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Introducing The Incredible Balloon Machine

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New Online Slot The Incredible Balloon Machine - Spin Casino BlogSource: Microgaming

Ring in the new year with balloons! In January 2020, Microgaming and Crazy Tooth Studios are inviting you to a balloon festival with their new online slot, The Incredible Balloon Machine. So, let your dreams soar as you learn more about this delightful new game.

New Year, New Game

The Incredible Balloon Machine is a slot game without reels and unlike any other you have ever seen. It is minimalist, fun, and oh so captivating! The folks at Crazy Tooth Studios, the developers of the game, pride themselves on their uniqueness and innovation. And they are working hard to bring online casino players more unusual games this coming year. In this particular slot, the goal is to blow up a balloon as much as possible without popping it. The more it inflates, the more earnings you accrue. But if it pops, you are done! This medium volatility game has a respectable RTP of 96.75 percent and features bonus rounds, multipliers, and golden balloons.

Inflating Instructions

The game starts with a tiny balloon standing up in a pump. Below the balloon, there is a color meter and a button. To inflate the balloon, you must hold down the button. As you do, you will see the meter’s needle start to move as the balloon bulges. When the needle hits the yellow zone of the meter, the wager is placed and the credit amount is displayed on the balloon. The longer you press the button, the more the balloon inflates, and the more credits you accrue. But don’t let the balloon pop! Hit the green collect button to get your wins before the balloon overinflates and explodes; otherwise you will lose everything.

Soar to New Heights

The base game may sound simple but there is nothing ordinary about the earnings you will collect. Inflating your balloon can enlarge your riches by up to 7,303 percent! And to take it to new levels, The Incredible Balloon Machine features multipliers and bonus rounds.

The Multiplier feature triggers itself at any point during the base game. When it happens, a series of three light bulbs will appear at each side of your balloon, featuring the multiplier values of 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 7x, and 10x. If you hit the collect button successfully during a round that features multipliers, the light bulbs will blink until one is randomly selected. The selected multiplier will be applied to your winning amount.

Another riveting feature of The Incredible Balloon Machine is the Pick Bonus Game. At any time during the base game, a black or golden balloon will float up for a chance to begin your bonus rounds. This balloon will either pop or inflate to full size. If your bonus balloon is strong and full, the Pick Bonus Game begins.

In the bonus rounds you will see five colorful balloons full of hidden surprises. Players will choose one balloon at a time to pop and reveal different credit awards or multipliers. Some bonus game balloons also contain the words “advance” or “complete.” An “advance” balloon will immediately take you to another bonus round, with up to eight bonus rounds possible. The “complete” balloon will bring the bonus round to an end. All the credit awards and multipliers from the bonus balloons add up. And the bonus rounds only end after you have completed eight rounds or you get a “complete” sign in one of the balloons.

The Experience

Balloons are a joy! There is no denying that everyone has been inspired by the vibrant colors and intrepid buoyancy of these rubber sacks. As a baby, you probably marveled at the mysterious flight of helium balloons and cried when one popped or escaped your grip. Now, you can relieve the magic with a more mature twist and a lot more gains with The Incredible Balloon Machine. Just remember your childhood lesson—don’t let the balloon explode!

Your Flight is Scheduled for January 28

Ready to fly to the highest height? The Incredible Balloon Machine will launch on January 28, 2020 at Spin Casino, your online casino for top-quality entertainment. Spin Casino is powered by Microgaming which means players get a wide variety of the hottest games as soon as they are released. More importantly, whether you are playing your favorite game or a brand-new slot, Spin Casino keeps your identity and money safe. You can play for free to start practicing or sign up now to receive massive bonuses and play for real money.

Don’t miss out on the captivating and delightful Incredible Balloon Machine! You will see your riches surpass the sky’s limit on your desktop, laptop, or any other mobile device.

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