 11:1, and if you win with a 4-number combination, it will pay out 8:1. Winning 5-number and 6-number combinations pay out 6:1 and 5:1, respectively.  

Knowing how the odds and payouts work can influence your betting decisions when you play Roulette online with us. Let’s explore some of the bets you can place at our Roulette tables. Column and dozen bets offer potential payouts of 2:1. Their odds are 32.4.% in single-0 games such as the European and French variants, and 31.6% in the American version. Even bets, such as red/black or odd/even, offer potential payouts of 1:1. Their odds in single-0 games are 48.6% and in American-style games are 47.4%.

A straight bet on a single number offers potential payouts of 35:1, and they have odds of 2.7% in European, French, and other single-0 editions of the online Roulette Canada players love. A split bet on 2 numbers offers potential payouts of 17:1, and they have odds of 5.4% in single-0 games and of 5.3% in games with 2 green pockets. A street bet on 3 numbers offers an 11:1 potential payout. In European, French, and other games with a single-0 wheel, the odds are 8.1%, and in double 0-pocket games, the odds are 7.9%.

The odds in American variants are 2.6%. Our live Roulette games offer the same odds and payouts as their RNG-based counterparts.

Turbo-Charged Roulette Takes You On A Thrilling Spin

Take a spin in the latest roulette release from Real Dealer Studios. Turbo Auto Roulette provides you with a turbo-charged experience that’s even more exhilarating than a real casino with plenty of useful features that also makes it more convenient.

The title plays on the double meaning of “auto”, as not only does the high-sided black wheel look like a car’s tire, but the advanced Autoplay feature also allows you to automate your bets for 25, 50 or 100 rounds. This means that you can place your bets and just sit back and wait for the runs of good luck.

The game also includes a racetrack board that makes it easier for you to target certain areas of the wheel with just one bet. The game allows one-click betting on all the classic French bets, such as “Les Orphelins” (The Orphans), “Tiers du Cylindre” (Third of the Wheel) and “Les Voisins du Zero” (Neighbors of Zero).

Turbo Auto Roulette delivers European roulette without the extra double zero, so you are already facing better odds than US roulette with its 38 numbers.

Double or nothing anyone?
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Play With Us Online At Spin Casino

If you want to play Roulette online, but do not have a Spin Casino account, you can change that easily. Select the pink Sign Up button just below the header image on the page, select your country of residence, choose a username and password, and enter the other required information – your full name, date of birth, language, currency, and contact details. Accept the terms and conditions, and then submit the form. You can then make your first deposit and find an online Roulette game to play. Remember, you can practise online Roulette Canada games before playing for real money.

The simple structure and many possible outcomes of online Roulette make it completely irresistible! For something that is simpler than polishing your Blackjack strategy but is more challenging than slot games, the Little Wheel (as it is known in French) is perfect. We can also tell you that there is nothing to match the feeling of watching the ball land in the pocket that you bet on.

We're waiting to offer you the greatest bonuses, payouts and special features of any new online casino in the country.

Dealers Club Roulette With Racetrack Bets

Timeless, sophisticated roulette has to be the ultimate casino table game. Now you can play a modern, slick, stylish version of the iconic game with Dealers Club Roulette. Produced by Real Dealer Studios in partnership with Microgaming, Dealers Club Roulette combines the flawless game play of RNG roulette with the intimacy of playing at a private European roulette table with a personal dealer. Choose from eight different roulette dealers, each with their own unique personality and approach to the game and enjoy a streamlined gaming interface loaded with rich betting options and special features. Every spin of the wheel feels real as you place pre-set Special Bets or use the Racetrack Bets function to place complicated inside bets and French bets. Once your strategy is settled, use the Autoplay feature to select up to 100 automatic re-bets, for a more streamlined experience. Dealers Club Roulette is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, and our adaptable user interface allows you to switch seamlessly between the two. Place your bets in a safe, secure environment here at Spin Casino Canada.

Online Roulette FAQs

How do I play casino Roulette online?

You can play Roulette online at Spin Casino in browser on your computer or your mobile device. Click the pink Sign Up button to register for an account at our secure site, and then make a deposit using your preferred banking method. You can also play in demo mode.

How to win at Roulette casino?

Winning bets when you play online Roulette for real money is up to chance. You will win if the ball lands in the pocket that corresponds with the bet you placed. You cannot do anything to alter the outcome, although you can place outside bets that have almost 50/50 chances of winning.

Can you legally play online Roulette in Canada?

Yes, you can legally play online Roulette Canada. The law prohibits casino servers from being located in the country, but it doesn’t prevent Canadians from taking advantage of the Roulette odds available at sites such as Spin Casino. You can gamble online knowing that you’re not falling foul of the law.