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Discover The Best Baccarat Casino Games

A firm favourite with players since its invention in the Middle Ages, through its evolution via France in the 1600s, and now in the digital age at Spin Casino, Baccarat casino games keep you on the edge of your seat.

It’s a top attraction in Sin City, Monte Carlo, and Macau, but you don’t need to leave home to play it, thanks to the easy access we provide on PCs, smartphones, and tablets. The rules are a cinch, and all you need to do is choose which Hand to wager on. Call on Lady Luck, pick the Player Hand to win, the Banker’s to come out on top, or hope for a Tie. It’s very similar to online slots or Roulette in that you need to get lucky to win!

The Basics of Playing to Win

Baccarat casino games are a top choice when it comes to online gambling thanks to the fact that you aren’t required to master convoluted strategy or practice for days on end in order to find success at the table.

All you need to do to enjoy the Microgaming variations available at Spin Casino is consider the likelihood of 1 of 2 hands, the Player, or Punto, and Banker, or Banco, ending up with a total closest to 9, or a Tie being the outcome. There are relatively complex rules that come in to play, which you are free to explore down the line if you want to, but the premium software that Microgaming provides takes care of all these decisions for you. It’s as simple as spinning the Roulette wheel, and just as much fun.

How the Hands Are Scored

Similarly to the Blackjack range of casino games on offer here at Spin Casino, Baccarat totals the values of cards to find the winner, with 1 catch. If the score exceeds the value of 10, the 10-unit gets dropped, so a 7 and an 8 won’t give you 15 points, but 5, instead. Aces are worth a point each, and the number cards are taken at their face value.

Court cards, the Jack, Queen, and King, contribute nothing to the total, valued at 0 points, and a Hand needs to total 9 or as close to 9 as is possible. Low initial scores can be improved upon, according to specific rules, but the software will take care of that for you, which makes this one of the best online casino titles around.

Fixed Moves and Tremendous Payouts

Half the fun of Baccarat is that the moves available to the Player or Banker Hands are predetermined, and nothing can influence what happens after the cards get dealt, in the same way online slots symbols land where they will. Winning Punto Hands pay at 1:1, successful bets on the Banker reward you with 1:1 less a 5% commission, and a winning Tie stake will make you richer by 8:1!

First-Rate Software for Premium Casino Games

Baccarat is often players’ choice at high-end gaming venues worldwide, and is famous for being preferred by presidents, members of the royal family, and celebrities. Ian Fleming, best known for his spy novels featuring the hero James Bond, even set it as the agent’s favourite casino game.

Play Spin Casino and get immersed in realistic graphics, high-end animations, and flawless functioning of a table game designed to thrill. You can also relax in the knowledge that all outcomes are tested for fairness, as well as enjoy it in a Live Dealer setting via video streaming thanks to Evolution Gaming.

Find out why so many players think Baccarat is the best online casino game ever when you bet on the Player or Banker at Europe’s leading online gambling destination!


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