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Online Roulette in NZ

Spin Casino offers some of the best roulette casino games online in New Zealand. Learn basic roulette strategies, rules and tips for playing European Roulette and many other types of online roulette games in a safe and secure gaming environment.

How To Play Roulette Online

A thrilling, straightforward game, online roulette is a game of chance and strategy. Your objective is correctly predicting where the ball will end up once the wheel’s been spun. Understanding the betting options and how to bet is key to enjoying online roulette in New Zealand.


  • Betting Options

In online roulette, you can choose from two main betting categories: outside bets and inside bets. Outside bets include options like even or odd, black or red, low or high. Inside bets involve specific numbers or groups of numbers on the grid. Betting on single numbers offers the highest potential payout but carries more risk.


  • How To Bet

In online roulette, you use chips of various denominations to place your bets, much like in baccarat and blackjack. You must place these chips on the betting layout to signify your chosen bets. Additionally, you have the option to make multiple bets on a single spin.

Inside or outside bets are placed

Wheel spinned by dealer and ball is dropped

The ball comes to rest in a pocket when the wheel comes to a stop

Announcement of the winner

Types of Online Roulette Bets

Part of online roulette’s appeal is in the numerous types of bets available, such as:

  • Black Bet: Like the Red Bet, but on the black numbers.
  • Carr/Corner Bet: Wager on four adjacent bets forming a square on the roulette layout.
  • Cheval/Split/Horse Bet: A run of split bets or a combination covering two numbers.
  • Colonne/Column Bet: Placed on one of the two 12-number columns on the roulette layout.
  • Dozen Bet: Wager on one of the three dozen segments on the roulette casino table.
  • En Plein/Straight Up Bet: Made on a single number.
  • Final Bet: Made on the final digit; e.g. chips placed on final 3 covers 23, 13, and 3.
  • High/Manque Bet: Covers half the table with numbers 19 to 36.
  • Inside Bet: Wager placed on a single or group of numbers on the inner side of the online roulette game’s table.
  • Low Bet: Similar to High Bet, except it covers numbers 1 to 18.
  • Neighbour Bet: Made on five adjacent numbers on the online roulette wheel, with the main number in the middle.
  • Outside Bet: The outmost wagers on the table and the opposite of an Inside bet.
  • Quarter Bet: Single bet on four numbers.
  • Red Bet/Odd or Even: Wager on any red numbers.
  • Street Bet: Placed on three numbers and acts like an Inside bet in online roulette.


Online Roulette Variations

While in live roulette you can chat and interact with a real dealer and other players, classic online casino roulette is just you and the game. With that said, there are some exciting variations, which include:


  • European Roulette: The most common variation of online roulette in New Zealand, featuring 36 numbers and a single zero segment.
  • French Roulette: Similar to European Roulette, but with two rules that benefit the player: La Partage and En Prison.
  • American Roulette: Features a wheel with two zeros instead of one, thus increasing the house edge and making it less favourable compared to European and French Roulette.

Popular Online Roulette Games

When it comes to the best online roulette games in NZ, some of the most popular titles can be found right here at Spin Casino, like:


  • Auto Roulette: Featuring fast-paced, automated wheel action and a top-quality look and feel.
  • Real Roulette™ with Sarati: The first in a groundbreaking series of innovative online roulette games.
  • Switch Multifire Roulette: A thrilling adaptation of a classic roulette online casino favourite.
  • Extreme Multifire Roulette: Explosive action with enhanced payouts and a max potential win of x2500.

Various Online Roulette Strategies

While strategic gameplay doesn’t necessarily factor into all our casino games, as most are dependent on chance, online roulette in New Zealand does offer strategies to consider. It is essential, however, to recognise that adhering to these strategies doesn’t ensure victory.


Rather, we encourage you to acquaint yourself with roulette online regulations and craft your own personalised approach to gameplay. With that said, let’s discuss some of the most famous casino roulette strategies:


  • Andrucci System

Focused on the notion that specific numbers on the roulette wheel are more likely to win over consecutive spins. Hinges on the concept of "hot numbers," positing that they will recurrently emerge as winners. Crucial to note, however, this approach lacks robust mathematical underpinnings and is regarded as a risky and inconsistent method for engaging in online roulette games or any of our live casino variations.


  • Constant Bet Strategy

A method characterised by placing identical bet amounts on every spin, regardless of preceding outcomes. This straightforward tactic presents a streamlined approach to playing online roulette with relatively low-risk gameplay.


  • D'Alembert Strategy

Casino roulette gameplay that advocates for incrementing bets by a unit following a loss and decrementing them by a unit after a win. While widely adopted, note that this strategy doesn't ensure a sustained advantage in online roulette over the long term.


  • Double Street Quad

Place bets on two neighbouring "double streets" alongside a corner bet concurrently, spanning a broad spectrum of numbers. While this approach extends coverage across the roulette table, it doesn't alter the fundamental odds of roulette online and remains susceptible to the inherent house edge.


  • Fibonacci Sequence

Involves incrementing bets according to the Fibonacci sequence (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, etc.) following losses. The aim is to retrieve previous losses when getting a win. Despite offering a systematic pattern for betting, this strategy doesn't mitigate the intrinsic house edge in online casino roulette and is regarded as relatively high risk.


  • James Bond Strategy

A meticulously crafted roulette tactic entailing strategic bets covering a significant swath of the online roulette wheel. While engineered to enhance winning probabilities, this strategy cannot promise sustained profits and remains susceptible to losses should the ball land on unfavourable numbers.


  • Labouchere System

Also dubbed the cancellation system, this strategy’s about devising a numerical sequence and modifying bets in accordance with the sequence's summation. The objective is to progressively eradicate numbers from the sequence. But like other methods, it doesn't alter the odds of the online roulette game and needs careful management to mitigate potential losses.


  • Martingale System

A risky but popular betting strategy characterised by doubling bets following each loss. The point is to reclaim prior losses upon achieving a single win. While demonstrating effectiveness in the short term, there is the risk of substantial losses should a prolonged losing streak persist when you play online roulette.


  • Parlay Roulette Strategy

Winnings are left to ride on the same bet following a successful win. While potentially yielding significant profits during a winning streak, a losing streak could result in losing everything. This makes it a high-risk strategy in the realm of online roulette.


  • Paroli System

A tactic where bets are doubled following each win, strategically leveraging winning streaks. Regarded as a relatively low-risk strategy, it empowers players to capitalise on profitable runs while aiding in profit retention. However, it's important to note that despite its benefits, it cannot amend the fundamental odds of roulette online casino gameplay.

Roulette Strategies Quick View

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Roulette Online Strategy Categories

Progressive and non-progressive betting strategies offer distinct methods to wagering. The former injects an element of excitement into gameplay, alongside increased risks. Conversely, non-progressive, low-risk online roulette strategies offer a more conservative and dependable approach.


  • Progressive Betting

Where wagers adapt according to preceding outcomes, often aligned with a roulette doubling strategy. This approach encompasses adjustments to your bets following both wins and losses, facilitating an evolving betting pattern throughout your gaming session. Prominent examples include the Martingale system and the Paroli system.


  • Non-Progressive Betting

Epitomised by strategies like constant betting, where your wager remains steadfast on every spin, independent of prior results. This approach champions stability and prudence, offering a low-risk online roulette strategy that eschews fluctuating bet sizes to sway the odds.

Variables Influencing Online Roulette Strategies

When crafting effective roulette strategies, consider these three pivotal factors: game type, betting limits, and bet choice. These serve as fundamental pillars in shaping the trajectory of your gameplay, influencing both the potential for success and the level of risk inherent in your chosen roulette online strategy.


  • Game Type

Among the most prevalent online roulette variants in New Zealand, are European, French, and American roulette, each distinguished by unique characteristics. The pivotal disparity lies in the number of pockets adorning the wheel and the resultant house edge. European roulette stands out with its single-zero wheel, offering players favourable odds compared to its American counterpart, which features a double-zero pocket.


  • Betting Limits

Refers to the minimum and maximum wagering thresholds permitted on a single spin. Dictated by the casino, these limits fluctuate across different online roulette tables and variants. Lower limits cater to conservative, non-progressive strategies, fostering a conducive environment for cautious gameplay. Conversely, higher limits accommodate progressive systems, enabling strategic escalation of bets following losses.


  • Bet Choice

From straightforward even-money bets like red or black to intricate inside bets such as straight-up numbers, the spectrum of bet choices is varied. Each strategy hinges on distinct bet choices, with implications for both risk and potential rewards. Align your selections with your strategic objectives to optimise your online roulette experience as a New Zealand player.

Choosing Your Online Roulette Strategy

There is no single winning strategy that works for everyone who plays online roulette. Your choice depends on what you enjoy and how much risk you're comfortable with. Some like the excitement of progressive strategies, while others prefer the steadiness of non-progressive ones.


However, no strategy can overcome the built-in advantage the casino has in roulette. So, instead of searching for a guaranteed win, choose a strategy that fits your style, have fun, and always play online roulette responsibly.


The Roulette Wheel

The focal point of any online roulette game, the wheel comes with numbered pockets that determine wins. The ball spins opposite to the wheel – which is numbered from 0 to 36, with equal black and red squares and one or two green zeros. The numbers aren't in sequence but are balanced.

The Roulette Table

The roulette table is where you place your bets and watch the game unfold. Featuring a grid adorned with diverse betting options, it hosts the iconic spinning wheel at its centre, where the ball's fate determines the winning number.


The inside section has squares housing 36 numbers, each distinguished by black or red colouration. Meanwhile, the outside area encompasses a broader spectrum of numbers, spanning options such as Even, Odds, Black, Red, Black, 1-18, 19-36, 1st 12, 2nd 12, and 3rd 12. Positioned atop the table is the pivotal number 0 or 00, depending on the specific variation of online roulette being played.

Online Roulette Rules

To navigate the exciting world of online casino roulette in New Zealand, it's essential to grasp the fundamental rules and components.


Basic Rules

  • Online roulette involves predicting where a ball will land on a spinning wheel.
  • The wheel has black and red segments numbered 1 to 36, and a green segment numbered zero.
  • Place your chips on the betting table before bets are closed and the online roulette wheel is spun.
  • If the ball lands on the number or colour you bet on, you’ll win at the roulette casino table.



When you play online roulette, each bet type carries distinct payout odds, with riskier bets offering greater potential rewards. For instance, safe bets like black or red offer a 1 to 1 payout ratio., while a riskier straight-up bet on a single number typically pays out at 35 to 1.


Special Rules

In certain roulette variants, special rules serve to diminish the house edge on even-money bets in online roulette.

The La Partage rule kicks in when the ball ends up on the zero pocket. In this scenario, players with even-money bets get half their initial original bet back, while the other half goes to the house.

The En Prison rule is when the ball appears on zero and players with even-money bets (like even/odd or black/red) don't immediately lose. Instead, their bets are "imprisoned" for the spin that follows. If the bet wins, players get their initial bet back. If it loses, the bet is forfeited.

Roulette Tips

When you’re playing roulette online in New Zealand, here are a few things to consider:


  • Roulette variations: Start with European/French Roulette rather than American Roulette for a higher RTP due to the single zero segment.
  • Play for enjoyment: Embrace the excitement of roulette as a game of chance rather than solely focusing on winning money.
  • Master the rules: Start by understanding the fundamental rules of roulette and explore the different betting options available.
  • Diversify your bets: Mix inside and outside bets to strike a balance between risk and potential rewards. Consider bets like Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low to build up your bankroll before making wagers on Inside bets.
  • Observe the wheel: While some search for patterns, remember that each spin is independent and random.
  • Manage your bankroll: Set a betting budget to avoid overspending and take regular breaks to enhance your casino roulette experience.
  • Play online roulette responsibly: Avoid chasing losses and make informed decisions to improve your online roulette experience.

1. Learn the fundamental strategies and rules of Roulette

2. Establish a budget and set limits

3. Experience Roulette as a game of luck

4. Refrain from pursuing losses, even when employing a roulette strategy

Online Roulette On Mobile

Experience the convenience of mobile roulette, accessible anytime and anywhere via smartphones and tablets. With our user-friendly interface and responsive design, you can enjoy the same high-quality gaming experience and diverse range of mobile roulette options on the go.


Simply access our online roulette games via your mobile browser or our casino app. Apple users can download the app straight from the App Store, while Android users can install it to their device from the casino app page on our website.

Online Roulette NZ Glossary

Increase your confidence when playing roulette online by getting to know some of the game’s more common terms:


  • Action: The cumulative sum of bets awarded to the winning player in a round.
  • Bet on the Layout: Placing a bet anywhere within the numbers area of the online roulette table.
  • Dolly: A shaped figure employed to mark the winning numbers on the roulette table.
  • Double Zero (00): Extra pocket on American roulette wheels, increasing the house edge.
  • En Prison: A rule offering players the chance to recover from a bet that lost due to landing on 0 or 00.
  • Even Money: Bets that yield a 1:1 payout during online casino roulette.
  • Ficheur: A device, commonly used in American Roulette, designed to segregate chips by colour.
  • French Bets: Wagering on multiple wheel sections simultaneously to cover all numbers.
  • House Edge: Casino's mathematical advantage over players, expressed as a percentage.
  • La Partage: If the ball lands on 0, the player only forfeits half of their even-odds bet.
  • Orphans: Betting on specific non-adjacent numbers (6, 34, 17) on the wheel.
  • Orphelins: Betting on a group of numbers next to each other on the wheel but apart on the table.
  • Pockets: Wheel sections where the ball could land, numbered 1 – 36, including 0 or 00.
  • Roulette Wheel: A wheel featuring 37 or 38 pockets on the roulette table, determining the outcome of a bet.
  • Six Line: Bet covering two adjacent rows (6 numbers) on the table.
  • Sixainne: French term for a 6-line bet.
  • Split Bet: Wager on two adjacent numbers with a 17 to 1 payout.
  • Tiers Du Cylindre: Betting on a row of 3 numbers on the table's edge.
  • Voisins du Zero: Betting on numbers neighboring zero on the wheel.
  • Zero: Pocket marked 0 or 00 on the roulette wheel, depending on the variant.


Want to know more about Spin Casino NZ? Check out our FAQ page for answers to our other most frequently asked questions.

Online Roulette NZ FAQs

Can I play roulette online in NZ for real money?

Yes, but make sure you’re playing at reputable, regulated and fully licensed online casinos, like Spin Casino.

Is it possible to beat online roulette?

While it is possible to win at roulette online in NZ, it’s important to remember that roulette is a game of chance, and the outcome of each spin is random. There is no guaranteed way to beat the game consistently.

How random is online roulette?

Online roulette games are designed to be fair and random, using certified random number generator technology to ensure the integrity of the game.

What's the smartest way to play roulette online?

Always set a budget, play within your means, and understand the odds and probabilities of the game. It's also important to play at reputable online casinos like Spin Casino, which offers fair and transparent gameplay.

How to play online roulette?

You must wager on the pocket where you think a spinning ball will land on a wheel. Following bets, the dealer spins the roulette wheel, with the resulting number dictating payouts.

Is playing roulette online based on strategy or luck?

Online roulette is a combination of strategy and luck. While there are strategies that players can use to manage their bets and make informed decisions, the outcome of each spin is ultimately determined by chance. The odds of winning any roulette casino game are dependent on which variation you play (European, French or American) and the type of bet you choose to place.

What is the best online roulette strategy?

There is no single best strategy when playing roulette online, as different strategies suit different playing styles and risk tolerances. Some popular strategies include the Martingale system, the Fibonacci system, and the D'Alembert system. It's important to remember that no strategy can guarantee consistent wins in a game of chance like roulette.

Are online roulette strategies illegal in New Zealand?

No, they are not illegal. Online roulette strategies represent methods for betting and managing wagers within the game, without violating any laws or regulations set by online roulette casinos like Spin Casino. However, it's important to note that they don't assure success and should be employed responsibly.

What is the 3 2 rule in online roulette?

The 3 2 rule refers to a betting strategy where you place bets on the second and third columns on the roulette table. This strategy is based on the casino roulette table’s layout and is one of many betting systems that players may choose to use.

What are the basic rules of online roulette?

You must place bets on where you think a ball will land on a spinning wheel that’s divided into numbered and colour-coded pockets. Bets can be on certain numbers, groups of numbers, colours, or odd/even. After betting, the dealer spins the wheel, and the ball's final resting place determines the winning number and corresponding payouts.

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