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Spin Casino Blog

Dive Into The Abyss of Space And Let The Fun Begin

Space Enigma logo; Spin Casino blog

There is a new online pokie game released at your favourite online casino Spin Palace – a beautiful space-themed Space Enigma! Test it out and enjoy the mysterious appearance of the game board and the dynamic animations, and try out a few of our other games if you are in the mood. Space Enigma is based on a classic pokie game layout, with a beautiful space- themed twist. With the background of majestic gas nebulas, the symbols are stars and mysterious gems that you will collect for some wild winnings. This game is a medium volatility game, with 5 x 3 reel set, and 10 fixed paylines, which can pay both left to right, and right to left. The gorgeous mysterious backgrounds and snazzy graphics of this game are bound to entice and excite even the most experienced players. There is even a good chance of winning a 1000x total bet – wow! We love this! This new game comes from Studios, a famous online gaming developer, who has released many other favourite online pokie ...Continue reading

Meet Your New Favourite Pokie: North Storm

North Storm

A fabulous new online pokie game has landed on our shores, and we couldn’t be more excited about it! North Storm is already live at your favourite online casino, Spin Casino, so a marvellous adventure awaits you at the . North Storm taps into the magic and mystery of Norse lore. Deep in the mountains of an ancient land, the fearsome Norse gods are hiding an enviable treasure, and when you play North Storm, you could be the lucky hero to unlock the riches and experience the life of the gods! All it takes is a bit of courage and a bit of luck…are you up to the challenge? Developed by pros This game was designed by RABCAT GAMBLING for , a well-known giant in the world of online pokie games. RABCAT GAMBLING has brought us other exciting games like Castle Builder II™ and Crystal Rift™. North Storm™ keeps up their fantasy theme that fans love so much. It’s always fun to slip away to a fantasy world…and take a spin at real cash! The game ...Continue reading

Celebrities With A Love Of Gambling

Charlie Sheen Portrait; Spin Casino Blog

Considering how much seriousness there is in the news these days, we thought we would bring you lighter news and something entertaining to read on your lunch break – a short article about celebrities who gamble! These celebrities are on the move all the time, they should make use of on their mobiles! Most celebs love spending money on all kinds of extravagance, and gambling is just one of their desires. There are more than a few of them who love trying their skills at poker, or taking a roulette wheel for a spin. Some of them have mastered real gambling expertise, and even made a second career out of it. But most of them are amateurs who made gambling a hobby – and a very expensive hobby, after getting addicted to it! Here a who love to gamble, hope you enjoy the read! Charlie Sheen Charlie has been known to be addicted to gambling since his youth. He’s well known for his sense of humour and perfect comic timing, and he got very well paid for his work on the ...Continue reading

Celebrities Who Gamble

Charlie Sheen Portrait; Spin Casino Blog

The rich and famous live in luxury and wealth and spend their time in exhilarating hobbies like gambling. The allure of luxurious casinos and high stakes attracts stars to games like roulette, poker, and sports betting. Do you enjoy ? Well, then you have something in common with these celebrities who are always on the move and play their favorite games from the road. Some of these celebrities have mastered their gambling skills to the point of participating in championships and being banned from casinos for winning too much. Others, are content with their amateur status and play for the thrill of the game. Here is a list of top celebrity gamblers. Charlie Sheen Charlie Sheen’s addictive personality and problems with drug abuse got him dismissed as a lead-actor of Two and a Half Men in 2011, when he was the best paid actor in television, earning $1.8 million per episode. While he is now a self-proclaimed retired gambler, Sheen started gambling in his youth and wagering ...Continue reading

Spin Casino Online Is Celebrating Christmas!

Swedens Gävle Goat; Spin Casino Blog

It’s the silly season upon us again, and we are excited to bring your stories about different Christmas traditions from around the world! There are many ways to celebrate this beautiful holiday and we are really thrilled to share them with you while you are taking a break from playing online games at the , New Zealand’s favourite online casino. Mari Lwyd, Wales Mari Lwyd is an old midwinter celebration in Wales, which dates back to the pagan celebrations before the Roman times. Mari Lwyd means “grey mare” in English. In its purest form, which can be enjoyed at Llangynwyd, near Maesteg, the horse and its party arrive at the doors of a pub or a house, where they sing a few verses. Then a battle of wits ensues, in which people inside the house and the horse party exchange challenges and insults, in rhyme! The battle continues for as long as the creativity of the two parties holds out, and in the end, the Mari party will enter the house or the pub singing ...Continue reading

Mobile Gaming Popularity is on the Increase!

iPhone with game icons; Spin Casino Blog

It’s no secret that the modern world is reliant on the mobile phones, and the incredible popularity of these devices has spread far and wide. According to MediaKix, the global mobile gaming market is booming – it’s forecast to grow at least 60% before 2023. The trend is here, people are moving away from computer gaming to their mobile devices. You can also jump onboard and access Spin Casino via your mobile browser for convenience, and have access to our anytime and anywhere! According to Anchor Capital, in 2018,  accounted for 50%-plus of the global games market as it reached $70.3bn, with its market share predicted to rise to 59% by 2021. To contextualise this performance – the $70.3bn in revenue generated by the global mobile gaming market last year was c. $30bn more than total 2018 global box office revenue of $41.7bn (itself a record). Currently, the ten most powerful participants in the mobile gaming space are the following corporations - Google ...Continue reading

Achievable Resolutions For the New Year In 2020

2020 Logo; Spin Casino Blog

Many of us resolve to be better people or get out of bad habits at New Year. After all, it is a time of renewal as one season passes into the next. However, all too often people find that their good intentions are given up by the time February begins because the routine of daily life takes over. The key is to that are not overly ambitious. What are some of the best ones around? 1. Eat More Vegetables Just like your mother said, vegetables are good for you. Eating more will improve your physical well-being and will also be a contribution to lowering your carbon footprint! 2. Plan a Getaway With Pals Get on the phone and plan a weekend when you and your friends are all free. Then set a budget for a getaway and put away a few dollars each payday so that when you go away with them, it all seems to be cost-free. 3. Read Better Literature Put down that trashy novel or magazine article and stick your nose into a book with something to say. Get out of your comfort zone and read a ...Continue reading

Take Your Chances On a Grand Safari Through Africa!

African Quest; Spin Casino Blog

A new adventure is coming to New Zealand’s favourite – a marvellous African quest online pokies release! This fab game is full of thrills and excitement, and beautiful graphics brought to you by . The game is coming out on the 21 January 2020, and we are very happy to be the first to bring you a review of this fresh adventure. See the game really come to life with when you change upon Kubwa the Lion, the majestic host of this quest! Harness the potential of Hyperspins to chase after Golden African coins and capture the Free Spins bonus, where you can choose your free spin experience with various wild multipliers and number of free spins with the potential for a staggering 64x win! The story is told that, deep in the heart of Africa, in an undiscovered oasis, Kubwa the Majestic and Mighty Lion protects the hidden riches of this fertile land. With his strength and power, he keeps all his animal subjects safe from the dangers of the outside world. Some say he has lived ...Continue reading

Discover New And Exciting Ways To Propose!

man proposes marriage next to a hot air ballon

There are so many ways to propose to your special girl, we thought we would compile the most cringe-worthy, romantic and unique proposals in this article for your enjoyment! Cringe worthy and cheesy Sometimes we don’t know whether to laugh or cry – we hope this one never actually happens, but we can’t help sharing! We heard a story about a couple who went for a walk in the park, and the lady was so busy playing Pokémon Go to pay attention to what he was trying to do – which was propose! The guy had to get down on one knee and tug at her tshirt for the lady to realise what he was saying. We also heard of some people proposing at the casino! Maybe it would be better if they made use of our in a less important moment of their life, as opposed to proposing during a trip to a casino, but whatever you are into! However, if you really would like to propose to your lady at a trip to a real casino, we have found about how to make it special, just for ...Continue reading

Real Roulette With The Captivating Sarati

Satari Roulette

There is a new game coming to the New Zealand’s favourite online casino, and we are very excited to be the first to review this wonderful game! This beautiful game is exclusive to the Spin Casino until the 31st of December this year. Be the first to try out this new and very exciting game! The blend of interactive cinematic experience and a traditional and beloved Roulette game is seamless, and wonderfully engaging. This is one of the best games we have played this year, hands down! What This Game Is About This online roulette is nothing like you’ve ever played before! Spin Casino brings you Real Roulette with Sarati. This game is a part of a thrilling, new concept in games that mixes Hollywood cinematography with the hottest casino action. This winning combo lets the dazzling Sarati seem to interact with you on a one-to-one basis, creating an amazingly immersive experience. This gorgeous fresh rendition of a classic Roulette game is brought to you by the ...Continue reading

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