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Extreme Multifire Roulette

Switch Studios has made it possible for Canadian players to take a classic table game to a new extreme.


Created exclusively for Microgaming, Extreme Multifire Roulette is one of the casino roulette games at Spin Casino that players can enjoy on desktop and mobile.

Why You Should Play?

Extreme Multifire Roulette builds on one of the studio’s previous releases, namely Switch Multifire Roulette. This lively variant uses standard European rules, apart from the Multiplier bonus numbers and Extreme Tumbler Multipliers.


This online roulette game offers standard inside and outside bets, Special bets such as French bets, and other betting features. Discover some of this roulette casino game’s betting characteristics:


  • The game has a very high volatility.
  • The wheel has 37 pockets: 18 red, 18 black, one green.
  • Standard bets: inside and outside bets.
  • Betting features: Multiplied straight-up bets, Extreme Tumbler, Random 3 bets, Favourite Bets, Special Bets.
  • Other features: Turbo mode, Autoplay.
  • Default bet: 2.00.
  • Min bet: 0.25.
  • Max bet: Straight-up bets 100.00, Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low 800.00.
  • Max win: 298,000.00.
  • One of our most popular games! We rate it 4.5 out of 5 stars.
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Bets And Features

Even though Extreme Multifire Roulette uses standard European rules, the game has elements that set it apart from many other roulette casino games. Players might find it helpful to get familiar with the game’s terminologies and features before enjoying some roulette betting online. Take a closer look at the betting options and features:


Standard Bets


  • The game’s standard bets include inside and outside bets.
  • Inside bets are also known as straight-up bets.
  • Players choose one or more specific numbers when placing inside bets.
  • Outside bets include Red/Black, Even/Odd, High/Low, Columns, and Dozens.



Multiplied Straight-up Bets


  • The automated Multiplied Straight-up Bets feature triggers at the start of each round after players place bets and spin the wheel.
  • All Extreme Multifire Roulette straight-up bets are eligible for a Multifire Multiplier number.
  • Between 1 and 3 numbers are chosen randomly.
  • Each of the chosen numbers has a Multiplier between x50 and x500.
  • If the player has a winning number that matches a Multifire Multiplier, the payout is multiplied accordingly.


Extreme Tumbler


  • The automated Extreme Tumbler feature triggers after the Multifire Numbers are revealed.
  • The Extreme Tumbler produces a x2, x3, x4, or x5 Multiplier to further enhance the Multifire Number Multipliers.
  • Multiplied straight-up number wins can pay out as much as 2499:1.


Random 3


  • Random 3 feature randomly places chips on any 3 straight-up numbers that don’t already have chips.
  • If there aren’t 3 remaining numbers without a chip, the feature will place chips on the remaining empty numbers.
  • Access the feature via the Random 3 button on the interface.


Favourite Bets


  • Players can use the Favourite Bets feature to add up to 6 custom bet configurations using current chip placements and values.
  • Players can place those configurations quickly when playing Extreme Multifire Roulette
  • Access the feature via the Favourites button on the interface.


Special Bets


  • Players can choose from 10 pre-determined popular bet configurations in the Special Bets feature.
  • Some of the configurations include Red Splits, Black Splits, Les Voisins du Zero, Tiers du Cylindre, and Les Orphelins.
  • Access the Special Bets feature via the Favourites button on the interface.


Turbo Mode


  • Players can initiate Turbo Mode to spin the wheel faster for sped-up gaming rounds.
  • Access the feature via the Turbo button on the online roulette game interface.
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Game Payouts

The various betting options players can choose from when playing Extreme Multifire Roulette offer payouts of different sizes. These are some of the payouts players could win when playing roulette online in Canada:


  • Straight-up bets pay 29:1 – 2499:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-125.00
  • Split bets pay 17:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-250.00
  • Street bets pay 11:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-375.00
  • Square bets pay 8:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-500.00
  • Line bets pay 5:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-625.00
  • Column bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-875.00
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-875.00
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-1,000.00
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Gameplay Information

Switch Studios and Microgaming released Extreme Multifire Roulette in 2022. Players will find a traditional European roulette wheel online and a classic betting board, which they can change to a classic betting racetrack if preferred. The wheel has a single 0 green pocket as well as 36 red and black pockets. The pulsating music and sound effects add to the atmosphere of this iconic game, which Switch Studios has taken to the next level by incorporating Multipliers, an Extreme Tumbler, and other features. Here’s a brief overview of the game:


  • The roulette wheel online has 18 red pockets and 18 black pockets numbered 1-36 as well as a green 0 pocket.
  • The aim of the game is to guess which pocket the ball will land in when the wheel stops spinning.
  • Players can bet on specific numbers or on colours or groups of numbers.
  • Multifire Multiplier numbers and Extreme Tumbler Multipliers appear at the start of each round.
  • Only straight-up bets are eligible for Multifire and Extreme Tumbler Multipliers.
  • The winning result is announced when the wheel stops spinning.
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How To Play

To play Extreme Multifire Roulette, players guess which wheel pocket the ball will land in. They can bet the ball will land on a specific number or on a number within a specific group of numbers, or they can bet on the colour of the pocket.


Multifire Multiplier numbers appear while the wheel spins, and Extreme Tumbler Multipliers appear after those numbers get revealed. The winning result is announced when the wheel stops spinning.


Players can use basic online roulette strategy when playing this game. A few strategies include focusing on placing outside bets which have better chances of winning, setting time limits for gaming sessions, and setting personal win/loss limits. Learn more about the game controls below.

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Game Controls

  • Use the Chip button to select chip size.
  • Click/tap areas on the betting board to place bets.
  • Use the x2 button to double all bets on the board.
  • Select the Undo button to undo the last action on the board.
  • Use the Spin button to spin the Extreme Multifire Roulette wheel.
  • Click/tap the Turbo button to initiate Turbo mode for faster casino roulette gaming rounds.
  • Select the Autoplay button to initiate the Autoplay feature.
  • Use the Favourites button to access the Favourite Bets feature.
  • Click/tap the Favourites button and then select the Special Bets button to access the Special Bets feature.
  • Select the Racetrack button to switch the betting board to a betting racetrack.
  • Use the Random 3 button to activate the Random 3 feature.
  • Click/tap the hamburger menu button to access other game settings.
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