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Boom City

Welcome to Boom City, the real money game show that’s driven by a pair of gold and blue dice! Plot your course on the 6x6 game grid and bet on multipliers and bonus games that offer the chance to win up to 20,000x your bet in our live casino!


Reasons to Play Boom City

Here’s why it’s fun to play the Boom City game in our live casino in Canada:


  • It’s a live casino show with unique game play centred on predicting the outcome of a dice roll.
  • It has a 6x6 main game board with multipliers and bonus cells.
  • It has three great bonus games – Boom or Bust, Dice Battle and Lucky Drop.
  • It has friendly, professional presenters who focus on engaging the audience.
  • It has live chat and game statistics
  • It’s available 24/7 and streamed in Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • Bets start at a low $0.10.
  • The maximum bet is $5,000.
  • The maximum payout is $500,000.
  • The Boom City game is available on all devices.

Boom City Game Features and Strategies

The Boom City game is packed with dynamic dice-rolling features:


  • Main Roll: The main goal is to bet on the outcomes of dice rolls (made with a pair of blue and gold dice) that map onto a 6x6 game grid. Blue is horizontal and gold is vertical, so (eg) a blue 2, gold 5 roll will pinpoint the cell in column 2, row 5. Betting options are orange, grey and gold multiplier cells and Dice Battle, Boom or Bust and Lucky Drop cells. Bust cells knock you out of the game. PowerUp cells fields upgrade existing multipliers, replace Bust Cells with 1x multipliers and award re-rolls.
  • Dice Battle: This simple bonus game asks you to back either the blue or the gold dice. Three rolls of each take place and the dice with the biggest score wins the battle. If you choose the winning side, you get a multiplier equal to both scores combined. If either side rolls a triple six, you get an added bonus multiplier of 500x your stake.
  • Boom or Bust: The game moves to a different 6×6 grid filled with multipliers and Bust and Hyper Jump cells. The goal: to climb as high up the grid as possible. An initial roll establishes the value of the Safe Multiplier which pays even if you hit Bust. Each subsequent roll gives you the option to Cash Out or Keep Rolling. Hyper Jump takes you to the top with a guaranteed multiplier. Level Up moves you up three rows. Boom or Bust is all about risk and reward.
  • Lucky Drop: The game moves to a new screen with six columns. Select a column and watch as the dice roll six times. Multipliers equal to the numbers rolled are added to the corresponding columns. On the fifth roll, you get an instant payout of your bet multiplied by the number of times the dice rolled the number of your chosen column. The minimum win is 5x the bet so if you want to play it safe, this is the bonus game to go for.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

Here are the bets and payouts you can make and win in Boom City, as well as the frequency of each option:


  • Orange cells pay out 1x  your bet and appear 12 times.
  • Grey cells pay out 2x and appear 10 times.
  • Gold cells pay out 5x your bet and occur 5 times.
  • Level Up cells appear 3 times.
  • Dice Battle appears twice and awards multipliers up to 500x.
  • Boom or Bust appears once and can boost multipliers to 20,000x.
  • Lucky Drop appears once and awards multipliers up to 250x.       

Boom City Game Play

Released in 2022 by Pragmatic Play, Boom City shakes up the live casino scene with compelling dice-based game play that’s goes long on action and variety. The gaming studio with its big screens and dice battle boards is done up in bold colours complementing the primary blue-and-gold theme, with views of the futuristic Boom City skyline through the virtual windows. The impressively big blue and gold dice appear on top of a big shaker platform, and the slickly dressed presenters get really animated about the outcomes. This energy is infectious, making for a highly engaging show. The game play is also unique among dice games in that you’re not simply focusing on dice roll odds. Instead, the dice drive the action by generating bet-worthy outcomes on the Main Roll board and in the bonus games. Speaking of which, Boom or Bust is one of the most compelling live casino bonus games, with a compelling element of risk versus reward element that makes for suspense. Of course, you can only play bonus games if you bet on them in the main game. Fortunately, the gaming interface gives you the option to bet on multiple outcomes.


Overall, Boom City has to be one of the most action-packed and entertaining live games out there right now, and we’re proud to offer it in our live casino online. To get rolling, simply open an account at Spin Casino, choose a quick and easy payment method to put some money in your bankroll, and find the Boom City game in the Live Casino lobby. Join the party, place your bets within the allocated betting time and let the good times roll! Boom City is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

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