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Premier Online Blackjack With Side Bets

The game of blackjack online has seen quite a few variations over the last few years, and players no longer have the option of only playing the classic version of the game. Premier Blackjack with Side Bets is one of the latest releases from Switch Studios, and is part of the online blackjack line-up of releases at Spin Casino.


Following the same rules as a regular blackjack game, this title offers two additional side bets that can be placed: 21+3™ and Perfect Pairs™. Before we find out more about this feature, here’s a quick overview of Premier Blackjack with Side Bets:


  • The game is played with 8 regular decks, shuffled after each game.
  • Play up to five hands at the same time.
  • Regular bets and side bets will be placed separately.
  • Dealer stands on 17.
  • Regular online blackjack bets apply, including Insurance, Double Down and Splitting.
  • Blackjack consists of one Ace and one 10 value card (e.g. 10, J, Q or K).
  • If your hand is closer to 21 than that of the dealer (without going over), you win the hand.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4,5 out of 5.

Why Play This Game?

There are plenty of online blackjack games for players in Canada, so why choose Premier Blackjack with Side Bets? For starters, it has a very luxurious look and feel and, unlike other blackjack online games, offers two extra side bets based on a combination of your and the dealer’s hand.


The bets that are available include:


  • A minimum bet of 1.
  • A maximum bet of 1 000.
  • Bet sizes range between 1 and 200.
  • Perfect Pairs™ side bet is available.
  • 21+3™ side bet is available.
  • Insurance is available.
  • Double Down after split is available.
  • Unlike 10 value cards can be split.
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The Standard Bets

While everyone has their own strategy when playing blackjack online, it’s still a game of skill, and we recommend viewing each game’s rules separately before starting to play.


There are three standard bets available in Premier Blackjack with Side Bets, which you can find in most online blackjack games in Canada.



  • This bet can be placed when the dealer’s first card is an Ace, and you think that the next card may result in Blackjack.
  • An Insurance bet is an extra bet of half your original bet.
  • The bet will pay out at odds of 2 to 1 should the dealer get Blackjack.
  • The Insurance bet will be lost if the dealer does not get Blackjack.


Double Down

  • This bet can be placed on the first two cards dealt to you, and will result in an extra bet of double your original bet.
  • Unlike most online blackjack games where you can only place this bet if your total is 9, 10 or 11, the Double Down bet is available on any of the first two cards.
  • If you choose to place this bet, only one extra card will be dealt to you.



  • The Splitting bet is available when your first two cards have the same value.
  • In this blackjack online game, splitting is possible on unlike 10 value cards (e.g. 10 and K, or J and Q).
  • You may only split once per game, on the first two hands.
  • The Double Down bet can be placed after splitting.
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Game Payouts

In this section, we’ll take a look at the payouts and odds of Premier Blackjack with Side Bets – the main bets as well as the two side bets. While the main bets are generally the same when playing blackjack online, here’s a quick overview of the odds:


  • Blackjack: 3 to 2.
  • Insurance: 2 to 1.
  • Standard win: 1 to 1.


There are two side bets that can be placed: 21+3™ and Perfect Pairs™ – these bets can be placed separately, and you don’t have to play both bets on all hands. The 21+3™ side bet pays out if your first two cards and the dealer’s card complete one of the following hands and the payouts are as follows:


  • Suited Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value and suit): 100 to 1.
  • Straight Flush (3 cards of consecutive values and same suit): 40 to 1.
  • Three of a Kind (3 cards of the same value): 30 to 1.
  • Straight (3 cards of consecutive values – Ace can be high or low): 10 to 1.
  • Flush (3 cards of the same suit): 5 to 1.


The Perfect Pairs™ side bet pays out if your first two cards complete one of the following hands and the payouts are as follows:


  • Perfect Pair (same card value, colour and suit): 25 to 1.
  • Coloured Pair (same card value and colour, different suit): 12 to 1.
  • Mixed Pair (same card value, different colour and suit): 6 to 1.


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Gameplay Information

Released in October 2021, Premier Blackjack with Side Bets is yet another innovative online blackjack game from Switch Studios, which offers special side bets.


Here’s a quick overview of the game:


  • Excellent graphics and smooth gameplay.
  • Up to 5 hands can be played at the same time.
  • Your hand will win if you have a total closer to 21 than the dealer without going over.
  • If your and the dealer’s hand have the same value, your original bet will be returned.
  • 8 Regular decks of playing cards are used.
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How To Play

At Spin Casino, you can play blackjack online, including Premier Blackjack with Side Bets. Simply log in or register to find the game in the Tables section of your account.


Before playing, take a look at the payouts and game rules to familiarise yourself with this specific online blackjack game.


An overview of the game controls can be found below:

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Game Controls

  • Use the arrows left or right to change your bet size.
  • Select your bet size and place it in the Bet circle on the virtual table.
  • Select your preferred side bet option and place it in the respective block (21+3™ or Perfect Pairs™)
  • Deal will start the game.
  • Clear will remove your current bet from the table.
  • Bet x2 will double your current bet.
  • Select the 3 horizontal lines on the top left or Side Bets on the top right to view the payouts and odds.
  • Volume control and dealer’s voice can be adjusted in the Settings tab located at the bottom right.
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