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Real™ Roulette With Sarati NZ

Created exclusively for Microgaming, Real™ Roulette With Sarati combines Random Number Generated gameplay with premium cinematography and a dash of Hollywood glamour.


This sumptuous game offers the look and feel of a live dealer game and is part of the many choices for those who play online roulette at Spin Casino NZ.


Like all our roulette online options, Kiwi players can enjoy this game on desktop or mobile.

Why You Should Play?

In terms of online roulette New Zealand real money games, players previously had two choices. They could either opt for RNG-based games or a Live Dealer title.


Real™ Roulette With Sarati changes the game by combining video footage of the dealer, Sarati, with gameplay run on RNG software.


Although it’s based on the rules for European roulette online real money games, there are also extra bet options that are usually associated with the French variant.


The betting characteristics and game information include:


  • Real™ Roulette With Sarati is a low-volatility game.
  • There are 37 pockets, 18 red, 18 black, and a single green 0.
  • Standard bets include inside and outside Bets.
  • Additional extras include Favourite, Racetrack, and Special Bets.
  • A Statistics feature is available.
  • The minimum bet is NZ$0.25.
  • The maximum bet is NZ$1 000.
  • The maximum win possible is NZ$64 500.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4,5 out of 5.
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Bets And Features

New Zealand players who are interested in playing Real™ Roulette With Sarati are advised to familiarise themselves with this iconic game’s unique lingo upfront. Bearing that in mind, let’s have a look at the wagering options and features in this online roulette New Zealand real money game:


Standard Bets


  • Inside and outside bets are available.
  • Inside bets include Straight-Up wagers on one or more specific numbers.
  • Outside bets include Columns, Dozens, Odds/Evens, and Red/Black.


Racetrack Bets


  • The Racetrack Bets feature offers an alternate board layout along with several special bets.
  • Special Bet options include Les Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre, and Voisins du Zéro.


Favourite Bets


  • Up to 6 wager configurations can be added to the Favourite Bets feature. This allows players to quickly access their most-used wagers.


Special Bets


  • The Special Bets can be accessed via the Favourite Bets feature, where up to 10 of the most popular wager configurations are stored.
  • Some of these configurations include 007, Orphelins, Random 7, Red/Black, Splits, and Voisins du Zéro.


Statistics Feature


  • The Real™ Roulette With Sarati Statistics feature stores the last 100 spins made by the player.
  • Statistics include Black, Columns, Even, Halves, Hit Percentages for Individual Numbers, Hot and Cold Numbers, Odd, Red, Thirds, and Zero.
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Game Payouts

This online roulette New Zealand real money variation offers payouts of various sizes:


  • Column bets pay 2:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$875
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$875
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$1 000
  • Line bets pay 5:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$625
  • Split bets pay 17:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$250
  • Square bets pay 8:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$500
  • Straight-Up bets pay 35:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$125
  • Street bets pay 11:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$375
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Gameplay Information

Created by Real dealer Studios for Microgaming in 2019, Real™ Roulette With Sarati is a luxury edition of a casino classic. It offers players the one-on-one interaction of a Live Dealer game, but RNG governs the outcome of each round.


Your dealer, Sarati, stands at an actual table, but the betting board has a CG-generated interface with all the betting options and feature buttons. Atmospheric music and clever sound effects create an immersive gameplay experience.


Here's a brief overview of this roulette online real money game:


  • Players’ aim is to guess which wheel pocket the ball will eventually end up in.
  • Players can place inside bets, wagers on specific numbers, or outside bets, a colour or group of numbers.
  • Game features like Special Bets featuring wagers like Les Orphelins and Voisins du Zero are available in Real™ Roulette With Sarati.
  • Sarati spins the wheel and drops the ball onto it when players click the Spin button and announces the winning result once the wheel comes to a stop.
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How To Play

The first step when playing this online roulette New Zealand real money game is adjusting bet settings. Players need to then click or tap the relevant wager on the betting board before they do the same to the Spin button. Sarati will announce the results as soon as they’re available.


When playing at Spin Casino, responsible gambling is always a priority. We offer numerous tools available to help New Zealand players gamble responsibly, including cooling off periods, information on transaction history, limit-and setting.


Take a closer look at the controls of the game:

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Game Controls

  • The Chip button displays the size of the current chip and allows players to view their options regarding chip size.
  • The Favourite button accesses Favourite and Special Bets.
  • The Racetrack button gives players the chance to view this betting board and look at the Special Bets in this area.
  • Players can use the roulette online real money Statistics button to view information about the previous 100 games.
  • The 2X button will double the value of all current bets.
  • The Undo button removes the last action.
  • The Clear button clears all the wagers on the table.
  • The Spin button gets Sarati to start the wheel moving.
  • The hamburger icon, ≡, grants access to sound and other game settings.
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