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Turbo Auto Roulette

It’s amazing how much online roulette has evolved since its early slow and clunky days. They never quite captured the sound of the thrill of the fast-spinning ball, but it’s fair to say that recent roulette games have not only caught up with the real excitement of physical casino roulette, but, if anything, have actually exceeded it. This is of course true of other online casino games, and we may well be reaching the stage where roulette and poker enthusiasts find it more rewarding and satisfying to play their preferred game at a mobile casino, instead of going through the hassle of dressing off and heading out to a physical establishment.

Leading the way in this ever-increasing sophistication of roulette is Turbo Auto Roulette from Real Dealer Studios. As the title suggests, the theme is speed and excitement. The high-sided black wheel resembles a car tire, but the “Auto” in the title also refers to the attractive feature of auto bets. The game also offers some other very practical features, such as the racetrack board.

What are Auto Bets

Turbo Auto Roulette has a cool feature called ‘Autoplay’ that basically allows you to repeat the same bet for a specified number of rounds. So, if your preferred strategy is to target a certain area of the green baize of the roulette table, whether it be a split (2 numbers), street (3 horizontal numbers), corner (4 numbers in a square formation), double street (6 numbers) or dozen (one of the thirds of the table), you can just place your stake and specify the number of rounds (25, 50 or 100) and then sit back and watch the results.

The Advantages of Racetrack Betting

The racetrack board may be an unfamiliar term to those not well acquainted with online roulette, but it is quite simply another type of roulette table or roulette board upon which you can place your stakes. Whereas the traditional roulette board is laid in a grid of 12 rows of 3 numbers in ascending order, with the zero at the top by itself, the racetrack board takes the shape of a rectangle with rounded corners, rather like a normal racetrack for horses. And around this racetrack are displayed the numbers from 0 to 36 in exactly the same order as they appear on a physical roulette wheel. This layout therefore favours gamblers who prefer to target certain areas of the actual wheel, as opposed to areas of the board.

But what makes the racetrack board even more convenient to these types of roulette players, is that it allows them to place what are popularly known as the French bets on certain areas of the wheel without having to place a stake on each number or each split. Within the racetrack are rounded rectangles called “Les Orphelins” (The Orphans), “Tiers du Cylindre” (Third of the Wheel) and “Les Voisins du Zero” (Neighbors of Zero), that represent areas of the wheel that people like to bet on. The most popular of these is probably “Les Voisins du Zero” which refers to zero and the numbers either side of it. In real casinos with racetrack boards, you can call out a voisins bet to the croupier for any number of your choice. The “Tiers du Cylindre” merely means the 12 numbers opposite the zero that would normally require 6 splits to be covered. Now you can cover all 12 numbers with just one chip. Finally, the “Orphelins” are the numbers that no one normally cares about, in other words the 2 areas of the wheel between the Voisins du Zero and the Tiers.

Available At Spin Casino

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