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Big Data And Online Casinos

Online Casino, Entertainment, Technology

Big Data

Source: PXFuel

There is no question that the world of online casinos is evolving at a truly breakneck pace. From simple sites that provided a handful of games, to enormous, sprawling networks that provide hundreds – or even thousands - of games, and virtually blanket the world. But, it isn’t necessarily the size and variety of the sites that are where the biggest evolutions can be seen.

It is the realm of data gathering and processing that is responsible for the biggest, and most significant changes. Online casinos are now literally being shaped by the desires of players, with data being used to customise and personalise virtually every part of the gameplay experience. It is a new era for the industry, and a sign that the relationship between players and developers has never been closer or more intricate.

At the heart of it all is the Big Data industry, which is seen by many as the driving force for a world where online interactions are tailored on every level. It almost certainly won’t be long before the internet is shaped, from the ground up, to provide the best possible experience for each individual user.

Data Generation And Processing

Virtually every electronic device has some sort of data storage capability these days. Smartphones, tablets, desktop computer, smart TVs and even smart watches all gather and store data. This data includes the habits, preferences and activities of the user, and is extremely valuable when it comes to offering better services.

Furthermore, when it comes to the world of online casinos, the data can also be used to enhance the user experience, bolster protection systems, and otherwise dramatically reduce the risk of cyber fraud. To put it another way, the gathering and processing of this data is the key to a far safer, and better online casino experience for everyone.

But what exactly is Big Data, and how does it work?

Understanding Data Generation

Everyday electronic devices, by their nature, gather information in the normal processes of their operations. Some devices specifically gather useful data, and store it away for the purpose of providing a service. This is referred to as structured data and is the most useful and valuable kind. Such information is not only already conveniently arranged, but is also the most clear in what is involves.

Other devices simply accumulate data in their systems, but this information tends to be broadly scattered and more difficult to use. To most it seems random and useless. But, it can be processed and quantified, and will provide useful insight if handled correctly. This information is referred to as unstructured data.

Either way, structured or unstructured, the information can be processed, and used in countless different ways. Depending on what is needed, various information can be generated by the data, and can drastically assist in making better decisions.

All in all, it is estimated that roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is generated in a single day. The overwhelming majority of this information is never used, and simply goes to waste.

Data and online casinos

Source: PXFuel

Using Data Effectively

One of the biggest challenges in using data effectively is understanding where it has come from, and how it applies to the broad scope of online casino players. This means that the data first has to be processed and segmented, allowing casinos to understand how it applies. Gathered data is generally divided into gender, age, geographical location, and player behaviour.

Once this has been determined, the information can then be translated into offering better, more engaging services. It is, of course, no small task to use the information effectively, and many specialised companies are based around the task of quantifying the data into something useful.

Regardless, once useful details are extrapolated, developers get to work implementing changes in games and on sites. Changes, of course, that they believe will have a positive impact, and that players will appreciate.

But a great deal of accurate information must be utilised in order for a change to made. Or to put it another way; in order for developers to believe that any changes will have an overall positive impact, and enormous amount of research must first be done. After all, making broad changes based on flimsy information would be nothing short of a disaster.

Security Measures And Fraud Detection

One of the most important aspects of data collection and processing is that it is giving incredible insights into how to increase security. Gathered data often provides valuable insights into how players engage with their accounts, and how they go about initiating online transactions. By analysing this information, online casino are improving security on just about every level, ensuring that systems are tighter than ever before.

Additionally, information can also be gathered on how to best protect against fraud. By understanding the habits of players, and how they engage with sites, it can be determined how best to detect, and protect against fraud before it ever happens.

Personalised Services

As data collection and processing has advanced, it has now become possible for online casinos to take the first steps into truly personalised services. This leap is still in its infancy, but for the first time sites can alter services for each individual player. Based on the habits of each player, automated systems can make changes to provide an optimal experience.

Special offers can be generated and offered, new games can be suggested based on history, and much more, all made possible by data gathering technology. There is no doubt that such technological advances are still just in their infancy, and that much more can be done in this department. It likely won’t be long before sites are capable of greeting players by name, and presenting pages that are 100% compiled from relevant data.

Better Compliance

Last but not least, data processing allows online casinos to more easily follow compliance standards and rules. Of course, depending on where each casino company is located, it is required to follow specific sets of rules and regulations. Abiding by these regulations can be a challenge, depending on what exactly is demanded.

But with data processing techniques, it is now easier than ever before for companies to not only ensure that they follow regulations, but also demonstrate this compliance to authorities. It is, all in all, the best possible situation for both casino companies, and the authorities that are tasked with watching over them.

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