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How 5G Will Impact Online Casinos in 2021

Online Casino, Entertainment, Technology

Evolution of 5G

At this point, the world is well aware that the era of 5G is here. The networks are steadily being rolled out across major metropolitan areas first and will gradually blanket everywhere that mobile devices are used. 5G, of course, means significantly faster data transfer rates, with a focus on mobile devices in particular.

But it isn’t just average mobile device owners that are set to see the benefits. There are numerous industries that will enjoy giant leaps forward, with the online casino world a primary example. Online casinos are entirely reliant on data transfer rates, and it goes without saying that the faster and more reliable the connections, the better for the industry as a whole.

What Is 5G?

As it stands, mobile devices mostly still operate on 4G networks. 4G referring to the fact that it’s the 4th generation of the technology. At its peak, 4G reaches speeds of 14 Mbps, which is rather impressive considering that this is around 5 times faster than 3G. LTE, on the other hand, which is an advancement of 4G networks, clocks out at a maximum of 69 Mbps.

Then there’s 5G.

As anyone would logically assume, 5G is a great deal faster than 4G and LTE.

But just how much faster are we talking?

In perfect conditions, a 5G network is capable of speeds exceeding 100 gigabits per second. That isn’t just a bit faster than 4G, it is over 100 times faster than the fastest 4G. Impressive to say the least, perhaps even entering into the territory of overkill. At least, it’s overkill for the transfer speeds required by the average person right now.

However, where 5G will really shine is in the business market, where it can be truly used to its full potential.

Online Gaming Speeds

Online casinos report that, according to statistics and research, a primary reason that a player will abandon a site is due to unacceptably slow data transfer speeds. Games quickly become unplayable if data is not sent and received fast enough, and it’s only logical that players become frustrated. After all, no one wants to play jittery slots or games of Roulette where the wheel stutters.

With 5G in the picture, this problem instantly becomes redundant.

Not only will speeds be far beyond what's required to operate an online casino effectively, the connection is also practically impossible to interrupt. This is obviously great news for online casinos, as the technology creates an environment of stability that’s only previously been dreamed of.

As far as live casino games are concerned, 5G is all but a dream come true. These games rely on real-time live video streams to deliver an authentic experience, and any interruptions dampen the experience. With 5G, crystal clear video streams with virtually zero delays will be possible, and the benefits speak for themselves.

Quality Enhancements

But the benefits of increased transfer rates don’t stop with stability or clearer video feeds. There’s also massive potential to drastically improve the overall quality of online-based digital games. Since the available bandwidth is so enormous, it allows for the actual processing of games to occur on the side of the server, with the end product simply sent to a receiving device. This innovation means that, even if the player has a mobile device with minimal hardware resources, game quality will still be top of the range.

In this regard, the sky really is the limit and gameplay quality at online casinos is expected to shoot far beyond where it is today. In fact, consoles such as the PlayStation 5 may well be left in the dust, assuming that casino game developers lean into the full potential.

5G to change online and mobile casinos
Increased Mobile Casino Focus

Beyond the stability and quality of games, there’s another benefit of 5G that is significant. Namely that gaming enthusiasts will now be drawn to their mobile devices more than ever.

As we mentioned, 5G all but makes gaming consoles redundant, and that’s excellent news for the mobile industry. The mobile casino market is already enjoying incredible success, and 5G is set to enhance that trend even further.

Though, it stands to reason than brick and mortar establishments will also look to capitalise on the technology. Some land-based casinos are already rolling out mobile apps that enhance a physical visit to the premises. No doubt with the drastically increased potential provided by faster networks, this innovative angle will also be leaned into and developed in creative directions.

The Challenges

But with all the obvious benefits, 5G is certainly not going to be an easy innovation to roll out. There is an enormous cost and almost unimaginable amount work that’s required for setting up the new networks. Significantly more than with any previous network leap.

With 3G and 4G, exiting networks were simply upgraded to achieve faster speeds and better efficiency. But with 5G an entirely new network must be physically installed. 5G signals are extremely fast and carry vast amounts of data. But it just so happens that the faster the frequency used, the weaker the signal over a given distance.

Therefore, for 5G to be realised areas must be investigated, evaluated, and numerous relays, referred to as macro cells, must be installed. This is no small task, and it’s likewise extremely expensive to implement.

But, as with all technology, it will simply be a matter of time before the infrastructure is installed. Widespread 5G availability is expected by 2025.

Entering Uncharted Territory

One of the most interesting aspects of 5G is that it’s widely being referred to as uncharted territory. This is in regard to the true potential of the technology, and how it might fully be utilised. The systems used, and maximum potential of the networks are so far beyond what’s available today that, simply put, there is no telling where it will lead.

With that being said, the benefits for online casinos are clear to see. But where innovative gaming operators will take the potential, and what they will do to take full advantage remains to be seen. It’s certainly an exciting time for online casinos, and the world in general.

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