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Spin Casino Blog

Around the World with 8 Christmas Traditions

A Gävle Goat in flames and after; Spin Casino Blog

Banana Christmas trees, goats, KFC for dinner, and more than one pooping tradition— Here are some of the strangest and most wonderful ways people around the world spread Christmas cheer! Like churches and , Christmas can be found all over the world and celebrated in different languages. But if you think there is a pine tree and a fat turkey at every celebration, you are in for a surprise. Let’s take a look at some of the most peculiar end-of-the year traditions across the globe. Perhaps you can steal one or two to change things up a bit this year! 1. Sweden: The Gävle Goat In the town of Gävle, Sweden, the start of the Christmas season is marked by a giant straw statue of a goat in the middle of the town’s square. Why a goat? A Yule Goat is a fabled character that carries presents for Santa Claus. Why straw? Poor planning! Even though the very first Yule Goat made it all the way to the new year before going up in flames, thirty five out of the past ...Continue reading

The Boom of Mobile Apps for Online Gaming

iPhone with game icons; Spin Casino Blog

Throughout the last decade, the use of mobile apps has transformed the gaming world at a blinding rate. And the worldwide mobile gaming industry is only slated to grow faster at a rate of 60% between 2018 and 2023. This exponentially increasing pace of mobile use is also directly affecting gameplay. Gamers who already love online gambling on their desktops have been rapidly downloading casino apps in recent years, appreciating the convenience and slick cross-platform accessibility such as Spin Palace in the palms of their hands. With this boon of mobile casino games, many new players have also flocked to online gambling, greatly inflating the industry. Statistics Show Massive Surge According to , mobile gaming is supposed to reach $106bn in revenue by 2021. This is a staggering fact, given that the mobile gaming industry was only pulling in $12.7bn in 2012. In two more years, the industry’s revenue will have increased more than 730% over a span of nine years. Similarly, ...Continue reading

Achievable New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

2020 Logo; Spin Casino Blog

Don't set yourself a new target in January that you know – in your heart of hearts – you won't persevere with. New Year's resolutions can make a big difference to your life, like enjoying a big win at an , but only if you are sensible in your approach. Just like savouring a win, resolutions ought to be there for a long-term advantage. As such, you should go for resolutions which are chosen according to the same principles behind SMART objectives that you might set at work. This means they need to be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. Which ones fall into this category and constitute achievable decisions that you might be able to stick with for more than a few weeks? 1. Eat veggies regularly Plenty of health websites advise eating more greens and root vegetable at all times of the year. also frequently promote it for the obvious reason that it is good for your health as well as your carbon footprint. 2. Plan a vacation with ...Continue reading

A Quest For Gold Awaits

African Quest; Spin Casino Blog

Prepare yourself for a big adventure when you play African Quest, an exciting new addition to the selection of online slots at Spin Casino . It has awesome special features like HYPERSPINS and re-triggering free spin rounds, giving you tantalizing win opportunities. The safari starts on January 21st, 2020, and you won’t want to miss it. Become the king of the wild The center of your African Quest is the majestic king of the wild, Kubwa the Lion. His vibrant golden mane will get you thinking of all the gold you’ll bring home from your adventure. You’ll happen upon a lot of other beasts in your quest, too, from the docile giraffes and zebras to powerful rhinos and elephants. But it’s the lion who’s at the top of the food chain, and he’ll bring you the most winnings when you spot him on the reels. When you harness his power, you’ll share his throne as king. African Quest is set up on a four by five slot reel, including tiles for each of the ...Continue reading

A Marriage Proposal To Remember

Candlelit proposal with a Los Angeles view

Congratulations! You are in love! You are committed! You are… stressed out about proposing? Feeling anxious is understandable; after all, your engagement will be the beginning of your life together. You should want it to be magical and special. Let’s take a look at the essential elements for a successful proposal and some unique and romantic proposal ideas for inspiration. We have included some cringe-worthy examples of what not to do as well, because you don’t want to sound sloppy and careless. Don’t be the person who says, “I just won big playing games! Let’s buy you a ring!” Essential Elements for a Memorable Proposal The Element of Surprise: Even if you’ve chosen the ring, discussed the proposal, planned the wedding, and picked out your kids’ names, make sure there is an element of surprise to your proposal story. You are not only about to ask an important question, you are about to ask someone to join forces with you ...Continue reading

Join The Year’s Hottest Roulette Table

Satari Roulette

If you want to close out 2019 with a win, don’t miss an exclusive chance to play Real Roulette with Sarati, that gives you the experience of playing in a swanky casino without having to get away to Vegas. It’s available now at select online casinos as an exclusive release until the end of the year. Claim your spot at the table now. You’re invited When you play Real Roulette with Sarati, you’ll be part of an exclusive experience that’s more like real casino play than anything you’ve seen before. It’s made to give you the feel of an upscale luxury casino, with a private feel and an experience tailored to you. You don’t have to have your own private room in Vegas to be treated like a VIP. Using the latest in modern cinematic techniques, sound engineering, and creative game design, this Real Dealer game created for offers an experience unlike any other. Get ready to immerse yourself in the experience of one of the world’s ...Continue reading

Heidi Klum & Tom Kaulitz: Will There Soon Be A Wedding Announcement?

As celebrity relationships go, rumours and interest in the status of Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz is now bubbling around fever pitch. Speculation, leaks, special reports and ‘official’ announcements all predict a big celebrity wedding has already been planned, while some rumours suggest they have already secretly married in California back in February 2019. So for those who like to be in the know, here’s the answer to some background questions about this showbiz couple: Source: Wikimedia 1) Who is Heidi Klum’s new fiancé Tom Kaulitz? How much sense that question makes depends on the kind of entertainment you’re into. Some people might actually be asking ‘Who is Heidi Klum?’, and there’s no doubt Tom Kaulitz has a more than substantial fan base of his own. But for the record: Guitar player, back up singer and keyboardist Tom Kaulitz is a member of the rock band Tokio Hotel, and has been with the band since back in 2001. As a ...Continue reading

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