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ReDeal Blackjack NZ

Ingenious takes on your favourite casino games are the speciality of online casinos. Just when you thought you know everything there is to know, a new version comes along to provide fascinating twists to the gameplay. With ReDeal Blackjack there's an innovative approach that provides a whole new approach to online blackjack with a chance to challenge your personal strategy and, perhaps, prove yourself a master of the game. Switch Studios, in association with Microgaming, truly has switched it up with ReDeal Blackjack. If you don't like your hand, you can opt to redeal the last card, or redeal the entire hand. You can even redeal the dealer's hand for a style of blackjack that keeps you on your toes. Why not test your skill at Spin Casino?

Gameplay basics

Rapid load times and superb graphics are just a start in ReDeal Blackjack, the chance to add more options to your preferred blackjack gameplay is one that comes with immense appeal. The basic goal remains the same as ever: Build a hand that's as close to 21 as possible and beat the dealer, while taking care not to go bust. Going bust means you've exceeded 21 and lost the game. To play this mobile casino games classic, you place your bet in a range from $.10 to a maximum of $50, with the chance to increase to $100 if you split or double down. ReDeal Blackjack is a low volatility game that can be enjoyed by all skill levels. This game can be played on desktop or in Spin Casino's mobile casino environment wherever you go. Give ReDeal Blackjack a run for its money at Spin Casino.

Basic ReDeal Blackjack rules

With the two card decks in ReDeal Blackjack, Blackjack pays 3:2 and the dealer must stand on 17. As is typical with blackjack, the dealer deals a card to you then one to themselves, face up. You get another card and the dealer gets a second one, face down. Then you can choose whether or not to hit (get another card), stand (play with what you’ve got), double down or split. Doubling down doubles your wager. The dealer passes you one last card and you stand. You can only double down if your first two cards have a value of 9, 10 or 11 and as long as neither is an Ace. Splitting treats each card as an individual hand. You receive two more cards while adding a bet equal to your original bet to the table. You may only split pairs once per game. If you split Aces and draw 10, you don't earn a blackjack. Split hands must be played before the dealer plays, and you cannot double down after a split.

Special features

Think you’ve got a lousy hand or feel uneasy about the dealer's card on the table? That's when you can activate the ReDeal feature. ReDeal presents you with three options. Dealer Hand redeals all the dealer's cards.Play Hand switches out your entire hand. Last Card – you get the chance to redeal the last card you were dealt, even if you went bust! Redeal choices are not available if you've been dealt a natural or a blackjack on the first two cards or if your hand is equal to 21, or, again, if you double down or split. The Dealer Hand ReDeal comes at a cost revealed on the screen.

Caution Prompt is a useful feature that gives you a nudge if you're on the verge of making a bad decision according to typical play. So if you try to hit above 17 or stand on 10, you'll get a prompt that asks if that's really what you want to do. A superb way of avoiding those careless blackjack accidents.


Microgaming and Switch Studios

Switch Studios are masters at the art of the blackjack game. They've created favourites like Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack and Roulette. Their partnership with Microgaming allows them to bring fresh new takes on games like ReDeal Blackjack into the mix, all optimised for play on your smartphone or tablet. Microgaming are superb at selecting strategic partners, since they are the originators of online casino games back in 1994 and then the first creators of mobile casino games in 2004. They are renowned for their range of innovative mobile casino games including progressive jackpots, online pokies and table games like roulette, all with fun options to discover at Spin Casino.

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Looking for more blackjack? At Spin Casino New Zealand, when you register, you gain access to an incredible portfolio of fun casino games – more than 500 of them. We have a broad range of online blackjack games like Switch Vegas Single Deck Blackjack, live casino choices, and our famous online pokies of course. Not only that, but you also tap into the benefits of our loyalty programme if you choose to. Our gaming environment is considered safe, fair and secure, with licensing and certification on every game, as well as SSL digital encryption technology in place for your protection.

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