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Extreme Multifire Roulette NZ

New Zealand players can take their roulette betting to new heights in an amazing take on this classic casino game.


Extreme Multifire Roulette was created exclusively for Microgaming and is now one of the brilliant online casino roulette offerings at Spin Casino NZ.

Why You Should Play?

This roulette online casino game takes the fun and innovative action of the Switch Studios’ previous release, Switch Multifire Roulette, up a notch.


Extreme Multifire Roulette uses the same rules as European roulette and these apply to all gameplay except that involving the Extreme Tumbler Multipliers and the Multiplier Bonus Numbers.


The game offers standard inside and outside Bets, Special Bets including French bets, and other betting features. Here’s a quick look at this roulette casino game’s betting characteristics:


  • Extreme Multifire Roulette is a very high-volatility game.
  • The wheel contains 37 pockets, 18 red, 18 black, and 1 green.
  • Extra betting features include Extreme Tumbler, Favourite, Multiplied Straight-Up, Random 3, and Special Bets.
  • Autoplay and Turbo Mode features are all available.
  • The default bet size is NZ$2.
  • The minimum bet is NZ$0.25.
  • The maximum bet amount varies according to which wager is being made. For Straight-Up bets it’s NZ$100 and for Even/Odd, High/Low, and Red/Black it’s NZ$800.
  • The maximum win possible is NZ$298 000.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4,5 out of 5.
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Bets And Features

Players interested in Extreme Multifire Roulette should do themselves a favour and brush up on the game’s lingo before they start betting. Let’s have a quick look at the roulette betting options and features:


Standard Bets


  • There are inside and outside bets available.
  • Straight-Up bets, where players choose one or more specific numbers as their predicted outcome, are inside bets.
  • Outside bets include Columns, Dozens, Even/Odd, High/Low, and Red or Black.


Multiplied Straight-up Bets


  • The Multiplied Straight-Up bet feature activates at the start of each round.
  • Only Extreme Multifire Roulette Straight-Up bets are eligible to receive a Multifire Multiplier number.
  • 1 to 3 numbers are selected at random and each one has a Multiplier of between 50X and 500X attached.
  • If the player has won a Straight-Up bet with a number that matches the Multiplier, their payout will be accordingly multiplied.


Extreme Tumbler


  • The automatic Extreme Tumbler feature in this roulette online casino game triggers just after the Multifire Numbers have been revealed.
  • This feature produces a 2X, 3X, 4X, or 5X Multiplier to enhance the Multifire Multiplier Number that much more.
  • This feature makes payouts of as much as 2 499:1 possible.


Random 3


  • The Random 3 Extreme Multifire Roulette feature places chips on any 3 Straight-Up numbers that don’t already have chips on them.


Favourite Bets


  • Players can use the Favourite Bets feature for this roulette casino game to add as many as 6 customised bet configurations, all of which will use the current chip values and placements.


Special Bets


  • In the Extreme Multifire Roulette Special Bets section of the interface, players can choose from 10 preset bet configurations.
  • Some of these are Black Splits, Red Splits, Les Orphelins, Les Voisins du Zéro, and Tiers du Cylindre.


Turbo Mode


  • Players can activate Turbo Mode to spin the roulette wheel online in this game faster.
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Game Payouts

Extreme Multifire Roulette players will be paid out for correctly guessing the colour and/or number/s of the winning pocket according to the bet type they chose:


  • Column bets pay 2:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$875
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$875
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$1 000
  • Line bets pay 5:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$625
  • Split bets pay 17:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$250
  • Square bets pay 8:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to NZ$500
  • Straight-up bets pay 29:1 – 2499:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25-NZ$125
  • Street bets pay 11:1 on minimum to maximum bets of NZ$0.25 to 375
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Gameplay Information

Extreme Multifire Roulette was released in 2022 and the game’s interface shows a European roulette wheel with a classic betting board beneath it.


This can be changed to a Racetrack betting board if players prefer. Atmospheric music and realistic sound effects create an immersive gameplay experience for this roulette online casino game. Let’s do a quick game overview:


  • Players need to guess which pocket the ball will end up in when the wheel stops revolving.
  • Winning results will be announced as the wheel comes to a stop.
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How To Play

To play Extreme Multifire Roulette, players guess which wheel pocket the ball will land in. They can bet the ball will land on a specific number or on a number within a specific group of numbers, or they can bet on the colour of the pocket.


Multifire Multiplier numbers appear while the wheel spins, and Extreme Tumbler Multipliers appear after those numbers get revealed. The winning result is announced when the wheel stops spinning.


Players can use basic online roulette strategy when playing this game. A few strategies include focusing on placing outside bets which have better chances of winning, setting time limits for gaming sessions, and setting personal win/loss limits.


Learn more about the game controls below.

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Game Controls

  • The Chip button selects the value of the chips.
  • Click on the betting board itself to place a wager.
  • The 2X button doubles the wagers on the board.
  • The Undo button removes the last action off the board.
  • The Spin button sets the roulette wheel online moving.
  • Tap the Turbo button to activate this feature, speeding up gameplay.
  • The Autoplay button governs this feature.
  • The Favourites button accesses the Favourite Bets feature along with the Special Bets button.
  • Choosing the Racetrack button will switch the standard betting board out.
  • The Random 3 button activates this feature.
  • The hamburger ≡ icon accesses other game settings.
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