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1524 Golden Quest

Join the Conqueror in an epic trek through the mountains and jungles of South America in search of the treasures of the lost city of El Dorado.

Why You Should Play This Online Video Bingo Game

Here’s why 1524 Golden Quest is one of the best online video bingo games to play:


  • It’s a high volatility video bingo casino game with 4 tickets, 30 balls and 19 prize patterns.
  • It has a dynamic Lost City theme with vibrant graphics, entertaining animations and atmospheric sounds.
  • It has great bonus features like Wild Balls, Golden Pyramid Bonus, Golden Gods Bonus and El Dorado Jackpots.
  • It has Extra Balls that you can buy for a chance to complete higher value patterns.
  • It has an affordable minimum bet of $0.05.
  • It has a solid maximum bet of $40.
  • It has a grand prize of 5,000x your bet.
  • It’s simple and intuitive to play
  • It has mobile and desktop versions so you can play anywhere you like.
  • One of the most popular games on our site! We rate it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Jackpots and Bonus Features

The 1524 Golden Quest video bingo game has a bunch of entertaining bonus games and features:


  • Wild Balls: There’s a chance that any Extra Ball you buy can be a Wild Ball instead. Wild Balls enable you to mark off numbers that haven’t been called yet, for better winning chances in this game of video bingo online.
  • El Dorado Jackpots: Any ball drawn in the Initial Draw or Extra Ball stages can award you a golden coin. When this happens, the Ball Drum fires the coin out and it collects in the El Dorado Jackpot panel. Collect 6, 7, 8 or 9 golden coins to receive one of the following 4 jackpot prizes: Bronze (100x), Silver (250x), Emeral (1,000x) and El Dorado (5,000x your bet). All collected coins are removed from the El Dorado Jackpot at the end of a round.
  • Golden Pyramid Bonus: Activate this video bingo casino bonus when you complete Bonus pattern 1. Your task is the help the Conqueror climb a six level pyramid. Each level has three different doors to choose from. Some will reveal prizes, while others will release a flock of bats. If you find a prize, it’s collected and you go to the next level to make another selection. IF you release bats, two things can happen. First, the Conqueror can stagger and fall off the Pyramid, sending you back to the base game. Second, the Conqueror can stagger but not fall off the Pyramid. You won’t win any prizes but you will go to the next level for another try. A mystery prize can also appear at random at the end of the Golden Pyramid Bonus.
  • Golden Gods Bonus: Complete Bonus pattern 2 to trigger this feature and enter the Golden Gods chamber, where 12 golden coins await you. Each coin hides a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond idol with a corresponding bonus prize. The aim is to select coins and match 3 idols to win a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond trophy worth 150x, 225x, 325x and 500x your bet respectively.
  • Golden Masks Bonus: Bonus pattern 3 activates this feature, which takes you to a room inside the pyramid. There are 8 prize-concealing Golden Masks on a wall for you to select. Keep picking and collecting prizes until the “Collect” sign sends you back to the base game.
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Betting and Payouts

Betting and payouts in 1524 Golden Quest work the same as most video bingo online games:


  • Betting: You can bet anything from $0.05 to $40 on your enabled bingo tickets. Add all your bets together for your total bet amount. Say you bet $5 on 4 enabled tickets – your total bet will come to $20.
  • Payouts: Wins are paid out at the end of a game round, when all balls have been drawn in the Initial Draw and Extra Draw stages. Completed prize patterns pay from 2x your bet to 2,000x should you hit bingo.
  • Multiple payouts: If you form more than one completely new prize patterns on a ticket in the same round, you get a payout for each one. If prize patterns form on top of previous patterns, you get the payout for the higher value pattern.
  • Bonus payouts: El Dorado Jackpots pay out up to 5,000x your bet. Golden Pyramid Bonus pays out 550x for the bonus pattern and up to 2,075x in bonus wins. Golden Masks pays out 400x for the bonus pattern and bonus prizes up to 1,400x. Golden Gods awards 400x for the pattern and trophies up to 500x.


Before you start your quest: Spin Casino supports responsible gambling. We encourage our Canadian players to play video bingo games within a budget. To help keep things fun, we’ve placed a range of responsible gaming tools at your disposal. Get in touch with our help desk to find out more.

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How Play 1524 Golden Quest Video Bingo Online

Released in March 2022, 1524 Golden Quest is an audacious new addition to Neko Games’ suite of popular online video bingo games. Neko Game’s signature lively graphics and evocative sounds bring the Lost City exploration theme to life in entertaining detail.


Game play is completely straightforward:


  • Register at Spin Casino, log in and select 1524 Golden Quest in the games lobby.
  • Fire up the game, decide how many bingo tickets you want to enable, to a maximum of four, then place your bets.
  • You’ll see 30 balls numbered 1 to 90 appear in the Initial Draw, and if you can complete a higher value prize pattern with just one number, you’ll get the chance to buy Extra Balls too.


Navigate through a slew of brilliant bonus games as you climb the Golden Pyramid, raid the chamber of the Golden Gods and play for El Dorado Jackpots worth up to 5,000x your bet in 1524 Golden Quest video bingo online! It’s so simple and intuitive to play video bingo online at Spin Casino!

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