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Vegas Flush BoltBet Slot

When developing new online casino slots, game developers have to decide on a hook. The hook is something that will set this new game apart from the rest of the competition. A good hook can be a game’s graphics, the sound effects and music, or even the story and setting. But not every player is looking for the fanciest game out there. Experienced players who love to play casino games know what kind of hook excites them about a new game. For instance, some seasoned players might prefer to find a game that focuses on speed. This is the hook behind BoltBet®, a new and exclusive online slots game presented by Microgaming, one of the biggest names in online casino games. This is presented in a partnership with Spin Casino, the mobile casino Canada knows and loves.

Speed is the key

BoltBet® is developed with both experienced and new online slots players in mind. Players who’ve experienced their fair share of slots games will have slots of every conceivable theme. These same players will find a breath of fresh air when playing games that feature BoltBet®. The idea behind the game’s development was to design a slots experience that is streamlined. The game may also appeal to players who are uninterested in the flashy themes of most slots games and would prefer a sleeker slots experience.

Speed of play is what sets BoltBet® apart from other games out there. The addition of innovative BoltBet® features ensures that games are up to three times faster than regular slots runs. The game’s simplified console design means players can get playing in as little as one click. The game has also been streamlined as much as possible in the name of accessibility.

BoltBet® was made in mind for those who are bored of the traditional play mode of online slots. The BoltBet® game design speeds up the game. It’s designed for both novice and seasoned players alike who want to be immersed in a new slots game experience.

Another innovative speed feature includes play speed options, however, it is worth noting that the speed play options does not affect results in any way. Players may also stop their game and return to playing at any point on a secure mobile casino. As always, players can expect to play BoltBet® on a wide range of compatible computers and mobile devices. This means players can better balance their gaming with the free time available to them.

Introducing Vegas Flush™ BoltBet®

Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® is the new game that is based on the classic Vegas Flush™ online slot that launched in April 2019. Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® may be a faster game than players are used to, but all that is meaningless without the play stats to back it up. First up, it’s important to know that Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® boasts a hit frequency of 31.37% and a 96.10% payout percentage. This makes it a high-volatility slots game, meaning pay outs are fewer but generally larger. However, given the speed of the game, these gaps will go by faster than with other slower slots games. Other noteworthy features of the game include that BoltBet® does not influence the results of the play and only the win amount is displayed.

The game is played on 5 reels across 9 fixed paylines, including Regular symbols, the Wild, Multiplier symbol, the Scatter symbol, and a Free Spins bonus game. Any bet placed is placed across all 9 paylines. This adds up to a minimum bet of 0.09 and maximum bet of 45.00 in order to spin the reels. Only the highest win is paid out per payline. Multiple payline wins will always pay out from highest to lowest. Wins are always multiplied by however many credits were placed on the winning bet.

Feature symbols for the win

While Vegas Flush™ BoltBet® tries a few new and innovative tricks, players will find there are still many of the familiar slots features that they have come to know and love. Scatters, Wilds and Free Spins also make an appearance. These bonuses are not to be scoffed at and provide vital boosts. Knowing how they work and how to make the most of them is vital to helping players get the most out of each run.

Wild symbols still perform the same as many players would expect. This means they are able to stand in for any other symbol on the wheel, and this symbol doubles the payout of any combination it completes as a Wild symbol. The big game changer really comes with regard to Scatters symbols. Regular spins without a Scatter can only form winning combinations from left to right across the payline. But that is not all Scatters do. Landing a winning combination with a Scatter also multiplies a player's potential winnings. This is multiplied by the number of credits, there are then added to the payline winnings.

Scatter symbols also perform another important function. Landing the reels on a Scatter symbol is the only way to trigger a Free Spins round. These special rounds are triggered only when players are able to hit 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols during their playtime. A Free Spins round grants players 15 spins and multiplies their potential winnings by a whopping 3 times. Landing more Scatter symbols during Free Spins can also unlock 15 more Free Spins. It’s important to note that however much a player has bet when Free Spins are triggered will be carried into the Free Spins round. So, if a player triggers a free spin on the maximum bet amount, this maximum bet will carry over for as many Free Spins as the player gets.

BoltBet® is here

Spin Casino is the home for BoltBet® as well as many other of the online casino slots Canada loves to play. If you're looking for something similar, Vegas Flush™ is a high-energy poker-themed slot game that offers players the chance to experience the thrill of a royal flush. With its vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay, players can immerse themselves in the excitement of a Las Vegas casino from the comfort of their own home.

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