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Life Lessons Learnt From Blackjack Online

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Queen of spades card laying face up Source: Unsplash

There are few casino games that are as firmly skill based as Blackjack online. So much so that an expert Canadian player isn’t just better than a novice, but in an entirely different league. But with that being said, many tend to think of the classic card game as something that is simply beyond the reach of the average player.

After all, isn’t prodigy level mathematics required to be a pro Blackjack online player? Doesn’t it take months, or even years to really reach a professional level? Or more to the point, doesn’t taking the game so seriously rob it of entertainment value?

First and foremost, if you are the sort of iGaming Canadian enthusiast that wishes to simply jump onto the tables, throw down a few brazen bets, then be done for the night, that is fine. No one ever said that it was a requirement to take casino games seriously.

On the other hand, those that are keen on honing their skills are going to have to put in some elbow grease. There is indeed a specific mentality that is willing to sit down, do some research, and learn the best strategies.

Fortunately, it isn’t as difficult or time consuming to get better at Blackjack online as many novices assume. But not only is it very rewarding to get better, and see the potential benefits, it turns out that this iconic game holds a few interesting life lessons that be unlocked.

Let’s yake  acloser look at how Blackjack can teach you more about life – and vice versa!

Think Long Term

Thinking long term is not just good advice for Blackjack online, it is good advice for all casino games. Many novices are caught up in the moment, seduced by the idea of a big win, and tend to make risky decisions.

The key to being a smarter gambler is to think in the long term.

For example, many Canadian players are so eager to get their hand as close to 21 as possible that they will hit in the riskiest of circumstances. However, here is an important factor to take into consideration; there are always going to be some losses when it comes to games of chance.

The smart player understands that although hitting may indeed have a chance of revealing the cards hoped for, playing it safe is the road to winning in the long run. The wins may not be as potentially immediate on the safe road, but in the long run a modest take is far more likely.

The same advice is good for life in general.

Thinking long term is the key to lasting happiness. After all, those that have putting away cash for retirement their entire lives sure have plenty to look forward to. Those that neglected this essential practice may just have a few regrets later on.

Understand The Opportunities

When it comes to Blackjack online, the pendulum swings both ways. It is certainly a good idea to play safely, and think long term, but there is also a time to strike. The key here is understanding when the right time to strike is, and spotting the signs of opportunity when they come knocking.

The trick is that there are no shortcuts to understanding a game as deep and complicated as this. Simply put, if you don’t put in the time, the opportunities will likely go flying by, never even spotted by a pair of uneducated eyes.

There are dozens of free strategy guides available online, and those that have the intention of getting better will be studying those guides, learning about the game, and as such decoding where the opportunities are, and how they can be exploited. When a pair of 2s arrive, the learned player knows that it is time to split. When a 16 appears and the dealer is only showing a 7, someone that has done their research will know that it isn’t the time to stand.

Of course, the same is true about life. There are no shortcuts to success and thinking so is often the road to disappointment. Those that have found success in their field did so by studying, learning, putting in the time, and spotting the opportunities when they came knocking. Plus, they were not afraid to jump at those opportunities when they did arrive.

Blackjack cards face up next to casino chipsSource: Pixabay

Put In The Time

No, skill is not attained overnight. Not in life, and not in Blackjack online.

Studying strategy guides is certainly required and will go a long way to spotting opportunities. But true skill comes from playing during every available moment. Truly getting into the action, experiencing things as they unfold, and learning from each step is the path to skill.

Additionally, it was never said that losing money was necessarily part learning Blackjack. Although there are going to be losses along the way, skill is just as likely to be learned on consequence free versions of the game. Never forget that online casinos offer all their games for free. Sticking to these versions until you’re comfortable putting down real money is fine.

Life works in a similar way. There is simply no substitute for practicing the craft that you intend on being good at. No matter what the chosen career path is, if you’re not putting in the time to master it, you’re not moving forward. It is all good and well to hit the books, but at some point, you will need to get stuck in, risk getting dirty, and experience things first hand. Naturally, you better start getting used to the idea that the craft will occupy a great deal of your time.

Stick To The Plan

Blackjack online is almost exclusively a game about making the right move at the right time. Either you know the right move, or you don’t. If you’re stuck facing an unclear hand, and feel uncertainty begin to cloud your mind, you probably don’t understand the strategy guides deeply enough.

Those who know the game back and front can face almost any hand with confidence, understanding the risks, yet familiar with the correct path forward. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that understanding the right move will always result in a win. But the right move will increase the chances of a win.

Those that have studied the strategy guides, contemplated the important statistical facts, and have grasped the task at hand, will never sway from the script. It simply doesn’t make sense to deviate from exactly what is needed at that moment. The real trick, as already said, is knowing the right move.

Life may not be as straightforward as a game of cards, but it does also pay to stick to the script. If starting down a path, only to discover that it is not as easy as first imagined, responding by jumping off the path is generally a very bad idea.

Perseverance goes a long way and is generally the key to finding that elusive success. Though it should also be kept in mind that perseverance without evolving wisdom can be akin to bashing one’s head against a brick wall.

The Devil And The Details

Here is a hypothetical question. If you could choose to always be dealt 18 in the game of Blackjack online, would you take that deal?

If you answered yes, you clearly need to start hitting those guides a bit harder and familiarise yourself more with how things work.

A hand of 18 will lose more often that it will win. This is just a statistical fact, and the core of how casino games work long term. If you were always dealt 18, you would, eventually, be unavoidably losing money.

Novices that grasp this are now truly understanding the game and coming to terms with its deeper core. 18 is a beneficial hand to have, certainly, and has a good chance of winning. But understanding statistical chances of the dealer also getting an 18, or a higher hand, are what separate the beginner from a skilled player. There is simply no substitute for this knowledge, and likewise no shortcuts to getting better.

Yes, the same applies to life. Every path in life is muddled by uncertainty, unexpected challenges, and outright tragedies. Nothing is what it appears, and every step could result in an unforeseen drama. If anyone believes that they are infallible, it is likely because they have not yet been dealt a situation that they are unclear on. Yet, with the right mind set, determination, and an understanding that there is always more to learn, most situations can, at the very least, be surmountable.

Lastly, as you hone your skills, aim to get better, and move towards a more learned style of play, always remember to play responsibly. Managing your bankroll is as important as learning strategies and should be a top priority. Keeping a close eye on your funds is, after all, the only way to know if you are improving.

Learn more about playing Blackjack online. Sign up at Spin Casino and enjoy life lessons and potential wins all rolled into one!

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