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Thrilling Video Bingo Titles

At Spin Casino you need look no further when it comes to some of the best online casino games. We’ve got hundreds of titles ready and waiting to be played, crafted by the best makers of web-based casino games of chance. As of the second quarter of 2020, we’ve added video bingo to the list!

 Bingo is a game endowed with a real legacy and one that’s almost as old as civilisation itself! Going all the way back to ancient China and then across the ocean to Italy, bingo’s origins are colourful and diverse. While old-school bingo halls no longer pull the crowds, the tradition lives on with video bingo games updated and revamped for today’s age of technology and smartphones. The enjoyment is the same, only now players can enjoy more types of bingo delivered in a more convenient, mobile-friendly format with intuitive interfaces, cutting-edge sounds and graphics and other entertainment-enhancing features.

Video Bingo
Yell Bingo at Spin Casino!
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Why Choose Video Bingo?

Video bingo, like traditional bingo, is designed above all for fun and entertainment. One of bingo’s biggest drawcards has always been the sheer ease of playing the game. That’s one thing that hasn’t changed with video bingo: the aim of the game is still about trying to fill bingo cards, or bingo tickets, with patterns of numbers that offer the chance to win real prizes.

Here at Spin Casino you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of video bingo games, some harking back to the more traditional format of play, and others really ramping it up with fantastic modern twists and more ways in which to place your bets.

In many ways, video bingo can be likened to video poker, one of the more popular online casino games that it blends long-established bingo norms with the latest gaming innovations that modern technology can offer. This equates to a game that can offer anything from your classic bingo setup to more advanced setups where you can, for example, purchase multiple bingo cards and enjoy to all kinds of ultra-cool features such as mystery prizes, high jackpot rewards and the ability to purchase more balls. In many ways video bingo doesn’t just represent the ideal merging of two fantastic concepts, it also represents the next logical step in the evolution of very game of bingo.

From Online Bingo to Video Bingo

Spin Casino players looking to get involved in video bingo’s fun and entertaining world should note that there will be some subtle changes in the gaming experience. Unlike your standard online bingo game that consists of 90 Ball, 80 Ball and 75 Ball variations and takes place within in a virtual room, usually overseen by a moderator and equipped with chat software in case you’d like to talk to other players, video bingo is a variant that cuts straight to the action. Some might call it the no-nonsense alternative, but we here at Spin Casino we like to call it pure bingo, with a twist.

How To Play Video Bingo

Video bingo offers players a game that is easy, automated and fun. Many of the traditional and social elements are maintained, but it’s all done by way of digitisation. For instance, and depending on the version you elect to play, the host might appear alongside the screen in a cartoon shape and form, present your balls and shout out the numbers. Then there are varieties that dispense with the host and focus on the numbers, endowing video bingo with qualities one would associate with video slots. Depending on the game, you’ll have your card or cards with the goal being to cross out all 15 numbers. The gaming experience that video bingo offers will vary depending on which version you play. For added convenience, our video bingo is also available as mobile games, so you can play them wherever you like, any time of your own choosing.

Secure Mobile Casino Bingo

Here at Spin Casino we firmly believe that fun and good times go hand-in-hand with responsibility and all that it entails. Player responsibility is a matter we take very seriously and it’s something enveloped in our secure mobile casino framework. As a secure mobile casino we are fully licensed, regulated and audited. All of these attributes lead into player safety and responsibility initiatives which include things like the protection of sensitive information, the paying of winning players and various processes geared towards helping players. Rest assured, when you play video bingo with us, you’re doing it the safe way.


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