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Play and Win with Video Poker Casino Games

If you’re a card player stretched for time, then Video Poker casino games are just what you’re looking for! They are simple and straightforward, and Spin Casino has the very best Microgaming titles for you to have fun with whenever you feel like it.

This category is a blessing for players who love playing cards, but can’t always find the time to sit down and enjoy them. It mixes up standard 5-Card Draw with the effortless gameplay that characterises slots.

The outcome is an absorbing, multi-faceted experience that could turn out to be a very rewarding one, too. Browse the Microgaming titles we’ve put together for you, and find a favourite. There’s something for everyone, featuring everything from basic designs through to those boasting thrilling special features.

Advice on How to Play

Microgaming is a leader in its field, and their easy-to-play casino Video Poker games are evidence of why. The Flop has been removed, as has the Turn and River, and you don’t have to worry about beating the Dealer or your fellow players. It’s just you and the console, and the game consists of the Deal and the Draw.

Just like in slots, your bet will get things started. Decide on your wager, and then click Play, and 5 cards will be dealt. Cards that form winning hands are automatically held, but if there are others you wish to keep, clicking on them does the job. Then you’ll press the Draw button, and new cards will replace those you’ve discarded. The software checks for wins, and you’ll be paid out accordingly.

Cards to Keep an Eye On

Even if you’ve never played Poker, odds are that you’re familiar with it to some degree. It’s all over our media these days, and you’ll find many of its terms familiar because they’ve entered our everyday speech.

The ranked Hands for the table game are the same ones you’ll be aiming for in your Video Poker casino games. The lowest possible combination that will see you getting a return is generally a Pair of Jacks. After that there’s 3 of a Kind, 4 of a Kind, a Full House, a Straight, a Flush, and then a Straight Flush. You’ll be hoping for a Royal Flush, the best possible Hand, and there’s usually a considerable jackpot awarded if you manage to get it.

Relax with 3-Card Variations

If you want something even simpler than Video Poker casino games based on 5-Card Draw, make sure and check out our range of 3-Card variations. You’ll place your bet and click the Play button, and then instead of 5 cards you’ll get 3. To Fold, Raise, or play the Hand, and it’ll be checked for a win in the same way when you’re done.

Entertaining Players Since the 1800s

These games are not linked to the new online casino industry. They’re a lot older! After Sittman and Pitt invented a gaming machine in 1891, Charles Fey took the next step when he created the Skill Draw Poker machine in 1901.

Fast-forward to 1970, and you’ll discover the Poker-Matic machine by Dale Electronics. Bally was then the final link in the chain, and we have a distributor by the name of Si Redd to thank for the widespread introduction of the game as we know and love today. The mix of automated slots-style action on beautifully designed interfaces, with the chance to influence the outcome, thanks to the decisions you make, is hard to beat.

Welcome to Spin Casino, and enjoy our massive catalogue of online gambling games by Microgaming!


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