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Crazy But True Gambling Stories

Online Casino, Lifestyle

Crazy true casino storiesSource: pxfuel.com

Sometimes, there are gambling stories that simply defy belief. There are tales of winning streaks that never seem to end, fortunes that are lost in the blink of an eye, and robberies that rival anything seen in Hollywood.

No matter how unbelievable the following stories all seem, they all just so happen to be true.

Give them a read and then enjoy your own incredible online casino experience!

Just remember to always play responsibly – something that not everyone in these tales took to heart…

Outsmarting The System

It’s virtually impossible to cheat in online casino games, given that the actual processing of the activity happens on the side of the online casino. But in the case of this unidentified player, a gambling system was outsmarted in the most unexpected way possible.

The game in question was Fomo3D, a system that utilises the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The rules of the game stated that gamblers may buy a key, which adds 10 seconds to a 24 hour clock. The key that follows is more expensive. Once the clock hits zero, the last purchased ticket gets the accumulated pot.

It seemed as if the system was uncrackable, given the basic rules and straightforward system. However, the unidentified winner saw an opportunity. He realised that many of the keys were being bought by automated bots, rather than actual humans. Thus, he studied the functionality of the bots carefully, gathered information on how they worked, and struck at the right time. He managed to buy the last key, and scooped the $3 million pot in the process.

This certainly isn’t a tactic that would work for games at any other online casino, but it is still fascinating the amount of effort the unnamed individual put into the scheme.

The Comeback Bet

This story didn’t happen at an online casino, but rather at a sportsbook.

James Adducci made one of the most brazen bets in history, putting down an astonishing $85,000 on professional golfer Tiger Woods. This may not have seemed like as risky bet some years prior when Woods was at his peak, but in 2019 it seemed like far less of a sure wager to make. However, according to Adducci, he simply had a hunch that the once hot golfing pro was due for a major comeback.

Adducci explained in more detail that he had watched the Masters Augusta National Golf Club event very closely, studying how Woods performed. The pro seemed to be doing well, Adducci pointed out, so much so that a win started to seem possible. Though, Adducci stressed, it wasn’t a matter of looking at the stats, but more a gut feeling.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the story is that most sportsbooks wouldn’t even accept the bet.

Adducci recalled that he had had to visit multiple venues in Las Vegas, all of which had refused to agree to such an enormous amount. Eventually the William Hill-owned SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Took the money, agreeing to the terms.

Gut feelings probably aren’t the best way to make $85,000 bets, but in this case, it happened to pay off – and pay off big. Adducci was handed a massive $1.2 million payout, much to the relief of his anxious wife!

The Outlaw Pastor

An online casino doesn’t have to be concerned with robberies, but for land based establishments it is a very real concern. In the case of this story, however, the thief was not what anyone would have expected.

In 2017 the M Resort Casino in Las Vegas suffered a series of robberies, all involving a single man running in with a pistol and backpack, demanding cash. On the first occasion casino staff fled, leaving the confused robber empty handed. On the second occasion a month later, arriving in the same white Toyota, dressed in the exact same clothing, he managed to get away with $29,000.

Seemingly emboldened by the success, the thief returned a third time, managing to nab $33,000. But he pushed his luck, was overpowered by security, and was finally arrested.

Once in custody the police finally revealed the identity of the serial robber; pastor of the Grace Bible Church, Gregory Bolusan. It turns out that the pastors wife worked at the M Resort Casino, and the pair had conspired together to plot the heists.

Winning at pokiesSource: pxfuel.com

Blackjack Robber

Perhaps one of the most outrageous gambling stories of all time is that of Kerry Johnson. The details here are so absurd that many people think it’s a fabrication, but it’s actually true!

In West Virginia, 2016, Johnson was playing Blackjack at the Mardi Gras Casino. At 3:30 pm he left the table, only to return later, cash in for more chips, and continue his game. No one thought anything of it, until it was reported that the nearby City National Bank had been robbed. It turned out that Johnson had left the table, robbed the bank, and returned to keep playing with the stolen cash.

Johnson, of course, denied this, saying that he had been gambling the entire day, and could not possibly have committed the crime. But, not only had security cameras seen him leave, the money at the table just so happened to have come directly from the bank.

Double Your Money

Jake Cody is a well-known professional Poker player, popular amongst Poker enthusiast that seek to match his level of skill. But although Cody may play smart at the Poker tables, he sometimes takes enormous risks that are beyond comprehension.

In 2018 at Dusk Till Dawn Casino, Nottingham, the Poker pro managed to win the United Kingdom Poker Championship. The victory earned him an impressive $59,992, an amount that most would have been thrilled with. But in this case Cody decided to put the entire amount on a single bet at a nearby Roulette table. The full sum was placed on black, meaning that he would either double the cash, or lose everything.

In this case he walked away with $119,882, much to the delight of watching patrons. Talk about a winning streak!

Bad Decision Making

This story involves an Australian sports betting enthusiast. His name has not been revealed, but what is known is that he filed a bid to get back around $400,000 from Ladbrokes online sportsbook.

According to the Aussie the incredible amount of cash was lost in just 24 hours, but he insisted that he had not been making the wagers with a sound mind. The unnamed man argued that he had recently doubled pain medication he was using at the time, thus resulting in him making bad decisions.

The story of doubled medication was backed up by a local doctor, who had been treating the Aussie for a back injury. Soon after the Northern Territory Racing Commission stepped in to investigate. However, over the course of the investigation it was discovered that Ladbrokes sportsbook had indeed aware of the situation, and had even phoned the individual to check if everything was okay.

A recorded telephone conversation revealed that the Aussie responded to the call rationally, saying that he simply had a bit of cash on hand and was making a few bets.

The $400,000 was not returned. Though, the same man had previous winnings from Ladbrokes of around $3.2 million, so we don’t feel too sorry for him.

1 In 20 Million Odds

Our last story is that of 85-year-old Harold McDowell.

In this fascinating story, McDowell and his wife managed to beat the odds twice in as many days.

According to the elderly gentleman, he and his wife had headed to the Borgata Hotel Casino in Atlantic City. The trip was a celebration, given that the previous day it had been revealed that Mrs McDowell had managed to beat liver cancer. After his wife had been for a number of operations, the doctor had finally announced that she was officially cancer free.

During the couple’s celebratory Atlantic City trip Mr McDowell decided to play a few rounds of Three Card Poker. He put down $5 on a 6 Card Bonus, only to have the dealer lay down a Royal Straight Flush of Diamonds. The payout came in at $1 million. McDowell recalls that he had turned to his wife and exclaimed that he had just won $1 million, to which she had quickly responded that he was full of crap.

But he wasn’t.

After hearing about the story, a popular site did a bit of research into the situation, calculating what the odds are of the hand coming up. They found that a 6 card Royal Straight Flush of Diamonds has around 1 in 20 million odds. It was the first time the payout had ever been made in the history of the Borgata Hotel Casino.

It isn’t known what McDowell and his recently recovered wife did with the $1 million, but chances are they have been busy with some serious dual celebrations!

These crazy but true stories are just a taste of what players get up to at land-based and online casinos! There’s certainly no shortage of fun to be had.

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