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Play & Win at Online Craps with Spin Casino

Craps works just as well in our online casino as it does on land, and our options deliver provably random and fair results.

The game is a simplified version of an older European amusement known as Hazard, and was brought to America by Phillipe de Marigny de Mandeville. He settled in Louisiana, and introduced it to his farmhands as a way to pass the time.

Because its street format requires nothing more than a pair of dice, Craps is highly portable and became a big hit on the riverboats of Mississippi and then with travelling soldiers during World War II. Returning home, these heroes brought the game to Las Vegas. From there, the casino game has continued to grow in popularity.

Playing Online Craps - The Fundamentals

The objective in this casino game is to predict what a pair of dice will display when they are rolled.

On land, this is done by a player called the Shooter. You are said to be betting with or against the Shooter, and are essentially predicting whether the outcome of the roll will be one way (with the Shooter) or another (against the Shooter).

There are 2 stages in each round; the Come Out and Point Phases. In the Come Out Phase, the wagers with and against the Shooter are named Pass and Don't Pass Bets respectively. In the Point Phase, they are called Come and Don't Come Bets. Get to grips with these, and then explore the other wagers that are possible at Spin Casino.

It’s all about the roll of the dice
Craps table with stacked casino chips
2 casino chips and 3 dice
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Bets for Playing Craps

The first wager you place when playing this online casino NZ game is on the result of the Come Out Phase.

The Shooter is said to have won if a 7 or 11 is rolled, and to have lost if a 2, 3 or 12 lands. If you place a Pass Bet, you also win or lose with these numbers. With Don't Pass wagers, the opposite is true. When any other number is thrown it is established as the Point, and the Point Phase of the game begins.

During the Point Phase, you are betting for and against the Point that was established by the Shooter, and against another Point that you decide on yourself. If the Shooter rolls either point they win, and if they land anything else they lose.

What Does the Name Mean?

There are 2 theories about where “Craps” originates.

The name of this table game may be Louisiana slang for the numbers 2 and 3 on dice, which are very important in this casino game. Equally plausible is that it is an abreviation of “Crapaud”, French for “toad”, since this is what players looked like when squatting on the street to see the dice clearly.

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Advanced Bets

As you continue on your online casino NZ Craps journey, there are plenty more wagering options to explore.

Place Win and Lose bets are made after the Point is established. Place Wins predict that any number from 4 to 10, except 7, will be thrown, while a Place Lose says the opposite. Buy and Lay wagers work in exactly the same way, but have higher payouts and come with a 5% commission.

With Hardways, you are speculating that a pair will be seen on the dice before the next 7 is rolled. For example, a Hard 8 is when 2 4s are displayed. Big 6 and 8 wagers says any combination adding up 6 or 8, respectively, will land before the next 7.

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