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Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® Is Ready

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Vegas Flush BoltBet Logo; Spin Casino BlogSource: Microgaming

The anticipated reimagining to the popular Vegas Flush™ is finally here. Online slots players might remember the original Vegas Flush™ online slot which released in April 2019. Now, Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is here to shake up the game with some innovative new additions. The game is proudly presented by Microgaming in exclusive partnership with Spin Casino. Microgaming are well known as one of the best mobile casino game developers in the game. Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is built to deliver fast and secure slots action for all levels of slots players. It’s a high-quality slots game worthy of the original.

Building on the original

The original Vegas Flush™ slot game featured a classic Las Vegas style theme. The setting of the game followed a quirky line up of fictional card hustlers trying to take on one of Las Vegas’s biggest casinos. The name of this casino? The Straight Flush. The developer and Microgaming have opted to stick with the same casino setting for Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®. Players will recognise much of the original game’s mechanics, but there have also been several notable additions to spice up the game. These have been included specifically to benefit new and experienced slots players, especially those who are looking for a new gaming experience.

Brand new innovations like a simplified console, the ability to change the game speed through an additional speed feature, and one-click play make Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® a uniquely fast slots game. BoltBet® is a new type of game that speeds up the standard game formula. Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® can be played 3 times quicker than regular Canadian online slots.

What are the odds?

Players might like to know the odds before diving into a new game. Here’s the nitty gritty of Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®. The game sports a hit rate of 31.37% and payout rate of 96.10%. In layman’s terms this means Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® falls into the high-volatility slots category. High-volatility games generally have potential payouts that are larger but less frequent.

The game is fixed at 9 paylines played across the 5 spinning reels, including Regular symbols, Wild, multiplier symbols, a Scatter symbol and a Free Spins bonus game. A minimum payline bet of 0.01 coins adds up to a minimum bet of 0.09 per spin. The maximum payline of 5.00 coins per payline adds up to a maximum bet of 45.00 coins for a spin. Paylines only pay out the highest win on the line. Payouts from multiple paylines always cycle from the highest payout to the lowest. Other noteable mentions about BoltBet® is that it does not influence the results of the play, and in the win area only the win amount is displayed - no slot symbols and slot reels are displayed.

Symbols made simple

Of course, Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® wouldn’t be complete without some special symbols to mix the game up. In this entry of the game Scatter symbols and Wild symbols play a big part in helping the player during their run.

Wild symbols are fairly straightforward. These neat little symbols can be substituted for any other symbol on the reels, with the exception of Scatter symbols. This means they can sometimes form a winning payline. The Wild symbol doubles the payout of any combination it completes as a Wild symbol. Wild symbols also do not multiply the payout when it creates its own combination.

Scatter symbols arguably make more of an impact on the game than Wild symbols do. Paylines in Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® only pay from left to right during regular play. Landing a Scatter symbol however enables a payline to pay from either the left or the right.

Landing Scatter symbols also unlock Free Spins. Free Spin rounds really have the potential to change a player’s run completely. To trigger a Free Spins round, players must hit 3, 4, or 5 Scatters during a game. Triggering a Free Spins round will grant the player 15 Free Spins with the same number of coins of the bet that triggered the Free Spins round. Any potential winnings made during these rounds are multiplied three times over for Free Spins rounds. The Free Spins round can also be extended by another 15 spins by again landing on 3, 4, or 5 Scatter symbols. All winnings that are won during Free Spins is automatically collected and added to your total.

BoltBet® is waiting

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is live as the second quarter of 2020 and is ready to welcome anyone who likes to play casino games. All players are welcome no matter what their level is. Players can find this and many more Canadian casino games at Spin Casino.

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