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Play Live Roulette Online

Spin Casino offers premier live roulette casino games in Canada – learn more about the rules, strategies and some of our top live roulette titles.

Rules And Strategies Of Live Roulette

Roulette is arguably one of the most popular games at our live casino in Canada, but before you play live roulette online, there are some rules and strategies to be aware of:

  • Live roulette is played in real time with a live dealer.

  • In the live roulette casino game, the wheel has red and black pockets that are numbered from 1 to 36.

  • The French and European versions also have a green 0 pocket, while American Roulette has both a 0 and 00 green pocket.

  • The aim of live dealer roulette is to guess in which pocket the ball will land using various betting strategies.

  • The outside bets include red/black, odd/even, high/low, columns, and dozens, with most of them paying even money.

  • The inside bets available when you play live roulette are one or more bets placed on specific numbers. The French edition has additional call bets.

  • European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%.

  • French Roulette has a house edge of 1.35% due to addition of the La Partage rule.

  • American Roulette has a house edge of 5.26% due to the 00 pocket.

  • A popular strategy in a live roulette casino game, is to place outside bets, since these tend to have better odds of winning.

Our Top Casino Live Roulette Games

  • PowerUP Roulette: A thrilling take on the classic live roulette casino game, with a set of bonus spins that can be triggered for extra chances to win prizes.

  • Pragmatic Play Roulette: This live roulette option has been designed by an award-winning software provider, featuring live dealers in real time.

  • Speed Roulette 1: A faster version of live dealer roulette, with a custom-designed wheel and 25 seconds between spins.

Reasons To Play Roulette Live

  • Real-time experience with a live roulette dealer.

  • Authentic casino roulette live atmosphere from the comfort of your home.

  • Opportunity to apply and test different betting strategies.

  • Variety of betting options and game variations.

  • Live chat feature for communication with the dealer.

  • Enhanced sense of immersion and engagement compared to digital versions.

Live Roulette Casino Odds And Payouts

  • Some players prefer high-payout bets despite lower odds when playing live casino roulette games.

  • Outside bets (e.g. colours, number groups) offer almost 50/50 chances with smaller payouts.

  • Inside bets (specific numbers) are riskier but offer larger potential payouts.

  • A Straight bet on a single number has 2.70% odds but pays 35:1.

  • A Split bet on 2 numbers has 5.40% odds and pays 17:1.

  • Trio and Street bets cover 3 and 4 numbers respectively, paying 11:1 if they win.

Difference Between Roulette And Live Roulette

While traditional online roulette relies on computer-generated graphics to simulate the game, live roulette brings the thrill of the casino floor to the comfort of your own home. When you play live roulette, you can interact with real-life dealers and watch as the game unfolds via live video streaming.


This immersive experience adds an extra layer of authenticity and excitement, allowing you to feel as though they're sitting at a real roulette table. For those seeking the live casino atmosphere, games like live baccarat offer a similar immersive experience with real dealers and live streaming, further blurring the line between online and land-based casinos.

Live Roulette Canada FAQs

What is live roulette?

A casino roulette live game works on the same principle as regular roulette, where players bet on the outcome of a spinning wheel, however, in live roulette there is a live dealer managing the game in real time.

Is live roulette actually live?

Yes, live roulette is played in real time with a live dealer, providing an interactive and immersive experience for players.

Where can I play live roulette?

You can play live roulette at online casinos that offer live dealer roulette games. Spin Casino has a variety of live casino games, and is also a fully licensed and regulated casino, so you can play with complete peace of mind.

Is it legal to play roulette live casino in Canada?

Yes, it is legal to play at licensed online casinos in Canada, such as Spin Casino.

How do you play live roulette?

Place bets on the roulette table and the live dealer will spin the wheel. You win if the ball lands on a number or category you've bet on.

What is the difference between online roulette and live roulette?

The main difference is that live roulette is played with a live dealer in real time, providing a more interactive and authentic casino experience compared to online roulette, which is operated by a random number generator.

Which casino live roulette is best?

This can vary depending on individual preferences, but reputable online casinos with a wide selection of live dealer games and good customer service, such as Spin Casino, are often preferred.

What is the most successful live roulette strategy?

There is no guaranteed successful live roulette strategy due to the game's inherent randomness, but some players use strategies like the Martingale system or the Fibonacci sequence to manage their bets. However, these strategies do not guarantee long-term success and should be used with caution.

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