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Video Bingo Online

Video bingo is a type of online slots but instead of the usual reel-style spin, bingo cards are played. Follow us as we explore the details of playing video bingo and uncover why this game is enjoyed by numerous online gaming enthusiasts.

How To Play Casino Bingo

Video bingo provides a simple, automated, and entertaining gaming experience, transitioning traditional elements into a digitised format. The main aim remains consistent: cross out all 15 numbers on your card(s) to win. Below, a step-by-step guide:

  • Sign Up/Log In: Visit the Spin Casino website and either sign up for an account or log in if you already have one.  

  • Navigate to Bingo: Once logged in, click/tap on the Bingo tab to browse through the games.

  • Choose a Spin Casino bingo game: Whether you want to play Thunderstruck II Video Bingo or any of our other great options, our variety of themed bingo games will inspire with different features and designs. Depending on your chosen version, the game may feature a host presenting balls and calling out numbers or focus solely on number presentation akin to video slots.

  • Set your stake: Before starting the game, you'll need to set your stake or bet amount. This can usually be adjusted using the controls on the game interface.

  • Select number of cards: Decide how many bingo cards you want to play with. You can usually choose to play with multiple cards simultaneously to enhance your chances of winning.

  • Start the game: Once you've set your stake and selected the number of cards, you can get the casino action going with your bingo game – simply click/tap the "Play" or "Start" button to begin.

  • Mark numbers: As numbers are called out or drawn, they will be automatically marked on your bingo cards if they appear.

  • Achieve patterns: The objective of video bingo is to complete specific patterns on your bingo cards. These patterns can vary from game to game and may include lines, corners, or even blackout (filling the entire card).

  • Claim winnings: If you complete a winning pattern on one or more of your bingo cards, you'll receive a payout based on the game's paytable. Winnings are usually automatically credited to your casino account.

  • Play again or cash out: After the video bingo online game is complete, you can choose to play again with the same settings, adjust your stake or number of cards, or cash out your winnings.


Remember to always familiarise yourself with the specific rules and features of the video bingo game you're playing at Spin Casino, as they may vary slightly between different games.


Top Video Bingo Games

At Spin Casino, some of the most popular video bingo games are available to play, such as:

  • Bingote: Have fun with the exciting Armour and Windmills Monsters Bonus features.

  • Fu 88: Experience the excitement of the Far East in this casino bingo action-packed adventure.

  • Thunderstruck II Video Bingo: Play and unleash the power of Norse mythology in this electrifying affair.

  • Break da Bank Again™ Video Bingo: Play for the chance at breaking the bank in this delightful video bingo game online.

  • 1524 Golden Quest: Embark on a glittering video bingo quest to the lost city of gold.

  • Super Showball: Get ready for a show-stopping video bingo experience loaded with great features.

Why Play Video Bingo At Spin Casino

  • Convenience at your fingertips: With video bingo online, you have the freedom to play anytime, anywhere, right from your mobile device or computer.  

  • Seamless entertainment: Experience the thrill of casino action bingo without the hassle. Video bingo offers easy-to-understand gameplay, perfect for both newcomers and seasoned players alike.

  • Wide array of games: From classic spins to modern marvels, you can play Thunderstruck II Video Bingo, Bingote, and more.

  • Enhanced experience: Immerse yourself in the excitement with exceptional themes, graphics, sounds, and features. Enjoy the flexibility to tailor your gameplay to suit your preferences.

  • Exciting potential rewards: Video bingo brings the possibility of real prizes to your screen with mystery prizes and the opportunity to purchase additional balls.

  • Security and privacy: At Spin Casino, we employ advanced security measures to ensure the safety of your personal and financial information.


For more information on Spin Casino please refer to our FAQ page.


Online Bingo Vs Video Bingo

Online video bingo typically refers to traditional bingo games played over the internet. Players purchase tickets and mark off numbers as they are called out, aiming to achieve specific patterns for a win. On the other hand, video bingo incorporates electronic elements, often featuring animated graphics, sound effects, and additional gameplay features. Players still mark numbers off their cards, but the experience is enhanced with multimedia elements, offering a more dynamic and visually engaging experience compared to traditional online bingo. Therefore, video bingo may offer unique themes and variations not found in traditional bingo halls or online bingo platforms.

Video Bingo: Frequently Asked Questions

How do you play video bingo?

Firstly, you must have registered an account at a fully licensed and certified online gaming destination such as Spin Casino. Then make sure you’ve deposited funds into your account before selecting a game to play in the Bingo section. As the video bingo game proceeds, numbers are drawn at random, and the corresponding numbers are marked off on the virtual cards. The goal is to complete a specific pattern or achieve a full house to win.

Is there video bingo online that pays real money?

Yes. there are online platforms, such as Spin Casino, that offer real money action with video bingo. Whether you want to play Break da Bank Again Video Bingo or any of our other titles at Spin Casino, real money bingo action is available to enjoy on our secure platform.

How does video bingo work online?

Video bingo works similarly to traditional bingo, but it is played online. Players purchase bingo cards and mark off numbers as they are called. The game software automatically checks for winning patterns and awards prizes accordingly.

How old do you have to be to play video bingo?

The age requirement to play video bingo varies depending on the jurisdiction and the platform hosting the game. In many regions, the legal age to participate in online gambling, including video bingo, is 18+.

How much money do you need to play video bingo?

The cost to play video bingo online can vary based on the platform and the specific game being played. Players typically purchase virtual bingo cards at different price points, and the potential winnings are often tied to the cost of the cards.

Is online video bingo a form of gambling?

Yes, video bingo is considered a form of gambling, as it involves wagering money on the outcome of the game. Players have the opportunity to win prizes based on the numbers called and the patterns achieved on their bingo cards.

How many numbers do you need for bingo?

You will need 5 successive numbers daubed, or the whole scorecard in order to win at video bingo online.

How do you calculate bingo?

In video bingo, the calculation of winning patterns and prizes is typically handled automatically by the game software. When a player achieves a winning pattern, such as a line, four corners, or a full house, the game software verifies the result and awards the corresponding prize.

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