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9 Pots Of Gold™ Roulette

Switch Studios has brought a touch of Irish magic to an iconic table game that boasts enchanting graphics and special features for fast-paced gaming.


9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette is part of Spin Casino’s collection of online casino roulette games and is available for Canadian players on desktop and mobile devices.

Why You Should Play?

9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette is a roulette variation that’s easy to understand and to play, thanks to traditional game rules and basic special features. This makes the game a good option for novices looking for an entertaining introduction to roulette online.


The game’s advanced bets also make it a good choice for experienced players. Find out more about some of the betting characteristics:


  • The game has a very high volatility.
  • It follows European roulette rules, with the exception of Multipliers.
  • Standard bets include inside and outside bets.
  • Bet features: Multiplied straight-up bets, Random 3, Favourite bets, Special bets.
  • Other features: Turbo mode, Autoplay.
  • Wheel has 37 pockets, including 36 numbered pockets and one 0 pocket.
  • Recommended chip values: 0.25, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500.
  • Default bet is 1.00.
  • Min bet is 0.25.
  • Max bet is 125.00 for straight-up bets and 1,000.00 for Even/Odd/Red/Black/High/Low bets.
  • Win up to 122,500.00.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4,5 out of 5.
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Standard Bets And Features

There are various terminologies Canadian players should familiarize themselves with to play roulette online. Let’s take a closer look at 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette’s betting options and features:


Inside and Outside Bets


  • The betting board is a standard European roulette betting board.
  • The inside section featuring numbers are where players can place inside bets such as straight-up bets and Street bets.
  • The outer section of the board is where players can place outside bets such as Red/Black, Odd/Even.


Multiplied Straight-up Bets


  • Automated feature triggers at the start of every round after online roulette bets are placed.
  • At the start of each spin, between two and five randomly selected straight-up numbers are chosen as lucky numbers.
  • Pots of gold™ appear and display Multipliers between 45x and 500x for each of the lucky numbers.
  • If the player’s bet wins and matches one of the Multipliers, the payout is multiplied accordingly.


Random 3 Bets


  • Random 3 bet feature is accessed via the Random 3 button on the interface.
  • The feature randomly places chips on three straight-up numbers that don’t have chips on them already.


Favourite Bets


  • Access the Favourite Bets feature via the Favourites button on the online roulette game interface.
  • Players can add up to six custom bet configurations using current chip placements and values


Special Bets


  • Access the Special Bets via the Favourites button on the interface.
  • Players can choose from 10 predetermined bet configurations, such as French bets like Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Tiers du Cylindre.


Turbo Mode


  • Players can click or tap the Turbo button on the interface to activate Turbo Mode.
  • Turbo Mode speeds up the wheel spins for faster game rounds.




  • Players can access the Autoplay feature via the Autoplay button on the interface.
  • Players can use Autoplay to initiate automatic re-bets up to a specific number of rounds.
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Game Payouts

The different bets that players can place when playing 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette offer different payouts. Find out more about some of the different potential wins in this roulette casino game:


  • Straight-up bets pay 29:1 on min-max bets of 0.25 – 125.00.
  • Multiplied straight-up bets pay between 44:1 and 499:1 on min-max bets of 0.25 – 125.00.
  • Column bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25 – 875.00.
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25 – 875.00.
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1 on min-max bets of 0.25 – 1,000.00.
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Gameplay Information

Switch Studios released 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette in 2023. The Irish folklore-inspired online roulette variation was created as part of an exclusive collection of games for Microgaming. In this version of the classic casino game, the traditional European wheel and betting board are present, but so are leprechauns, pots of gold™, and four-leaf clovers.


The cheerful soundtrack and enhancing sound and special effects add to the atmosphere, especially when the Multiplied Straight-up bets feature is activated.


Here’s a quick overview of this Canadian casino roulette game:


  • This game uses European roulette rules, with the exception of Multipliers.
  • The wheel has 37 pockets: 18 red, 18 black, one green.
  • Red and black pockets numbered from 1-36, green pocket numbered 0.
  • A ball drops into the wheel when it spins to determine the winning pocket.
  • 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette has up to 5 randomly generated bonus numbers with Multipliers up to 500x.
  • The aim is to guess which pocket the ball will land in.
  • Turbo Mode speeds up game rounds.
  • Autoplay lets players initiate automatic re-bets for a specified number of rounds.
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How To Play

Thanks to the use of traditional European rules, 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette is an easy game to play at Spin Casino. Players can place one or more bets before spinning the wheel and waiting for the winning result.


When the wheel spins, a ball drops in and moves from pocket to pocket until eventually landing in one. If the player’s bet matches the winning pocket, they win the corresponding payout. With straight-up bets, players could see their payout multiplied by one of the randomly generated bonus numbers with a Multiplier.


If players want to use online roulette strategy, a good starting point is to focus on placing even money bets, as they have an almost 50% chance of winning. Spin Casino also supports all forms of responsible gaming and features numerous tools including cooling off periods, easily accessible transaction and gaming history, and self-exclusion, making playing online roulette for real money a more comfortable experience.

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Game Controls

  • Use the menu on the right of the betting board to access bet features.
  • Click or tap the betting options on the board to place bets.
  • Click or tap the Spin button to spin the wheel.
  • Select the casino chip button to access chip sizes and other online roulette bet settings.
  • Use the Turbo button to activate Turbo mode.
  • Use the Autoplay button to access Autoplay settings.
  • Use the Rebet button to place the same bet placed in the last round.
  • Use the Undo button to undo the previous action.
  • Click or tap the Favourites button to access Favourite Bets and Special Bets.
  • Use the Racetrack button to access a betting board featuring French bets such as Voisins du Zero.
  • Click or tap the Random 3 button to activate the Random 3 feature.
  • Use the hamburger menu to access sound and other settings.
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Canadian players will find a great selection of online roulette games in addition to 9 Pots of Gold™ Roulette at Spin Casino.


Among them are the streamlined Multifire Roulette, and Real Roulette with Sarati, which has a lush live-dealer look and feel.


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