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Spin Casino Blog

Mobile casino and cabinet slots

The spirit of Elvis Presley lives on in casino slots - Spin Casino Blog

To the uninitiated, slot games are nothing more than an uncomplicated means to have fun – which is true to an extent, but what they are missing out on is why slots stay fun. After all, slots have been around in some shape or form for more than a century. Considering that slots have evolved from clunky mechanical devices housed in a cabinet to slick digital productions offering seamless game-play in a , it’s clear that a lot of effort goes in behind the scenes in order to keep the format fresh. As a matter of fact, the amount of dedication, energy and creativity that companies like and others put into developing analogue and digital land-based and online casino slots alike is nothing short of astounding. Here are a few of the ways in which they have succeeded in keeping gamers satisfied.   New ways to play casino online slots One of the most dynamic ways in which developers have displayed creativity is in finding ways to breathe new life into the slot game ...Continue reading

Land-Based & Online Casino Innovations: Slots

Familiar Slot Machines - Spin Casino Blog

To the untrained eye it’s easy to dismiss a slot machine as nothing more than a simple video game consisting of a screen with reels on, housed in a cabinet with what appears to be a stool connected to it. Peripheral components include a slot for bank-notes and quite often a membership card. And that’s it as far as the generally accepted perception of the stock-standard modern-day slot machine is concerned. The same can be said about the slot machines in a – the screen with the reels is present, and that’s about all there is to it. The game is digital, not mechanical, but the game works pretty much the same. However, those in the know and seasoned players alike know that there is so much more to the so-called run-of-the-mill slot machine. “Pop the hood” and technology that is in a constant state of flux will be revealed. Should a new player take the time try out a slot game and get familiar with how it works,  all kinds of fun and ...Continue reading

Online Casino Slot Game Innovations: Movies & Celebs

Elvis is a popular slot theme - Spin Casino Blog

There appears to be an almost endless well from which ideas for slot games can be drawn. Casino games, especially slots, are never in short supply. The internet has really facilitated the proliferation of casino gaming content, having initially started with online casino operators and then coming to include operators also. Players looking to get access to both platforms should join an operator that caters to both, one like Spin Casino Online.  The evidence of the ingenuity and innovation that goes into creating new slot games is not just apparent in the release of new titles on a monthly bases, it’s also apparent in the amount of content producers that exist today. Some are subsidiaries of the old guard while others are totally independent entities, and while one could easily dismiss the concept of something truly innovative in a slot game, that would be unfair. It would be like dismissing a movie based on the fact that all movies are shot on film, edited, endure a ...Continue reading

Mobile Casino Slot Innovations

City with a waterfall in the front - Spin Casino Blog

In the entertaining world of mobile casino online gaming, innovation shines most by way of slot games, and more specifically, video slot games. More time, research and resources are dedicated to these online casino games than any others. Not blackjack, not craps, not roulette, not video poker, but slots represent the cutting edge of casino game development. Video slot games are the most advanced forms of slots, surpassing their predecessors, classic slots by miles and often being the go-to format for progressive slot games. But why video slots? What have these slot games got that places them in such high demand? Could it be that they offer a form of gaming that’s incredibly easy to play? Could it be that they offer interactive features that entertain while also providing chances to win? Maybe it’s the design platform of these games that allows content producers to come up with new ideas in terms of themes and ways to potentially win. On The Reels Video slot games ...Continue reading

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