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Spin Casino Blog

Famous Players Who’d Ace Online Roulette

Winning big with Roulette

The Devils Game. The Little Wheel. Whatever you call it, Roulette is a casino game that’s captivated players around the world for well over a century. One of the most important things to remember when you are playing is that the results are entirely up to chance. It is precisely because of this that players who have beaten the incredible odds The Devil’s Game offers are so celebrated! What makes these winners even more special is that they are perfectly ordinary people. The Little Wheel does not require the planning that Poker does, nor the application of Basic Strategy so useful in Blackjack. It is all about where the little ball eventually lands up, whether you are playing online Roulette or the game at a land-based venue. So, settle in for some feel-good stories about gamblers who hit the big time! Joseph Jagger, 1873 Joseph Jagger’s fabulous return in the late 1800s has seen him enter the history books as The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo. In ...Continue reading

Blackjack Online – Biggest Wins In History

Blackjack bets that paid off

Blackjack has captivated the world for well over 100 years. It’s one of the few casino games where observing basic strategy can pay off and knowing when to hit and when to stand is always going to stand you in good stead. At first glance, a new Canadian player may assume that it is simply a game where the cards you’re dealt are all that counts, which is true to some extent. But those that are familiar with the game on a deeper level will know that there is an incredible amount of strategic thinking involved. So much so, in fact, that those that know what they’re doing can potentially win some incredible payouts. Let’s take a closer look at some of these massive wins, learn more about the players, and get a better idea of how they managed to achieve such big wins. The instances we’re about to discuss weren’t achieved in Blackjack online, but the digital version of the game available at Spin Casino have much the same rules. They do however have ...Continue reading

Six Different Roulette Variations

European Roulette wheel

When it comes to casino game classics like Roulette, people can forget that the variation they are familiar with is not necessarily the only one available. Or even the best one! Because these games have generally been around for many hundreds of years, they’ve changed in many ways. It’s natural that some versions will be more enjoyable to you than others are. That’s why we always recommend that our readers explore all their options when playing online. Over the years, several new versions of the game have emerged, and it’s no longer just the classics that get attention, it’s the contemporary versions too. Online casino software developers have become increasingly creative in developing new and unique versions of the game, and these are te top 6 Canadian players love. American Roulette To many Canadians players, the American interpretation of Roulette is the standard. But while it’s by no means a bad choice, it can literally pay to know more ...Continue reading

Top 9 Celebrities Who Love to Gamble

Photo of Macau; Spin Casino Blog

Most celebrities are known for living rock star lifestyles, blowing ridiculous sums of money on incredible mansions and pursuing random hobbies. Some celebrities especially prefer to spend their time spinning the roulette wheel or perfecting their poker strategy. These nine celebrities thoroughly enjoy spending an evening at the casino, playing their favourite card games and taking home big wins. Who knows? Maybe, with their lives that keep them traveling, they also like to play like we have on Spin Casino. Bruce Willis – Famous actor Bruce Willis is known in the casino world as an inspiration, especially when it comes to baccarat. He has won $500,000 in Atlantic City playing the James Bond-style table game. Willis is a gambler who likes to confront the odds and play until he wins. He was also spotted rolling the dice at the Mayweather versus McGregor fight in 2017. Ray Romano – Emmy Award-winning actor Ray Romano is famous for his roles in shows like Everybody Loves ...Continue reading

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