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Super Showball

Welcome to Spin Casino, your one-stop internet destination for the best online casino games. We’re constantly striving to bring our players new games and new experiences and this time around we’re bringing something fresh and utterly invigorating to our online bingo players: Super Showball Video Bingo! Joining our exclusive selection of some of the best online casino games in the second quarter of 2020, Super Showball is a brand-new product from Neko Games, the Latin American casino game developer that speaks the language of fun. If Super Showball Video Bingo is anything to go by, then we cannot wait to see what this dynamic company will next create. This video bingo title lets players in on a new and innovative way in which to enjoy an old and well-liked classic. If you’re looking for an online bingo title that comes with both cutting-edge appeal and traditional qualities, then you’re going to want to try Super Showball Video Bingo.

Embark On A Video Bingo Adventure

Super Showball is especially conceived for players who are looking for new and more exciting video bingo with more real-money prizes and fun. Inspired by the iconic and historical Showball bingo game – one of the most-played video bingo games in the entire Latin American region – Super Showball takes you on a secret mission filled with fun and adventure. Your task as secret agent is to unlock the wealth hidden inside the Super Showball money machine. As it turns out, the secret code is based on the numbers of bingo – four boards at once, to be precise. Only the player who is able to match all the correct numbers will succeed in reaping the harvest of real money that the Super Showball machine has in its power to bestow.

To help you reach the final goal and claim that secret stash, you have a few top-secret – classified! – tricks up your sleeve. A 4000x Jackpot Prize is up for grabs if you buy four bingo tickets and manage to fill them from the initial 30-ball draw. You can also get 11 extra balls – up to 5 free of charge – for extra chances to potentially win. Then, most powerful of all, there are the four types of mystery prizes you can get when you buy extra balls. With the Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond mystery prizes, you stand to win a potential 11,000x your original bet per ticket.

Play Next-generation Online Bingo

Why play video bingo? For a start, video bingo is very easy to understand! For example, video bingo has the same basic winning patterns as traditional bingo. To win a prize, you have to complete one line, two lines or a full bingo ticket. Let’s face it, though, after a while, old-school video bingo can seem a bit ... old. The trick is to transform that simple game mechanic into something thrilling, rewarding and fun! That’s where Super Showball comes in. It’s the perfect game for current video bingo players who are looking for something more adventurous. It isn’t difficult to play -- the user interface requires no more than two buttons to play – but it’s packed with fun, features and action, not to mention terrific graphics and sounds, in a way that makes the game a lot more interesting to play. It’s also great for slots fans who are looking for something new.

Super Showball video bingo replaces the traditional elements inherent in online bingo with real innovation. For a start, you can draw 4 bingo cards or tickets at a time. But that’s just the start of the fun. Let’s go a little deeper into how the game works.

How To Play Super Showball Video Bingo

When the game loads, you find yourself face to face with the famous Silver Showball Machine. At the top, for easy reference, from left to right, you can see an array of winning patterns, starting with the big one – the Jackpot! You need to fill a ticket to win that one. Below that, on the far right of the screen, there’s a globe filled with 60 bingo balls numbered 1 to 90 ready to roll out and fill the slots that fill the screen to the left of the globe. Filling the centre of the screen are the four bingo tickets, 15 numbers on each one. On the left of the tickets, there’s a dial for you to set your bets and a panel for mystery prizes. On the right of the tickets, there’s the Play button plus an Auto button that lets you choose from a useful selection of auto-play settings. You can keep tabs on your balance at the bottom left of the screen.

Before the game starts, you place your bets by buying bingo tickets up to a maximum of 4. As mentioned, each ticket has 15 different numbers and there are 19 winning patterns in the game – complete any one to potentially win a prize! Then press Play to get the balls rolling. At first a random draw of 30 balls rolls out. After that, you might get to enter the Extra Ball Stage. For this to happen, one of your tickets needs to contain one or more numbers that could complete a winning pattern that matches or exceeds a prize of 8x or higher. You can buy up to 11 extra balls before the end of the game – the game ends if you choose not to buy an extra ball.

The interface is intuitive and a lot of fun. To encourage you along the way, the game plays some really great bass-driven music and the Neko cat flies across the screen whenever a Mystery Prize comes into play, while the pulsing heart at the centre of the screen starts to glow as potentially winning numbers appear on the tickets until finally it pulsates with gold and red when a winning pattern forms.

Special Online Bingo Features and Jackpot

For a chance to win the Super Showball jackpot, you need to buy all four tickets and one of those tickets needs to be filled during the initial draw. The potential pay-out is a generous 4000x the bet of that ticket.

A nice feature is that some of the extra balls don’t have to be paid for – up to 5 free balls can appear at random every round. Look out for the Free Ball sign appearing in the centre of the screen.

Then there are the Mystery Prizes. It’s always a fun occasion when the Neko Cat flies across the screen during extra ball stage to randomly award a Mystery Prize. These come in varieties of Copper, Silver, Gold and Diamond that pay out 10x, 50x, 250x and 1000x times respectively, and you can potentially win as many as 11 every round. This adds up potential winnings of 11000x your bet per ticket selected. Extra Balls also offer chances to win these sought-after Mystery Prizes. Be informed, though, the Neko Cat will not fly out to award a Mystery Prize unless all 4 tickets are in play!

In terms of gaming technicalities, Super Showball has an RTP of 94% and is classified as a mid-high volatility game. Recommended coin sizes are 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5 and 10. The maximum bet is 40 coins (10 per ticket if you buy 4 tickets) and the minimum bet is 0.1. The theoretical maximum pay-out is 167.080.

Video Bingo Joins Casino Mobile Games

Part of the cutting edge appeal of our video bingo games is their fluidity when it comes to mobile devices. Here at Spin Casino we’ve optimised many of our top titles as mobile games capable of providing top-notch entertainment on both smartphones and tablets. Diversification is key to good entertainment, and you’ll be pleased to know that a hot title like Super Showball Video Bingo with all it’s ultra-modern betting features will work on mobile operating systems. It’s only fitting that this advanced genre of online bingo should sport smooth portable gaming qualities, qualities you’ll see at Spin Casino.



Video Bingo From A Cutting-edge Developer – Neko Games

Neko Games is an up-and-coming studio with the mission of designing games that appeal to gamers all over the world. Their philosophy is summarised by the Neko Cat logo – the beloved Japanese symbol that has come to represent the good things in life around the world.

Neko belongs to the Microgaming global network of creative studios. As is well known, Microgaming has been a casino games world leader since 1994. From developing the world’s first online casino software, Microgaming has gone on to become an award-winning online gaming software distributor. Neko is supported by RNG Foundry, the sophisticated gaming accelerator which provides access to top-flight game development tools, advanced testing facilities, a consultancy network of experts and other resources essential for a game studio to succeed in the highly competitive world of online games and entertainment today. In addition, Neko’s association has developed into a truly cutting-edge studio – one that knows what players want today and what they’ll want tomorrow!


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