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Premium Live Roulette

Experience the thrill of live roulette at Spin Casino with professional dealers, high-definition streaming, and interactive features, bringing the authentic live casino atmosphere to your fingertips.

Live Roulette Rules To Follow

The basic rules to follow when playing live roulette online via your browser or the online casino app is all that’s required to understand and enjoy an immersive live roulette casino experience.


  • Players place bets on the live roulette table by selecting numbers, colours, or combinations.
  • The live dealer spins the roulette wheel and releases a ball in the opposite direction.
  • The bets are then settled based on where the ball lands on the live roulette wheel.
  • Players can place various types of bets, including straight bets, split bets, street bets, corner bets, and more.
  • The payouts are determined based on the type of bet and the outcome of each spin.

Best Live Roulette Strategies

While roulette doesn’t allow you to influence the outcome of a game via different moves, you can use strategies to guide you in your choice of bets and variations thereof. The following are considered to be some of the best live roulette strategies:


  • European or French Variation: Opting for either the European or French variation is a smart move due to their lower house edges. European Roulette has a house edge of 2.70%, while French editions employing the La Partage rule boast an even lower 1.35% house edge.
  • Stick to Outside Bets: A common strategy is to focus on placing outside bets, which offer nearly 50/50 odds of winning and pay out even money. This approach maximises your chances of consistent wins.
  • Budget Your Bankroll: Implementing a disciplined bankroll management strategy is key. This can be accomplished by setting wagering limits and sticking to a pre-determined budget.


It’s important to note that while each of these strategies offers its own unique approach on how to play live roulette online, no strategy can guarantee consistent wins. Positive outcomes are based on a combination of luck, good bankroll management, and understanding live roulette’s rules.

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Live Roulette Odds And Payouts

The odds and payout potential of the different types of bets play a big part in the choice of bets players make when they play live roulette online. For example, outside bets offer relatively high winning odds and even-money payout potential while inside bets generally promise bigger payouts, but lower chances of a win. Let’s look at some of the popular betting options and their accompanying odds:


  • Straight Bet on Single Number: Despite its slim odds of 2.70% in European Roulette, a straight bet on a single number pays out a lucrative 35:1 if successful, therefore appealing to those chasing big wins.
  • Split Bet on 2 Numbers: Placing a split bet on two numbers offers slightly better odds at 5.40% in the European version. However, if either of the chosen numbers wins, the payout is still substantial at 17:1, making it an attractive option for live roulette risk-takers.
  • Trio and Street Bets: Trio and Street bets cover a range of numbers, with Trio encompassing three numbers and Street covering four. While these bets are riskier with lower odds, they still offer a noteworthy payout of 11:1 if successful.

Play Live Roulette Games

Those who enjoy live roulette online, are encouraged to try out Spin Casino’s live baccarat, poker and blackjack options too. However, if you’re a die-hard roulette fan, you’ll have popular titles aplenty to choose from, backed by software from esteemed industry leaders such as Ezugi, On Air™ Entertainment, Pragmatic Play and Evolution.


You’ll be able to get in on the action with top live roulette table games such as On Air™ Auto Roulette and Ezugi Auto Roulette – both offering a fully automated, fast-paced experience with continuous gameplay and no dealer interaction. Or you could explore the features of Pragmatic Play’s Mega Roulette, a dynamic roulette game with random multipliers applied to straight-up bets, resulting in enhanced winning potential.


You can also discover the thrill of Evolution’s top titles, including French Roulette Gold, a premium version of French roulette featuring high-definition video streaming, sophisticated gameplay, and customisable options. Another Evolution favourite is Lightning Roulette, which offers a unique twist with its electrifying visuals, random multipliers, and enhanced payouts on selected numbers.


Spin Casino’s intuitive design and user-friendly navigation make it easy to find all the live roulette favourites. So, once you’re registered and logged in to play, simply click/tap on Live Casino and then on Roulette to view the available titles. While you won’t be able to play live roulette online in demo mode, the wide range of available betting options ensures that all bankroll budgets are accommodated.

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Live Roulette FAQs

Which casino has live roulette?

Spin Casino offers live roulette online, where you’ll enjoy access to premium live roulette variations, each providing the excitement of real-time gameplay hosted by professional dealers. Additionally, Spin Casino offers a generous $1000 Welcome Bonus to new players, subject to terms and conditions.

Can I play live roulette online?

Yes, you can play live roulette online at various casinos, such as Spin Casino. Here you can enjoy a variety of live roulette table options, including European, American, and French Roulette titles.

How does live roulette work?

In live roulette, players place bets on the outcome of where a ball will land on a spinning wheel containing 37 or 38 numbered pockets, depending on the variation. Bets can be made on individual numbers or groups of numbers within the 'inside section' of the live roulette table. When all wagers are made, the dealer will spin the roulette wheel and drop the ball onto it. The pocket where the ball lands determines the winning number, and players with winning bets receive payouts accordingly.

What's the difference between live roulette and online roulette?

The key difference between live roulette and online roulette lies in the gaming experience. While online roulette offers convenience and a variety of betting options, it lacks the social aspect of a live roulette casino where you’re able to play and interact with other players and a live dealer.

What are private vs public live roulette tables?

Private live roulette tables are exclusive to individual players or groups, offering a personalised, and intimate gaming experience with a dedicated dealer. In contrast, public live roulette tables are accessible to anyone playing the game, allowing multiple players to participate simultaneously, creating a more social live casino online environment.

What are the rules of live roulette games?

For the best live roulette experience, players must understand the rules, which includes gambling responsibly, adhering to betting limits and maintaining courtesy in the chat. To take part, they must choose their chip size, place their bets before the timer ends, and watch the live roulette croupier spin the wheel to reveal the winning number.

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