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How To Play Tournaments At Spin Casino

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How to play tournaments at Spin Casino

Did you know that Spin Casino offers slot tournaments? That’s right, not only can you enjoy a range of casino games like slots, table games and video poker, but at this online casino you can also take part in online slot tournaments. While some players may be excited to hear this news, there may be others who don’t know what slot tournaments are or how to participate. This, of course, is not a problem at all as we’ll discuss all of this below so that you can enjoy taking part in all the slot tournaments on offer at Spin Online Casino.

What Are Slot Tournaments

So, what exactly are slot tournaments at an online casino? In essence, you’re playing a specific slot available at the casino, but the difference is that you’re playing against other players for a spot to share in a prize pool. While playing slots at an online casino is a solo experience where you can buy cash credits and place bets at any time, slot tournaments are slightly different. Here, there is a time limit on the gameplay, a guaranteed prize pool and a leaderboard ranking system. All tournaments are played the same way, but they each differ with regards to entry fee, prize pools and starting times. While some tournaments may require a small entrance fee, most of the slot tournaments at Spin Casino are free to join. The prize pools will vary in amounts that can be won and usually there is one amount that is shared amongst the top 30 players who finish first in the tournament. So now that we know a bit more about what exactly slot tournaments are and how they differ from playing regular slots, let’s see how to play slot tournaments at an online casino such as Spin Casino.

How To Play Slot Tournaments

Getting started is easy as you simply need to have a real money account at Spin Casino, and if you’re not signed up yet, registration is only a few steps away. Once you’re logged into your account, you will notice a few tabs just above the games, which include the categories such as Slots, Tables and Video Poker. The last tab on the right will be Tournaments. Simply click on this and three more sub-tabs will appear: In Progress, Starting Soon and Completed. For now, we’re not interested in tournaments that are already in progress or are completed – we want to play in a tournament that’s about to start or will begin shortly. In this section, you’ll find more information on each of the tournaments that you can participate in. First, there is the specific slot that you’ll be playing. The information also includes the entrance fee required (usually free), the total value of the prize pool (which will be shared amongst the top 30 players), the time left before the tournament starts and the time the tournament will take to play (tournaments at Spin Casino normally run for 5 minutes at a time). Simply click on Join and you will receive a notification when the tournament is about to start.

At the beginning of the tournament, every player participating will receive the same number of credits. And then it’s playtime, as you would play a regular online slot, with Wilds, Scatters and Free Spins rounds, but you will have until your balance or the time runs out to improve your position on the leaderboard, as you will rank according to how much you win with each spin. The tournament will automatically end for you when either the time runs out or you have zero credits left. It’s important to note that, because the casino is giving you credits to play in the tournaments, and it’s free to join, winnings during playtime cannot be cashed out. You will, however, receive a share of the prize pool should you finish in the top 30 (or as determined by the specific tournament).

Tournaments At Spin Casino

There are plenty of online casino slot tournaments to enjoy at Spin Casino, with some of the top slots to play. Most of the games have been created by software provider, Microgaming, so players can rest assured that the slots that form part of the tournaments will all have great themes and exciting in-game bonus features. While there are a lot of casino games to choose from at Spin Casino, including table games and video poker, playing these on your own may not be what you want all the time, which is why slot tournaments are a great way to get right into the heart of the action, competing with other players for a share of that prize pool.

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