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Mini Roulette Gold

Games Global Limited has taken a classic casino game and pared it down for uncomplicated, fast-paced play that offers impressive potential winning opportunities.


With a smaller wheel and standard betting options, Mini Roulette Gold is part of the collection of online roulette games here at Spin Casino. Canadian players can play this game on desktop and mobile devices.

Why You Should Play?

Mini Roulette Gold is ideal for beginners as well as for experienced players looking for a change of pace. The game follows European online casino roulette rules, so the wheel has a single 0 pocket, and the betting options are limited to a selection of inside and outside bets. These elements offer a great introduction to playing roulette online while challenging aficionados to adopt a different approach to the famous table game. Find out more about some of the betting characteristics:


  • Mini Roulette Gold has a very low volatility.
  • The wheel has 13 pockets: 6 red, 6 black, and 1 green.
  • The game uses the European variation’s rules.
  • Betting options include straight-up, column, and even-money bets.
  • Features: Quickspin and Autoplay.
  • Min bet: 0.10.
  • Max bet: 400.00.
  • Max win: 20,000.00.
  • One of our most popular titles! We rate it a 4.5 out of 5.
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Bets And Features

As with all casino games, online roulette uses a few unique terms. If players are new to betting on the famous wheel, they should get to grips with these terms, as it will make gameplay more straightforward. Let’s take a closer look at the betting options and features in Mini Roulette Gold:


Standard Bets


  • The game offers inside and outside bets.
  • Inside bets include straight-up bets on specific numbers.
  • Numbers range from 0-12.
  • Outside bets include column and even-money bets.
  • Column bets are on either Lo, Mid, or Hi.
  • Even-money bets are on either red, black, 1-6, or 7-12.




  • Quickspin feature makes the Mini Roulette Gold wheel spin faster for quicker rounds.
  • The feature doesn’t influence the outcome of rounds.




  • Autoplay feature allows players to select a number of rounds to be played automatically.
  • Rounds are played with the same bets on the board when the player initiates the feature.
  • Autoplay stops when the number of rounds has been played or when the player clicks/taps the Stop button.
  • Players can set the number of spins as well as win and loss limits.
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Game Payouts

One of the general rules when it comes to roulette casino payouts is that inside bets offer higher odds and higher payouts, while outside bets offer lower odds and lower payouts. Players will see the same principle at work in Mini Roulette Gold. The maximum bets on each betting option in this game vary.


These are the betting options and the game’s paytable will reveal the payout based on the player’s wager:


  • Straight-up bets
  • Column bets
  • Even-money bets
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Gameplay Information

Games Global Limited released Mini Roulette Gold in 2022 as an exclusive online roulette game for renowned casino provider Microgaming. Looking at the game interface, players will see a simplified version of a traditional roulette table with a small wheel.


Above the wheel is a basic betting board featuring a grid of numbers in the inner section and two borders of outside betting options on the outer section. In addition to these instantly recognizable elements, the game boasts music and sound effects that add to the atmosphere.


Here’s a quick overview of this mini roulette game:


  • The mini roulette wheel has 6 red pockets numbered 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11, 6 black pockets numbered 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12, and one green pocket numbered 0.
  • A ball moves around the wheel as it spins and lands in a pocket to produce the game result.
  • The aim is for players to try guess the colour or number of the winning wheel pocket.
  • Players can bet on specific numbers, or they can bet on groups of numbers or wheel pocket colours
  • Players can make the wheel spin faster with the Quickspin button.
  • Players can use Autoplay to configure the game to play itself for a set number of rounds.
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How To Play

The aim of every online roulette game is to guess which wheel pocket a small ball will land in when the wheel stops spinning. To play Mini Roulette Gold, players adjust the bet settings to their preference, make a guess, click, or tap the board to place the corresponding bet, and then click or tap the Spin button to spin the wheel.


A ball drops into the wheel when it starts spinning and moves around until it eventually lands in one of the pockets as the wheel stops spinning. The game software announces the result, and if it matches the player’s bet, they win the payout as indicated on the paytable.


For players who want to introduce some basic online roulette strategy into their gaming, it’s worth remembering that while inside (straight-up) bets offer higher potential wins, their odds aren’t as good as outside bets, which offer players an almost 50/50 chance of winning. Let’s take a look at the game controls:

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Game Controls

  • Use the Chip button to select chip size and see the value of a current chip.
  • Click or tap areas on the Mini Roulette Gold betting board to place bets.
  • Use the Spin button to spin the wheel.
  • Use the Quickspin button to speed up rounds.
  • Click or tap the Autoplay button to initiate this feature.
  • Use the Autoplay Stop button to stop the feature.
  • Use the Clear button to clear all bets on the board.
  • Click or tap the 2x button to double all bets on the board.
  • Use the Paytable button to read game rules and view the paytable.
  • Click or tap the Skip button to complete a spin and view the result.
  • Use the Sound button to enable/disable music and sound effects.
  • Click or tap the menu button to access other game settings.
  • Use the help button for more information about the game.
  • Click or tap the Home button to exit the game.
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