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Mega Sic Bo

Explore a sophisticated Chinese table game based on the roll of three dice in Mega Sic Bo here at Spin Casino. Interact with your engaging host in our live casino as you place real money wagers on a spread of fascinating bet spots enhanced by random multipliers that can return wins of up to 1,000x your bet.


Reasons to Play Mega Sic Bo

Here’s why it’s so much fun to play Mega Sic Bo in our live casino in Canada:


  • It’s a live casino version of the classic Sic Bo dice game.
  • It has an authentic Sic Bo layout with 52 different betting positions.
  • It has random Mega Multipliers that pay up:1,000x your stake.
  • It has friendly, engaging, professional live dealers.
  • It has live chat and detailed game statistics.
  • It’s streamed in Ultra HD 4K resolution.
  • The minimum bet is only $1.
  • The maximum bet is a high-rolling $5,000.
  • The maximum win is $500,000.
  • Mega Sic Bo is available 24/7 on all mobile and desktop devices.

Mega Sic Bo Game Features and Strategies

Mega Sic Bo has the following top-rated game features:


  • Sic Bo layout: All of the 52 available betting positions with their associated dice values and payouts are clearly displayed on an authentic Sic Bo layout in the gaming interface. You can place your chips on multiple spots for varied betting combinations.
  • Mega Multipliers: When bets close, Mega Multipliers of up to 1,000x your bet are randomly assigned to a number of betting positions. If one of your successful bets happens to include a spot with a multiplier, you achieve a Mega Win. Not all betting positions can have Mega Multipliers assigned to them and multiplier values vary according to the odds, so be sure to check up on this and plan your betting strategy accordingly.
  • Game Statistics: Statistics can help you assess the game history and spot trends. Statistics for the past 100 rolls are available in Mega Sic Bo’s roadmaps (diagrams of the game results). A chart displays the percentage outcomes of the dice values 1-6 as well percentage outcomes for Small, Big, Triple, Odd and Even bets.
  • Rebet: Click on the Rebet button to bet on the same positions you bet on in the previous game round. Clicking Rebet enables the Double and Undo buttons.
  • Double: Click on the Double button to double the chips on your bet spots.
  • Undo: Click on the Undo button to undo your current bets. This option is only available during betting time – you can’t undo your bets when the game is on.
  • Autoplay: Click on the Autoplay button to automatically repeat your bets for a specific number of game rounds. You can set Autoplay to stop if your balance increases or decreases by a specific amount or a single win exceeds a specific value.

Bets, Odds and Payouts

Here are the betting options you can enjoy in Mega Sic Bo along with their associated payouts (higher payouts imply less favourable odds):


  • Small or Big: Bet that dice values will be be Small (4:10) or Big (11:17). Small or Big bets are cancelled by Triple bets and pay out 1:1.
  • Odd or Even: Bet that the dice values will be Odd or Even. Odd or Even bets are cancelled by Triple bets and pay out 1:1.
  • Double: Bet that the same number will turn up on two of the three dice will show the same number. Doubles pay out 8-87:1.
  • Specific Triple: Bet that all three dice will show the same number. Specific triples pay out 150-999:1. This is the only bet that can carry the maximum 1,000x Mega Multiplier.
  • Any Triple: Bet that any number will appear on all three dice. Any Triple pays out 30-87:1.
  • Three Dice Total: Bet that the numbers of the three dice will add up to the values corresponding to any of the 14 Three Dice Total betting positions: 4 or 17 (pays 50-499:1), 5 or 16 (pays 20-249:1), 6 or 15 (pays 15-87:1), 7 or 14 (pays 12-29:1), 8 or 13 (pays 8-24:1), 9 or 12 (pays 6-49:1), and 10 or 11 (pays 6-24:1.
  • Two Dice Combo: Bet on any of the 15 possible combinations that two dice can display. This bet pays out 5-24:1.
  • Single: Bet that one, two or three dice will show the number One, Two, Three, Four, Five or Six. If one, two or three dice show the chosen number, the payout will be 1:1, 2-19:1 and 3-87:1 respectively.

Mega Sic Bo Game Play

Released in March 2023, Mega Sic Bo is Pragmatic Play’s twist on Sic Bo, the classic game that turns on the outcome of a shake of three dice (Sic Bo meaning “precious dice” in Chinese). The game plays out at a table in a studio with the feel of luxurious gambling hall. Seated at the table is a friendly dealer who operates that traditional dice shaker with its glass dome. You’ll be given a period to place your bets, after which the game will begin. A major point in Mega Sic Bo’s favour is the addition of Mega Multipliers, which can boost wins on selected bet spots to up to 1,000x your stake. The ability to interact with the dealer and chat with other players as you try to predict which numbers will come up in the game round is an added plus.


To stake your place at a Mega Sic Bo table in a live casino in Canada, simply register at Spin Casino. After this quick and easy process, you’ll want to deposit some money in your account, because you have to pay real money to play live casino games (there isn’t a demo mode). Once that’s done, find the game you want in the Live Casino section of the games lobby and take your seat. It’s a virtual seat, of course – you can play anywhere you want because our live casino games are compatible with all desktop and mobile devices.

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