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Joker Fruit Frenzy

If you’re looking for simple, calming online slots, here’s Joker Fruit Frenzy to help you out. This is one of the simplest online slot machines on the market, but it’s also one of the most rewarding, with easy game play, high value fruit symbols and a premium Joker symbol capable of awarding up to 3,333x your bet.

Why You Should Play the Joker Fruit Frenzy Casino Slot Online

Here’s why Joker Fruit Frenzy will appeal to Canada’s online slot gamers:

  • It’s a medium volatility online slot machine with a mixed fruit and Joker theme.
  • It has three reels and a single payline.
  • It has flexible coin selection.
  • It’s very easy to play.
  • It has bright, colourful 3D fruit symbols.
  • It has a super-premium Joker symbol worth up to 3,333x your bet.
  • It has a low minimum bet of $0.25.
  • It has a high maximum bet of $500.
  • It has a maximum win of $333,300.
  • Joker Fruit Frenzy is optimized for all devices.
  • One of our highly acclaimed, fan favorite games! We give it a shiny 4,5 out of 5.
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Jackpots and Bonus Features

Joker Fruit Frenzy is a simple online slot game with one main high value feature:

  • Premium scatter symbol: The Joker is the main bonus feature and jackpot rolled up in one. This super premium symbol awards a prize any time it lands on the payline. If you are betting with three coins, the minimum a Joker symbol awards is 30x your bet for a single instance. Two Jokers are worth 45x your bet, while three Jokers on a payline weigh in at 3,333x. If you’re only playing with one coin, three Jokers are still worth 1,000x your bet. A line of three Jokers on a two-coin bet will bring in 2,000x your bet. These payouts outweigh many jackpot prizes in slots with more complicated features.
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Symbols and Payouts

The online slot game symbols in Joker Fruit Frenzy are inspired by classic fruit machines:

  • Cherries pay 20x, 40x and 60x your bet for one, two or three coins.
  • Lemons pay 25x, 50x and 75x your bet for one, two or three coins.
  • Oranges pay 30x, 12x, or 18x your betffor one, two or three coins.
  • Watermelons pay 40x, 80x, or 120x your bet for one, two or three coins.
  • Grapes pay 60x, 120x, or 180x your bet for one, two or three coins.
  • Bells pay 120x, 240x, or 360x your bet ffor one, two or three coins.
  • Sevens pay 300x, 600x, or 900x your bet for one, two or three coins.
  • Jokers pay out as follows:
  • One Joker pays out 10x, 20x or 30x for one, two or three coins.
  • Two Jokers pay out 15x, 30x or 45x for one, two or three coins.
  • Three Jokers pay out 1000x, 2000x, or 3,333x your bet for one, two or three coins.
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Game Play

Released in 2023 by Aurum Signature Studios, Joker Fruit Frenzy brings two of the best online slot themes together in one colourful, calming game. The game play is the simplest imaginable – three reels and a single payline. The paytable on the right of the reels shows what you can expect to win, depending on whether you play with one, two or three coins. On the reels, a line-up of valuable fruit symbols is the appetiser – mouth-watering cherries, lemons, oranges, watermelons and grapes saturated with colour. Higher up on the pay scale are bells and Sevens, which can pay out up to 360x and 900x your bet respectively, if you land three of a kind with three coins in play.


These fruit symbols deliver impressive payouts by any standards, but they’re completely overshadowed by the Joker, who makes a splash among the fruit symbols in their jangling red and purple fool’s cap, golden ruff and starry eye make-up. Moving with the grace of an acrobat, this premium symbol pays out every time it’s on the payline, whether it’s one, two or three instances. The maximum payout is phenomenal – 3,333x your bet if three coins have been selected. Overall, despite its simplicity, Joker Fruit Frenzy delivers terrific entertainment value. It’s also quite a calming calm, with quiet music and peaceful rhythm that makes a nice contrast to the more frenetic games out there.


To get started, simply register an account at Spin Casino, Canada’s online slots emporium. Log in with your user details and select one of our quick and easy payment methods to make a deposit, which is a requirement if you want to play for real money. Find Joker Fruit Frenzy in the games lobby, launch the game and open up the betting window. Select one, two or three coins, set your betting level up to a maximum of $100, press “Play” and enjoy the game.

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