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Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack NZ

Looking for a game of classic online blackjack in New Zealand with multiple hands? Then Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack is the answer.

Why Play This Game?

When you play blackjack online for real money, you want a high-quality game that’s not only potentially rewarding but entertaining too. Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack fits the bill. Yes, it may be a classic table game with no extra side bets, but the usual bets that you’d find in online blackjack games in NZ still apply.


In addition, this game gives you a multi hand option. Below, a brief synopsis of what you can expect:


  • Min bet of 1.
  • Max bet of 200.
  • A max of 3 hands available to play.
  • A max bet of 200 per hand, a max bet of 600 for all 3 hands.
  • Clean graphics and realistic sounding audio.
  • Standard bets like Double Down, Split and Insurance.
  • One of our top-rated games! We give it a 4,5 out of 5.
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The Standard Bets/Features

Whether you’re playing blackjack on your mobile or PC in NZ, the game of Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack offers plenty of excitement.


When it comes to building your online blackjack strategy, we recommend understanding the rules of the game, of course, as well as getting to know the various standard bets that are available – each one of which we discuss below:


Insurance Bet

  • Available to take up if the dealer’s 1st card is an Ace.
  • Serves as Insurance against the dealer calling Blackjack.
  • Odds at 2:1 paid out if dealer does call Blackjack.
  • If dealer doesn’t call it, the bet is removed from the table.
  • Bet is worth half of your original bet amount.
  • Bet does not cover a 2nd hand on either Split or Double Down.


Double Down Bet

  • Available if your original two cards are valued at 9, 10, or 11.
  • Value of bet will be equal to your original bet.
  • One extra card is dealt, in which case your hand will stand.


Split Hands Bet

  • Available if your original two cards have the same value.
  • Upon splitting, the bet on your 2nd hand equals your original bet.
  • Drawing a 10 after splitting Aces gives you 21, not Blackjack.
  • Drawing an Ace after splitting 10s also gives you 21, not Blackjack.
  • Split Hands can only occur once.
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Game Payouts

Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack is a simple-to-understand online and mobile-friendly blackjack game with standard payouts and combinations that include:


  • Blackjack payout of 3:2.
  • Insurance payout of 2:1.
  • Standard win payout of 1:1.


The minimum bet requirement is 1, while a maximum bet of 200 is allowed per hand – which means that when you play all 3 hands your max bet is up to 600.

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Gameplay Information

Created by Switch Studios and released in November of 2020, Multi Hand Classic Blackjack is available to play on both desktop or mobile – which means it looks and sounds great no matter the size of your screen.


A standout among online blackjack games in NZ, this superb multi hand variant features a clean and simple design complemented by authentic sounds, as well as straightforward layout and seamless navigation.


When you play blackjack online for real money, you will need to understand at least the basics of the game, so here’s a brief overview:


  • Played with one deck of cards – shuffled before each game.
  • Hand with the highest total wins as long as it’s not over 21.
  • Double Down is available if original cards have combined values of 9, 10, or 11.
  • Split Hands is available, once only per game, if original cards have the same value.
  • Insurance is available against the dealer getting Blackjack – if dealer’s 1st card is an Ace.
  • Split 10 and Ace will be counted as 21, not as Blackjack.
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How To Get Started And Play

To play blackjack online for real money in NZ means that you must first sign up with a reputable casino. Naturally, we recommend Spin Casino as the ideal gaming destination for you – as we’ve been around since 2001 and really know what we’re doing when it comes to online and mobile blackjack games, as well as pokies, roulette, live variants, and more.


Simply register your new player account with us and when you’re logged in – you can proceed straight to Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack, located under the Tables tab or when you type the name in the search bar.


Once the game launches, you will see three betting circles on the table. Select how much you want to bet (1 – 200) from the various chip sizes.


Remember, as this is a multi hand game you can play up to 3 hands simultaneously, with a bet for each hand. Spin Casino has also partnered with some of the leading financial brands in the world, so making deposits into your account so that you can play is a breeze.

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Game Controls

When you play Switch Multi Hand Classic Blackjack, you’ll experience seamlessly smooth gameplay thanks to a simple layout that’s accessible whether you’re on desktop or mobile.


  • Navigate through the various chip sizes by using the arrows on either side and select your bet.
  • Go to the menu icon (three horizontal lines) to see rules, banking, and settings (sound, etc.)
  • Place each of your bets in the three betting circles located on the table in the software.
  • Click/tap the Deal button to get the game started.
  • Click/tap the Clear button to have bets removed.
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