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Teen Patti

Teen Patti from Evolution is a live dealer take on the popular Asian variant of three-card poker. This live poker online game is beamed from an Asian-inspired studio and entails players competing against the house to see whose three-card hand is better. The game includes multiple wagering options, including bets on the initial game and a few side wagers. This live poker game is available for play at Spin Casino.


Why You Should Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is one exciting live poker game to try, as it’s different from your traditional poker. Here are some reasons why you should explore this game:


  • Simple to Understand. The goal of this game is for the player to get a three-card hand that is more valuable than the dealer’s hand.
  • Three Different Bets. You can bet on the basic game, plus there are two other side bets with different goals.
  • Two Side Wagers. Players can wager on the Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus bets.
  • What’s Your Hand? In addition to traditional ante and play payouts, players can also earn additional potential winnings for a straight, three of a kind, or straight flush. The player also receives an ante bonus for a straight or greater regardless of how the dealer’s hand plays out.
  • A Beautiful Interface. The game’s distinct Asia-inspired filming studio and table layout makes it one of the most memorable games for people to enjoy today.
  • Minimum Bets Available. You can play with chips as low as 0.50 in value, making this game perfect for those who don’t want to spend too much.
  • Maximum Payout. The game’s top-value payout is 1000:1 on a side bet, and the RTP is 96.63%.

Game Features & Strategies

  • Three-Card Poker Style. Teen Patti rules are simple, as the game requires the player to compete with the dealer to see whose three-card hand is more valuable.
  • Choose When to Play. Players can choose to raise or fold after getting their three cards. Since the dealer plays on a queen or better, the player can consider the general potential for the dealer’s hand to qualify. One strategy to use is to always play when one’s hand has at least a queen and 7 as two cards.
  • Pair Plus Side Bet. The Pair Plus side bet entails the player wagering whether one’s three-card hand will have a pair or greater. The player receives a payout for a successful wager even if the dealer’s hand is more valuable.
  • 6 Card Bonus Side Bet. The 6 Card Bonus bet is the second side bet in this game. The player will make a five-card hand out of the six cards in the game. The player receives a payout if the five-card hand is a three of a kind or greater, with this coming regardless of the dealer’s hand value.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

  • Ante – Place your chips at the start of the game. Payout: 1:1
  • Play – You can raise if you feel you have a better three-card hand. This bet is a push if the dealer doesn’t have at least a queen in one’s hand. Payout: 1:1
  • Ante Bonus – You will receive an ante bonus if you have a straight or higher in your hand. You’ll earn this bonus regardless of what the dealer’s hand features. Payouts: Straight – 1:1, Three of a Kind – 4:1, Straight Flush – 5:1
  • Pair Plus – This side wager entails betting on whether you can get a pair or greater on your three-card hand. Payouts: Pair – 1:1, Flush – 4:1, Straight – 5:1, Three of a Kind – 30:1, Straight Flush – 40:1, Mini Royal – 100:1
  • 6 Card Bonus – This other side wager lets you bet on getting a three of a kind or greater on a five-card hand consisting of cards in both your hand and the dealer’s. Payouts: Three of a Kind – 7:1, Straight – 10:1, Flush – 15:1, Full house – 20:1, Four of a Kind – 100:1, Straight Flush – 200:1, Royal Flush – 1000:1

Teen Patti Game Play

Teen Patti is a live poker online game from Evolution that incorporates an Asian theme, as it is based on a game originating out of India. The game has a beautiful purple felt table with wooden accents, while the polite dealer will be there to deal out the cards. The pleasing sounds and design make it an outstanding choice for live dealer games.


You can play Teen Patti by first placing your bet in the Play square. You can also add side bets in the Pair Plus or 6 Card Bonus circles if you want to play with those wagers.


You’ll then receive your three cards after placing your bets. You can choose to either place an ante equal to your original bet or fold depending on whether you feel you have a good hand. The dealer will then reveal one’s cards, and you’ll see if your cards are more valuable.


There are four ways how someone could potentially win in this live dealer game:


1. By having a more valuable three-card poker hand

2. By having a straight or better in one’s hand

3. Getting a pair or greater when playing the Pair Plus game

4. Getting three of a kind or greater in a five-card hand when playing the 6 Card Bonus game

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