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Roulette With Rachael

Created by Real Dealer Studios for Microgaming, Roulette With Rachael offers Canadian players an immersive experience much like they would enjoy in a members-only casino.


 Part of Spin Casino’s collection of roulette online games, this edition includes standard and special bets, an Autoplay feature, and much more on desktop and mobile.

Why You Should Play?

Roulette With Rachael is an exciting alternative to other RNG-based online roulette games. The game is hosted by a human dealer, Texan native Rachael Bower, who interacts with players just like a dealer in a private casino would.


 However, all this is down to cinema-quality video and a touch of Hollywood magic. The gameplay and game results are entirely RNG-based. This roulette game online uses standard European rules while also including Racetrack bets, Special bets, and other features. Some of the betting characteristics include:


  • This game has a medium volatility.
  • The wheel has 37 pockets: 18 black, 18 red, and 1 green.
  • Standard bets: inside and outside bets.
  • Betting features: Racetrack bets, Special bets.
  • Other features: Autoplay.
  • Default chip size: 1, default bet size: 1.
  • Min bet: 0.25.
  • Max bet: 1,000.00.
  • Max win: 64,500.00.
  • One of our trending games! We give it a charming 4,5 out of 5.
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Bets And Features

If players have never played roulette online before or have minimum experience, they should find it helpful to familiarize themselves with the terminologies used before placing their bets.


Let’s take a closer look at the betting options and features in Roulette With Rachael:


Standard Bets


  • The game offers inside and outside standard bets.
  • Inside bets are placed on one or more numbers chosen by the player.
  • Inside bets have higher odds and offer higher payouts.
  • Outside bets include Odd/Even, Red/Black, Columns, and Dozens.


Racetrack Bets


  • Racetrack bets feature opens an alternative online roulette betting board layout.
  • This feature also offers a selection of French bets.
  • French bets include Les Orphelins, Voisins du Zero, and Tiers du Cylindre.
  • Access the feature via the Racetrack button on the interface.


Special Bets


  • Special bets feature offers players 39 preset bet configurations to choose from.
  • Players can create and save their own custom bet configurations.
  • Access the feature via the Special bets button (the star) on the interface.


Autoplay Feature


  • Autoplay feature allows Roulette With Rachael players to initiate automatic re-bets up to 100 rounds.
  • Players can choose the number of rounds to be played automatically.
  • Players can set win and loss limits.
  • Autoplay stops when the number of rounds is reached, when a win/loss limit is reached, or when the player clicks/taps the Stop button.
  • Access the feature via the Autoplay button next to the Spin button on the interface.
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Game Payouts

Players can choose from an array of standard and other bets when playing Roulette With Rachael at Spin Casino. Each of those bets offers a different payout. Inside bets tend to offer the highest payouts, while outside bets offer lower payouts with better odds of winning.


Here’s a quick look at some of the payouts players could win when playing this roulette game online:


  • Straight-up bets pay 35:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-125.00
  • Split bets pay 17:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-250.00
  • Street bets pay 11:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-375.00
  • Square bets pay 8:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-500.00
  • Line bets pay 5:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-625.00
  • Column bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-875.00
  • Dozen bets pay 2:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-875.00
  • Even-money bets pay 1:1 on min-max bets of 0.25-1,000.00
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Gameplay Information

Real Dealer Studios created Roulette With Rachael exclusively for Microgaming. This luxurious, life-like game was released in 2023. The RNG gameplay is enhanced by cinema-quality video footage of Rachael at a real roulette table, and instead of watching a CG wheel and ball produce results, players are treated to atmospheric scenes of a real ball spinning within the wheel.


The CG betting board and game controls are below the video screen. To top off the experience, this online roulette game includes ambient music and sound effects. Here’s a quick overview of the game:


  • There are 37 pockets in the wheel: 18 black and 18 red numbered 1-36, and one green pocket numbered 0.
  • The aim is for players to bet on the colour or number of the pocket they think the ball will land in
  • Players can bet on one or more specific numbers by placing inside bets.
  • Players can bet on a colour, on an odd or even number, or on groups of numbers by placing outside or French bets such as Tiers du Cylindre.
  • Rachael will announce the winning pocket when the wheel stops spinning.


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How To Play

When playing Roulette With Rachael, players can adjust the bet settings by selecting a chip of the relevant size before placing bets. That done, players can click or tap the relevant area on the betting board to place their bets before hitting the Spin button.


After Rachael spins the wheel and drops the ball in, she’ll wait for the wheel to stop spinning before announcing the result. If the player’s bet matches the result, they win the payout shown on the paytable.


Spin Casino supports responsible gaming and Canadian players who want to enjoy online roulette for real money can take advantage of the many safety measures available.


They can also implement online roulette strategy such as setting their own win and loss limits, creating a budget for gaming sessions, and placing outside bets which have almost 50% odds of winning.

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Game Controls

  • Use the Chip button to select chip size.
  • Click/tap areas on the betting board to place bets.
  • Use the Spin button to spin the wheel.
  • Click/tap the Autoplay button to initiate Autoplay feature.
  • Use the x2 button to double the value of bets.
  • Click/tap the Undo button to undo the last action.
  • Use the Racetrack button to access Racetrack layout and French bets.
  • Click/tap the Special bets button to access or create pre-set bet configurations.
  • Use the Information button to find out more about this online roulette game.
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