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Switch European Roulette NZ

Players who know how to play European roulette should check out the new Switch Studios variant. Developed exclusively for Microgaming, European Roulette online is part of the excellent collection of these games at Spin Casino NZ.


Available for desktop or mobile, it brings classic style online roulette action to life in a whole new way.


Why You Should Play

This European Roulette online variation is based on one of the earliest versions of the game. There is a lifelike 3D wheel featuring 37 pockets, 36 alternatively numbered in red and black and one green 0 pocket.


New Zealand players will need to know the standard European roulette rules if they want to enjoy this game and there are advanced betting and other features available as well. Excellent music and fabulous sound effects complete the package. Here’s an idea of the game’s betting characteristics:


  • This is a low-volatility game.
  • The European roulette wheel has 18 black pockets, 18 red, and 1 green 0, making for a total of 37.
  • Standard outside and inside bets are available.
  • Additional betting features include Favourite, Racetrack, and Special Bets.
  • Autoplay and Statistics are also available.
  • The minimum bet is NZ$0.25, the maximum NZ$125.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4.5 out of 5.
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Bets And Features

Kiwi players have a diverse array of bets available when they choose European Roulette online at Spin Casino NZ. This can be a bit daunting for novice players, so it’s advised that beginners get to know the game terminology, betting options, and other features before they start wagering. Let’s have a look at what to expect:


Standard Bets


  • Standard inside and outside bets are available in this online roulette variation.
  • Outside bets are those placed on a colour or a group of numbers, including Red/Black, Even/Odd, Columns, Dozens, and High/Low.
  • Inside bets are wagers made on 1 or more specific numbers.


Racetrack Feature


  • This feature provides players with an alternative betting board layout.
  • Standard bets along with neighbour and call bets like Voisins du Zero, Les Orphelins, and Tiers du Cylindre are available here.


Favourite Bets


  • Players can create and save the betting configurations they like best using this feature.


Special Bets


  • The Special Bets feature lets players access call wagers quickly.




  • This feature lets players set the game up to play automatically for a predetermined number of rounds.
  • Players can also set Win and Loss Limits.




  • Use this feature to display the statistics for the last 100 games.
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Game Payouts

Each European Roulette online variant has its own particular payout rate. When creating a European Roulette strategy, players should remember that Outside bets have lower payouts and lower odds than their Inside counterparts but come up more often.


With this in mind, here are the payouts for bets on this European roulette wheel:


  • Column bets pay 2:1
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1
  • Line bets pay 5:1
  • Split bets pay 17:1
  • Square bets pay 8:1
  • Straight-up bets pay 35:1
  • Street bets pay 11:1


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Gameplay Information

This particular European Roulette online variation was released in 2019. Excellent music and captivating sound effects ensure immersive gameplay as players place bets as per the European roulette rules.


Here’s a brief game overview:


  • There are 37 pockets on the European Roulette wheel. Pockets from 1 to 36 are alternately coloured red and black and there’s 1 green 0 pocket.
  • Players need to correctly guess which pocket the ball will eventually end up in to collect a payout.
  • Outside and call bets include options to wager on colour or on groups of numbers.
  • Inside and neighbour bets allow players to wager on specific numbers.
  • Winning results are announced when the wheel stops spinning.
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How To Play

When it comes to how to play European roulette, the player essentially needs to guess which of the wheel’s pockets the ball will fall into. The first step is to adjust the betting settings, like the chip size, to the player’s preference.


Then they’ll need to tap the area on the betting board that corresponds with the wager they want to make. Then it’s a simple matter of tapping the European Roulette online Spin button to get the wheel started and waiting for it to come to a halt to reveal the winning pocket. Results are announced when the wheel stops and payouts are made accordingly.


Players should stick to even money outside bets like Red/Black when first creating their European roulette strategy. These bets have a near 50% chance of winning. They should also always gamble responsibly, something that Spin Casino can help with by offering access to numerous exclusion and limit setting tools.


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Game Controls

  • The Chip button allows players to set the chip value to their preference.
  • Clicking on different areas of the betting board allows players to place different wagers.
  • The Undo button undoes the last action.
  • The Clear button removes all wagers from the board.
  • The Re-Bet button places the previous wager once more.
  • The 2X button doubles the value of bets on the board.
  • The Spin button gets the European Roulette wheel spinning.
  • The Autoplay button activates this feature.
  • The Statistics button allows players to view stats for the last 100 games.
  • The Favourites button allows players to create and store their most-used bets as well as access Special Bets.
  • The Racetrack button triggers this betting board.


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