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Play Live Baccarat in New Zealand

Enjoy the thrill of live baccarat real money games at Spin Casino with professional dealers, high-definition streaming, and interactive features!

What Is Live Baccarat

Table players have most probably enjoyed a game of baccarat online from time to time, but with the introduction of live baccarat, NZ players can now take a seat with live baccarat dealers and play in real time.


  • Live baccarat is a popular casino card game where players place bets on one of three outcomes. The dealer then deals two cards to the player and the banker, and the hand closest to 9 wins.
  • Baccarat tables typically have a limit of 7 seats, which can result in waiting for a seat at traditional casinos.
  • Spin Casino still offers 7 seat baccarat live, but there’s a variety of other live dealer baccarat tables to choose from, so you’ll always find a seat at a table hosted by a professional dealer.
  • The live baccarat tables are enhanced by a player-friendly interface and a moderated live chat room, allowing for sociable gaming from the comfort of home.
  • Spin Casino offers a convenient and secure platform for live baccarat NZ players.
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Reasons To Play Live Dealer Baccarat

  • Interactive Experience: Playing live casino baccarat games offers an interactive experience with real dealers and other players, creating a more engaging atmosphere.
  • Social Interaction: Add a social element to the game when you play baccarat online live by interacting with the dealer and other players through live chat.
  • Transparency: Live dealer baccarat provides transparency as players can see the dealer shuffling cards and dealing in real time, eliminating any doubts about fairness.
  • Immersive Environment: The live setting creates an immersive environment, making players feel as if they are in a physical casino without leaving their homes.
  • Variety of Tables: Live baccarat online offers a variety of tables with different betting limits, catering to players with varying budgets and preferences.
  • Convenience: Live baccarat NZ players can enjoy the game from the comfort of their homes or on the go, providing convenience and flexibility.
  • Professional Dealers: Live casino baccarat games feature professional dealers who add to the overall experience with their expertise and interaction with players.
  • High-Quality Streaming: With advancements in technology, live baccarat games are streamed in high definition, ensuring a visually appealing and seamless gaming experience.

Rules Of Live Baccarat

  • In live dealer baccarat games, there are two hands: the player and the banker.
  • Bets can be placed on either hand to win, or a tie bet can be placed.
  • The winning hand is the one with the score closest to 9 points.
  • In online baccarat live dealer games, cards 2 through 9 have their face value, Aces are worth 1 point, and 10s and royal cards are worth 0.
  • If a hand's score is greater than 9, the 10-unit is ignored, so a score of 13 is read as 3.
  • After the betting closes, the dealer deals two cards to each hand.
  • Players cannot make decisions on moves when playing live baccarat; the dealer plays out moves based on initial scores and game rules.
  • After playing out any moves, the dealer reveals the results.
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Live Baccarat Strategies And Tips

As with many of our online casino games, there are certain strategies and tips you can apply when you play baccarat online live.


  • When playing live dealer baccarat, strategy cannot influence the outcomes, but you can use tips to improve your game.
  • The banker bet has better winning chances than the player and tie bets, with the player bet having the next-best odds of winning.
  • Use previous game results to inform your betting decisions, accessing the Big, Big Eye, Small, Cockroach, and Bead roads for pictorial representations of game outcomes.
  • Budget your bankroll to manage your spending in each session and limit the time spent when you play baccarat online live.

Odds And Payouts

  • Standard bets in live baccarat are based on the 8 decks of cards in the shoe on the table.
  • Betting on the banker offers a 45.86% chance of winning, a 1.06% house edge, and a 0.95:1 payout (with a 5% commission).
  • The player bet has a 44.62% chance of winning and a 1.24% house edge, with a 1:1 payout.
  • The tie bet has steep odds of winning at 9.52% and a high house edge at 14.36%, but it pays 8:1 if the hands tie.
  • The banker bet offers the best odds, making it a favourable choice during live baccarat online play.
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Live Dealer Baccarat Games

Our most popular live baccarat games can be played online, or via our casino app, for easy on-the-go mobile play:


  • Baccarat 1: A traditional live baccarat game with standard rules.
  • Switch No Commission Baccarat: A baccarat variant with a side bet option and no commission on banker wins.
  • Evolution Baccarat: A live dealer baccarat game with interactive features and multiple camera angles.
  • Switch Dragon Tiger: A variation of live baccarat online with a dragon tiger side bet option.
  • Speed Baccarat 1: A fast-paced game with reduced betting time.
  • Baccarat 2: Another variation of traditional baccarat with unique features.
  • Baccarat 3: Want to play 7 seat baccarat live, but the table is full? Try this version.
  • LC Fortune 6 Baccarat: A game with an additional side bet option for the player's hand.
  • Card Matchup: A sports-themed version following live baccarat basic rules.
  • Speed Baccarat 2: A speedier version of baccarat with reduced betting time.
  • Speed Baccarat 3: Other live baccarat tables occupied? Enjoy this faster version.

Live Baccarat Game Providers

Our live casino baccarat games are powered by reputable game providers, each with its own unique features and offerings:


  • OnAir Entertainment™: Known for its high-quality live casino games across the globe, including live baccarat in NZ, it provides a seamless and engaging gaming experience with professional dealers and advanced streaming technology.
  • Pragmatic Play: Pragmatic Play is a leading game provider in the iGaming industry, offering a diverse portfolio of live casino games, including Live Baccarat. Their games are known for their innovative features and user-friendly interface, providing an enjoyable gaming experience for players

Live Baccarat NZ FAQs

Where can I play live baccarat in NZ?

There are plenty of live baccarat casinos where you can enjoy the game. Spin Casino is fully licensed and regulated, so you can play live baccarat real money games with complete peace of mind.

How does live baccarat work?

A live dealer conducts the game via a video stream and will deal two cards to the player and the banker – the hand closest to 9 wins.

Can you play live baccarat real money games?

Yes, you can – Spin Casino offers a variety of online baccarat live dealer games which can be played with a real money account.

Is live baccarat based on skill or luck?

The game is primarily based on luck, as the outcome of each hand is largely determined by chance.

How many hands should you play in baccarat?

There is no set number of hands to play in live dealer baccarat. You can choose to play as many or as few hands as you like.

What is the 1-3-2-6 strategy in baccarat?

This strategy is a betting system where you increase your bet after each win, following a specific sequence.

What is the rule of 3 in baccarat?

This refers to a common strategy where players wait for three consecutive banker or player wins before placing their bets.

Why play live baccarat?

Playing live baccarat offers the excitement of a real casino experience from the comfort of your own home, with the added interaction of a live dealer.

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